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NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike

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NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike

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Foldable Mechanism


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NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike


Encouraged by the mind-blowing portrait of the city, its elegant and creative style, the NCM Paris is arguably one of the most successful E-bike models. Created for the active city life, this bike is both stylish and practical.

The folding frame is a strategic design for easy, fast and easy storage. You do not need tools to fold this bike. Apart from easy parking, this design also enables one to pack it into a bike case or car and travel with it for a vacation or any other similar activity.

As to eliminate the hustles of mounting and dismounting the bike, the NCM Paris has a step-through frame. This feature also allows for easy carrying in case you have to move it over obstacles.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike

The NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike is fitted with a high-capacity removable motor to assist pedalling slickly. This motor is compact with a low maintenance design, highly steadfast and tuned for soundless performance.

You get the opportunity to focus and enjoy the more fascinating things around you. Being capable of achieving up to 55Nm worth of torque, you can climb a steep hill and arrive at the top without breaking a sweat.

This bike operates on a DeHawk Lithium-ion battery that is strategically located behind the seat tube and under the saddle. This enables it to blend nicely with the frame and sustain the weight low and centered for enhanced stability on the road.

By flipping up the seat, you can easily remove this battery and recharge it. Rated at 540Wh, the battery can sustain the movement for approximately 70 miles in treadle assist mode. If your phone is to run low on power while you are riding, you can easily charge it using the integrated USB port feature on it.

Riding in a busy city is not something many people look forward to, this is because you have to be careful with your safety and that of other road users.

Therefore, it is crucial that you are in full control of your bike at all times. To grant you this control, the NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike is installed with Tektro- M280 mechanical disc brakes. On the same note, the bike is fitted with levers designed with a sensor that stops power from the motor once you hold the brakes hence making the latter more efficient.

For the information display function, the bike is installed with a DAS-KIT L6B that has a backlit monochrome screen and is adjustable.

This gadget displays vital statistics such as your speed, travel distance, battery capacity, and assist level. Its navigation buttons are intentionally positioned close to the left to allow riders to select their desired assistance level without letting go of the handlebar.

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  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 95%

“  So Excited For The Weekend, So I Can Test The NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike On A Commute Through Westminster.” Carrie 


Customer Satisfaction

At a time when inflation has gone crazy, keeping up with fuel and other utility bills can get a little hectic. Having an elective bike, the NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike to be specific, maybe just what you need.

Designed for speed, control, and endurance all packed in a robust step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting, and still fashionable and practical, this bike will improve the quality of your life significantly.

 Final Comments


  • As a city dweller, you need something easy to ride that is highly efficient, practical and yet stylish. This can only be the NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike.
  • Value for money. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a bike, make sure it is worth your money value. Arguably a best seller, this bike is it for you
  • The effortless enjoyment is simply irresistible. With this bike’s charging system you can enjoy the outdoors without having to forego the simple comforts of the indoor.

Common Questions

Does it come in my size?

The NCM Paris 36V 20-inch Folding E-Bike is a bike for an adult. The creators took all aspects of the average person that may affect its riding. These include height and weight among other things.

In addition to that, these creators also accounted for the few who are either below or above the set benchmarks. This means that any person of average, above average or below average regarding height or weight should be able to find an ideal bicycle size to suit his or her needs. Also, its adjustable frame and saddles make it suitable for basically anyone.

How durable is the bike?

Made of state of the art features such as the step-through frame, saddle, highly efficient motor and powerful battery, there is no doubt this bike is here to stay. You should be riding it for a very long time.

Durability will also depend on the rate of use, where it is used and how well it is maintained. Proper care and maintenance are essential for durability. Therefore, take care of your bicycle, and it will take care of you for as long as possible.

Is it comfortable to ride, especially over long distances?

Yes, it is very comfortable. Your enjoyment begins right from the mounting as the step-through frame reduces your effort significantly, then the seat is designed to be gentle on flesh and encourage a good posture.

Fitted with integrated suspensions and Schwalbe Big Apple tires for excellent traction, you may not even notice that the road is uneven. Protect your bike from being stolen with our article on  Kryptonite bike locks article.

Frequently Questions


Thinking about buying the NCM Paris Electric bike and have a few questions. We have put together a collection of the most frequently asked questions.


Where can I use the NCM Paris Electric bike?


The Paris e bike can be used the same as a traditional bike. Your electric bike can be used for the commute to work, around your local city or for a stroll to your local shops.


Who are Electric bikes designed for?


Electric bikes are designed to help the rider travel for longer with a lot more ease with the help of an on-board motor. One of the main benefits of electric bikes is when your faced with steep inclines. An electric bike is ideal for individuals that have had a break from exercise and want to build up their fitness levels.


Do I need a license to ride the NCM Paris Electric bike?


The Paris Electric bike can be used without a license in England, Wales and Scotland as long as you stick to the European Union Regulations regarding speed restrictions.


Can the Paris Electric bike recharge when pedalling?


No, the NCM Paris Electric bike battery needs to be connected to the electricity mains.


How long does the battery take to recharge?


The battery takes three to four hours to full charge. Try and recharge the battery after every commute and keep the battery topped up.


 How should I look after the battery?

You should try and not let the battery run flat. Always keep the Paris E Bike away from direct sun light or freezing temperatures. Once you have finished using the electric bike storage away in a dry place away from the elements.

How fast does the NCM Paris Electric Bike travel?


The E bike travels up to 15 mphs. However, the speed can be increased with your own pedal power. A full battery should achieve twenty-five miles of assisted pedal power and seventy-five-mile s in Eco mode.


Why should you buy an E Bike?


Electric bikes are used by cycling enthusiasts for a variety of reasons for commuting, saving money, health benefits and most importantly having some fun. The main benefit of owning the NCM Paris Electrics bike is for having additional support while being faced with steep inclines and on longer commutes you would normally travel by car.


Do I need to worry if my Paris E bike gets wet?


The electronics on the Paris E bike are sealed and are weatherproof for the unpredictable British weather. Once you have finished using your e bike do ensure you try and keep your e bike away from the elements.


Can I put my electric bike on a car rack?


Yes, make sure the car rack can take the weight of the e bike.


How much does it cost to run the Paris E bike?


The cost of running an electric bike is very low compared to other forms of transport. Running an electric bikes costs around five to eight pence per mile compared to a car which costs around forty pence. Electric bikes offer brilliant value for money. You may like to read our article on are NCM bikes any good?


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