MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike

review MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike

Muddyfox Have Been Designing Bikes For A Whopping 25 Years.

MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike

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Muddyfox Is An English Brand Based In Basidon Essex.


3 Star Customer Star Rating.


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MuddyFox Upsurge 20 BMX Bike Review

Everyone in their childhood used to dream about buying a BMX bike. Because, you can have a lot of fun with BMX bike like you can use it for ramps, short touring and it is mainly used to perform stunts.

As this BMX bikes are really comfortable and safe for performing stunts. Also, every expert BMX stunt performer recommends these BMX bikes for beginners.

So, if you’re looking to buy a best BMX bike to have fun, then you’re in the right place. Because, you can find the specs, features, and benefits of MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike, which is the best known BMX bike nowadays.


here are the features Of The Muddyfox Upsurge

Safe Braking system: The Muddy Fox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike is built with a very safe braking system. So, that the customers can trust that they can be safe if they use this bake. Also, seeking the expert’s advice before the purchase is also better and recommended.

 Great Suspension: This bike is known for its suspension, as the MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike  is built with latest suspension equipment. Because this bike also used for mountain biking, it is very important to have the best suspension. We all know BMX bikes are best for mountain hiking. So, taking it into consideration the company has decided to build the best suspension.

 Best value: The price of the MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike  is affordable. So, it worth it for the fun you want to have with this. Thus, this bike is recommended, if you’re looking for an affordable one.

 Best Handlebars:  Equipped with best alloy handlebars which can also be raised if you want to, this feature can help you if you’re doing the 360-degree stunt. Because the handle is the main thing to balance if you‘re performing the 360-degree stunt.

 Gears and saddles: The Muddy Fox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike  comes with single speed gearing system. So, that you can easily shift your gears smoothly while speeding. And the saddles you get are Pivotal jumping saddle which also helps you in smooth paddling and to balance while hiking.




Now, let’s get to know more about this bike.

  • So, you can get the MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike  with CRMO steel frame and Frame Size: 9″
  • The braking system of this bike is manufactured, keeping the safety of the bikers in mind. The Brake Type you can find in the front is Steel Caliper, and in the rear is Alloy U-Brake Tektro
  • You can find Brake Leavers with Complete Adjustable Screws. The Leg Size of this bike is from 16-31″ and the dimension of the tires are 20 x 2.3 free stale Tread with tire tubes are Schrader Valves
  • The chain of this bike is Single speed KMC BMX chain with dimensions 1/2″ x 1/8″ x 86L available with chain guard: PVC F-TYPE brown, and this bike comes with the wheel Size of 20″
  • The forks you can find are CROMO forks for 20″ wheels with 28.6mm rigid, and for smooth paddling, it comes with Velo Pivotal jump saddle.
  • Handlebars are Alloy with 22.2 x 660mm, and rise 219mm, with cross bar. Also, the bottom bracket is steel, for 3 piece crank set. So, this is feature might be helpful in doing the 360-degree stunt.
  • The Gears you get are a single speed with the suspension which is Rigid and the age range is from 9 Years and above, and the weight of the the Muddy Fox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike is 13.5kg and it is available in light and dark blue colour and the model is MO33644.


  • Features – 89%
  • value for money – 87%
  • Build Quality – 91%

“Its My Grandsons Birthday Last Wednesday- He Is Always At The Local Mountain Bike Trails.” Pauline 

Customer Satisfaction

So, now let’s check out some of the customer feedback on the Internet and other sources.

  • Best mountain bike
  • It is best for the beginners from the age group of 9 years and above.
  • Considered as light weight bike.
  • Just, a minor change to the bike, as customer prefer plain frames than CRMO frames because they find it the little bit heavy.
  • Easy to join the materials and also can get it for an affordable price.


Common Questions

Is the MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike  durable?

Yes, it is a long-lasting product. And, also it will remain the same even you use roughly. Also, if you face any problem, you can just message the manufacturer and they will get you back to resolve the issue.

Is this item easy to use?

Yes, it very handy to use and also you can easily assemble the materials of the Muddy Fox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike , just by following the manual provided. Even, if you’re at the age of 9 you can find riding this bike easy.

What are the dimensions of the MuddyFox Upsurge 20″ BMX Bike ?

Tyres: 20 x 2.3, BMX Chain 1/2″ x 1/8″ x 86L, Handlebars: Alloy, 22.2 x 660mm, rise 219mm, with cross bar.

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  • Best for balancing
  • Great paddle system
  • Best suspension and gear system.