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Muddyfox Tempo Hybrid Bike


Should You BUY the Tempo. Is Muddyfox a good brand? Is it worth your hard EARNED money

Why Buy The Tempo

A great bike for school and college students with hybrid quality excellent for roads and mountains and easy to paddle; Muddyfox is available in black and orange colours.

Due to hybrid quality, this bike is very easy to ride and have many attractive features and shape.

Breaking and controlling is very excellent.

This bike is available in many sizes; you can choose the size that fits you.

The seat of the bike very comfortable and keeps you active during a ride.

Price of this bike is very much affordable and it is not an expensive bike with so many qualities and stylish shape.




The Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike is very much valuable for students,

you can gift this bike to your daughter on her birthday she can use it while going school or you can yourself use this bike for your activities or for a short outing on the bike in the evening to refresh your mind.

You can use this bike for burning calories or visiting a friend.

You will feel very exciting while riding on this bike, you can adjust the seat of a bike according to your height and sitting position.

This bike cost almost nothing and has many benefits. Check out our beginners guide to mountain biking.


Why Should You Buy The Tempo 200

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy The Tempo 200



21 Shimano Gears

Alloy Frame

Alloy Handlebars


English Bike Brand


Why Buy A Hybrid Bike

Best Of Both Road & Mountain Bikes

Tempo 200 Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

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Features & Benefits

Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike is available in 18,20and 22-inch sizes so it is suitable for adults and school or college going girls and boys.

Due to its hybrid quality, it is good for roads and can also be used a mountain bike means in the price of 1 bike you are getting advantages of two different bikes.

Handling is very comfortable and gives you a smooth ride.

Breaks are not too much or too much soft. Tires are of excellent quality for making your ride smooth and comfortable.

Good quality of its tires allows it to ride fast. Weight of bike is very suitable you don’t need to apply too much for riding this bike.

 The Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike is having more than 96% positive ratings.

Customers like its features.

As this bike is available in parts you can choose parts of your choice according to your choice like the hardness of break and adjustment of the handle. are muddyfox bikes any good?

This bike is favourite for students of high school and they are very much satisfied with it.

Girls like its Orange colour while boys like black colour. This is a good investment for school going students and it is safe.

You will love it due to its smoothness and easy handling.

The Muddyfox Unisex Tempo 200 Hybrid Bikes available in Black and Orange colours.

This is very Lightweight and has Alloy Hybrid Bike Frame

It has Suntour CR7 Suspension Forks – 40mm travel

The bike is having Alloy handlebars

It has Adjustable A-Head Handlebar Stem

It is having 21 Speed Shimano Acera Gears with Shimano Altus E-Z Fire Shifters

It is having Suntour CR7 Suspension Forks – 40mm travel

It is having Alloy handlebars

This bike has Adjustable A-Head Handlebar Stem

This bike has 21 Speed Shimano Acera Gears with Shimano Altus E-Z Fire Shifters

This bike is having Suntour XCE Chainset

It is having Promax Front and Rear Alloy V-Brakes

It is having 700C Double-Wall Alloy Wheels with Quick Release Hubs

It is having 700 x 35C trekking tires

It is having Cionlli saddle with bumpers Available in an 18, 20 & 22 inch frame sizes.

Recommended inside leg measurement: 18 inch frame: 28 – 34 inches 20 inch frame: 30 – 36 inches 22 inch frame: 31 – 37 inches

Assembled Weight: Approximately 14kgs


  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 97%

“The Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike Is Ideal For Both Myself And My Wife.” Adrain

Customer Satisfaction

Buyers of Muddyfox Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike are satisfied with its features and quality, some have a little complains about seat while riding with some extra weight this is not an issue that should be considered or stops you from buying so much wonderful bike. 

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 Final Comments


This Muddyfox Unisex Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike is an excellent choice for high school girls and boys.

Made quality is very excellent and the material is of good quality. This bike will give you a comfortable and smooth ride and you will not get tired because of its soft paddling.

Common Questions

What is the age level to ride this bike?

Child of 12 and above can ride this bike as it is available in different sizes.

How to buy the Muddyfox Unisex Tempo 200 Hybrid Bike?

You can buy this bike directly going to the store and shop this or you can even order it online.

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