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Mudddyfox Force

Looking For More Information On The Muddyfox Force. Get Your Questions Answered.

Why Should You Buy The Force



6 Speed Gears

Front & Rear Brakes

20″ Alloy Wheels



Customer Satisfaction

Muddyfox have Been Established For  Over 25 Years


Customer Satisfaction

Over Ten Common Questions Answered

Who are Muddyfox?


In our article on the Muddyfox 20 inch bike, we will first take a look at the Muddyfox bike brand. The Muddyfox brand was established by Aristdis Hadjipetrou and Drew Lawson, who spotted a gap in the market for off road bikes with stronger and versatile frames.

Muddyfox was established in the 1980s and had a successful marketing campaign with a black background with yellow paw prints. Fast forward to today, Muddyfox are based in Basildon, Essex and have been part of Universal Cycles since 2001. Read our article on are Muddyfox bikes any good?

To continue our article on Muddyfox bmx 20 inch bike, we will now look at the reasons why you should buy a bike for your child.


Benefits of A Child Cycling


The increasing advancements in technology, with the main focus on going “Go digital”. There are many gadgets, video games and cartoons to distract a child. One way to encourage a child to go and get some fresh air is to buy a bike. Allowing the child to go on bike rides with their family and friends.

Cycling is a fun filled activity. Allowing a child to get fit at their own pace. At the beginning, a child may find it strenuous to ride. After a little practice, it may become their favourite past time. Here are some of the main benefits of cycling.


Cardiovascular Muscles


Cycling offers a brilliant workout for children. When a child pedals their heart, rate is increased. In turn, increasing the stamina in the body. A great way of a child burning off some extra calories.


Building Muscles.


Cycling is not only a brilliant exercise for the legs. It will help strengthen a child’s body. A low impact form of exercise that will help a child build up their muscles at their own pace.

Stress Buster


Going out on the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch bike is an excellent stress buster. After a long and stressful day at school. Going out for a bike ride will allow a child to recharge themselves and forget about their worries. Stress levels are reduced, allowing them to become calmer after a bike ride.

Self Confidence


Cycling is a great way to boost a child’s confidence. The feeling of independence, as the child moves around and feels more responsible. Giving the child a brilliant way of getting to know their local surroundings.

Becoming less fearless as they start to take their first steps into independence. Going on family days out, exploring the local community, is a great way to spend the weekend. Building memories. That will last for a life time.


Socialising Skills


Owing a bike will allow a child to socialise with other children in the neighbourhood. Making new friends, who share their interests and hobbies. Riding in a small group is a lot better than riding alone.

Staying Active


Encouraging children to go out and get some fresh air is becoming more and more difficult. Staying indoors playing computer games can sometimes lead to obesity. Cycling is a great way of burning off some extra calories without even thinking about it.


Added benefits


A child regularly using the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch will get plenty of sunlight. A great way of getting some vitamin D. Going out for a bike ride, getting some fresh air will help calm a child down and help them sleep. To continue our article on Muddyfox bmx 20 inch bike we will look at some advice in cycling safely. Read our article on the pros and cons of cycling.

Cycling Safety


Cycling can be a lot of fun. However, accidents do happen. Its vital that children wear the correct apparel and a good quality helmet.

Wearing a helmet while riding the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch will protect a child’s face, head and brain. The best bike helmet in the world is no good if you’re not wearing it.

Allowing the child to have an active part in the purchashing the helmet will make sure they wear it once they go out on their own. Making sure the helmet fits correctly is vital. Look out for reputable brands that satisfy all safety legislation. Don’t forget to read the customer testimonials.

A bike helmet should be worn the correct way while riding the muddyfox bmx 20 inch. The helmet should cover the forehead and don’t be tempted to tip it backwards.

Look after the helmet and don’t through it around. If the bike helmet gets dropped. Purchase a new one. Purchasing reflective stickers to put on a helmet will help other road users see you.

Force Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Ammaco Folding Bike

Muddyfox Force


In our article on the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch we will now take a look at the popular Muddyfox Force. If you’re looking for a great value mountain bike from a reputable bike manufacture. The search may certainly be offer.



The Mudyfox comes with an impressive six Shimano revolt shift gives that give the rider plenty of options to change the pace of the bmx to the riders riding conditions. Muddyfox have designed the brakes to be child friendly and easy to use.


V Brakes


The Muddyfox bmx 20 inch comes with front and rear V brakes that allow the rider to perform an emergency stop quickly and safely. Having a set of good quality brakes that are easy to use will allow the rider to feel more comfortable while riding.




The Muddyfox force comes with a stylish 20-inch Alloy wheels that will make sure your child is known as the cool child in the street. Don’t be surprised if other parents start asking where they can buy the bmx from for their child.



Muddyfox have designed the Mudyfox bmx 20 inch with a steel frame. Steel is commonly used by bike manufactures as Steel is a strong and durable material that can with stand the odd bump or scrap.

Having a bike frame that can withstand the odd bump or scrap will be sure to boost a child’s confidence




The Force comes with a dual suspension that will offer the rider plenty of support while going over different types of terrain. To continue our article on the Muddyfocx bmx 20 inch we will look at the common questions.



  • Features – 91%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95%

What Should I Wear While Riding The Muddyfox BMX


Always wear bright clothes, with reflectors were possible. To allow other road users are able to see you. A rider does not want their shoe laces, baggy pants and shoes getting caught in the chain.

Wear the correct foot wear, Check out our article on are muddyfox cycling shoes any good?

Riding with a pair of gloves will help the rider grip the handle bars. A child should refrain from wearing head phones. The noise may put the child off or they might not hear other road users. Like a car blowing their horn.

Try avoid riding the bike in the evening. Day time is the safest. A child should be made aware that it is not only cars on the road that are dangerous. A car might be pulling out of their drive way.

No matter where you ride, daytime riding is the safest. Check out the pros and cons of Bmx bikes.

Road Rules While I Ride The Muddyfox


Ride with your hands on the handlebars.

Stop and check for traffic in both directions. From an alley way or a curb.

Follow traffic signals and walk your bike in busy areas

Beware car doors can open from parked cars

Stop at red lights.


Maintaining The Muddyfox


To continue our article on Muddyfox bmx 20 inch we will look at how to maintain the bmx.


Tire Pressure:


If the tires are not pumped up to required PSI level. The bmx will be harder to pedal. The required PSI level can be taken from the instruction manuel or the side of the bike tire.


Clean the chain


Don’t forget to oil it. Debris can get caught in the chain. Cleaning often will make sure the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch lasts longer. A good habit to get into is to apply lubricant often. Remind the child to keep there clothes away from the moving parts of the bmx.




The brakes need to be tested to make sure the actually work. Apply pressure to the brake levers while gently rocking the bike back and forth. Check the brake pads are not worn or damaged.




To have the most comfortable ride. The seat level must be at the correct height. Make sure the child is comfortable. When the child pedals, there should be a slight bend in the knee.

Bike Maintenance


Getting the child involved in their own bike maintenance, will boost their confidence. By checking the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch for any wear and tear.



Common Questions


Does the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch come fully assembled?


The Muddyfox Force comes partially assembled and should take longer than thirty minutes to be assembled.


What is the weight of the Muddyfox Force?


Approximately 15 KG’s


What size is the bike frame?


The bike frame is 13”


Does the bmx take standard stabilisers?


Yes, standard stabilisers can be fitted to the Muddyfox Force.


We hope you have found our article on the Muddyfox bmx 20 inch helpful and informative. Please support our website by sharing the article on your social media. If you would like to write for us. Get in contact.


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