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NCM Moscow Plus

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Why Should You Buy The NCM



Das-Kit C7 display

250W Das-Kit X15 rear-drive

48V Lithium-Ion battery






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A Quality Bike Brand

In our investigation into the NCM Moscow plus, we will first look at why you should buy an electric bike. An electric bike is similar to an ordinary bike, but with an onboard motor that allows the rider change the level of assistance. Electric bike guide.

A rider still has to pedal for the motor to work. However, the rider can change the amount of required assistance to match their chosen level of exercise. The maximum speed of the NCM Moscow plus is around 15mphs. are electric bikes any good?

Why Should You Buy The NCM Moscow Plus


One of the main benefits of the NCM Moscow plus is that the on-board motor will help the rider commute for longer and faster with more ease. A rider will be able to use the NCM Moscow plus on commutes they wouldn’t consider going on a traditional pedal bike.

In addition, electric bikes are ideal for commuting in urban areas as traditional transport such as cars and public transport have to deal with congestion at rush hour. With the NCM Moscow plus, the rider can leave the house when they want, take advantage of cycle routes and travel at an impressive speed of fifteen mph. The average speed of a car in the city is around seven mph’s. are electric bikes good for commuting?


Riding More Often


A study by the Transport Research Laboratory found out that a traditional bike was used twenty-five times a year. Forty percent been used once or twice a week.

However, thirty percent of electric bike users use their bikes atleast once a week. An impressive eighty percent of users use their electric bikes once a week. An electric bike user is twice as likely to use their bike than a tradition pedal bike user.


Improving Your Fitness Level Levels


Using your NCM Moscow plus on a regular basis is a great way to burn off some extra calories and improve your fitness levels. Although cycling is a low form of exercise, the constant pedalling is great for your lungs, heart and blood pressure.

In addition, studies have found that regular exercise has proven to improve and reduce stress levels. The NCM Moscow plus is ideal for individuals that want to join the cycling community, but are worried about their fitness levels when using a traditional pedal bike.


Save You Money


Purchasing the NCM Moscow plus is an expensive investment. However, in the long run the running costs of a car, the cost of petrol, insurance and parking fees can mean that commuting on the Moscow may Save an individual a lot of money in the long run.

The regular commuting on the NCM Moscow plus may get an individual wondering why they are paying for a gym membership. If you consider, the cost of running a car is forty pence per mile. Compared to eight pence per mile for an electric bike.


Tackling Hills


One of the biggest drawbacks of a traditional bikes is commuting up hills. However, the NCM Moscow plus has an onboard motor that is designed specifically for climbing up hills.

A Rider can easily increase the level of assistance, easily tackling the incline and getting to their destination without getting to tired or sweaty. To continue looking at the NCM Moscow plus we will now look at how an individual can get the most out of their NCM Moscow plus. can you use an e bike in the rain?


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Advice For Using The Moscow


Battery Charge


Always make sure the battery on the NCM Moscow plus is fully charged. Get in a good habit of charging your NCM Moscow plus after every commute. Try not to run the battery dry. Keep the battery out of the unpredictable British weather. If you’re not thinking about using your electric bike for a long period of time, store the battery in a dry place.


Pedal More


If a rider is commuting on their brand new NCM Moscow plus and notice that the battery is running low, the level of assistance needs to be reduced with the rider peddling harder.

A lot of power is needed for the NCM Moscow to accelerate from a stand still. Pedalling harder to help accelerate the Moscow will help conserve the battery.

In addition, hills take a lot of power, so pedalling harder will help the battery last longer.

Riding Slower


The unpredictable British weather, for example wind resistance can use a lot of battery. If a rider needs to extend their battery level, a rider can reduce their pace to increase the batteries range. One of the main benefits of riding slower is that it can be safer.


Maintenance & Tire Pressure


Like an ordinary bike, the NCM Moscow plus requires regular maintenance. The bike should be cleaned atleast every two weeks, the battery serviced every six months and the electric bike checked for general wear and tear after every commute.

In addition, the NCM Moscow plus tire pressure needs to kept to the desired PSI level to make sure the Moscow is not working to hard. When calculating the required PSI level, a rider should consider the weight and journey time. In looking at the NCM Moscow plus, we will mow look at why you should buy an NCM. Read are NCM bikes any good?





Who are NCM


 NCM is an electric bike manufacturer based in Germany. The NCM pride themselves on only using the best materials and components in the manufacturing electric bikes.

The NCM Moscow plus has under gone robust testing from the start of the production process of choosing the correct materials right through to when the customer receives their brand new Moscow to make sure the customer experience the quality of owning a NCM bike.

The NCM Moscow plus can be used for a variety of purposes from commuting to work, leisurely strolls or family fun days out. The NCM brand prides itself on providing quality, durable, reliable and outstanding electric bikes. Check out are electric bikes any good?


NCM Batteries: The NCM batteries are known for being powerful and have a good range.


Great Value: NCM bikes offer brilliant value for money with many high end features normally found in more expensive electric bikes.


Customer Service: NCM Pride themselves on offering the best customer service from the moment an individual decides to purchase an NCM right through to any after purchase questions on were to buy a replacement part. Read the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Features & Benefits

NCM Moscow Plus



The Moscow comes with an aluminium 6061 frame, a strong and durable bike frame that is known to outperform steel in laboratory tests. Having a good quality bike frame will help support the rider, aluminium is a durable material that can with stand the odd bump or scrap.

NCM have equipped the NCM Moscow plus with a set of quality Tektro Disk Brakes with brake sensors. The main benefit of disk brakes is that allows the rider to bring the Moscow to a stop with less effort. Ideal for performing an emergency stop quickly and safely.

Having an on-board rear drive Das Kit 250W will allow the rider to get out of any sticky situations quickly. An electric bike is designed for a rider to commute for longer and faster.


Common Questions


Does the NCM Moscow plus come assembled?


The Moscow comes partially assemble and should take no longer than thirty minutes. After assembling the Moscow, go on a small test run to make sure your happy with electric bike. It may be worth asking a family member or a friend. Two pairs of hands are much better than one.


 What is the weight of the Moscow?


29 KG


How many levels of assistance as the NCM Moscow got?


The Moscow comes with an impressive six levels of assistance


What can the electric bike ne used for?


The NCM Moscow plus can be used for commuting to work, exploring the local mountain bike trails and having fun days out.



What type of frame does the e bike come with?


A hardwearing, strong and durable aluminium frame.


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  • Features – 98%
  • Value For Money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I Absolutely Love My NCM Moscow Plus.” Ben

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