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Muddyfox  Anarchy 24

Thinking About Buying A Mountain Bike. We Answer The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Should You Buy The Anarchy 24

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy The Anarchy 100



18 Shimano Gears

Steel Suspension Forks

Hardtail Steel Frame


Over 25 Years Experience Within The Bike Industry


Customer Reviews

Five Star Customer Satisfaction

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Muddyfox  Anarchy 24

It is a natural thing when a child sees something new then they also wish to get that same as in the case of Muddyfox Anarchy 24 it catches the attention of boys due to its attractive look, colour, and other features.

It is an ideal bike for the children age of 9 to 12 years as it is very comfortable to ride. It is available in 2 different sizes with two different colours. If you once visit its shop or even online you would never let it go due to its reasonable price and its strong parts. are muddyfox bikes any good?


Why Muddyfox Is A Great Choice


As at an early age it is the best vehicle for the Childs they gain different experiences and it makes them strong to ride later the adult bike.

You may find a variety of bike but this bike will be best for your children due to its advance look and features like its breaks and tires which are very smooth and its breaks are not too much hard so the child can control it easily. Check out our beginners guide to mountain biking.

Features & Benefits

If you are interested to buy the Muddyfox Anarchy 24 and looking for its features then just read the following:

As the bike is available from 24-28 size inches so it is useable for the age range of 9 to 12 years old. Children learn a lot of thing at their early age level which makes them strong for the latter life, buys this bike for them as it will be one of the best experiences to ride this bike.

The Muddyfox Anarchy 24 has 14″ Alloy Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame, which makes it more attractive and beautiful to ride. It also consists of Zoom Steel Suspension Forks. It has MTB Handlebars, which make the rider comfortable while controlling the bike.

It also has 18 Speed Shimano Tourney gears with Revoshift Shifters which make it easy to ride a bike with speed. Its tires are strong which help in steady and smooth ride no matter even if you are riding your bike on rough places.

Muddyfox Anarchy 24 has a very comfortable seat so the rider will not feel tired during riding. So overall it’s a great bike to buy and to ride with an attractive and charming look, especially in red colour. The Child feels relax and happy as it not tough to handle and it has strong parts with Cionlli MTB Saddle with Bumpers.

Its size is 24 inch.

It is available in two colors black and red. The red color is being too much famous among children as they like the bright and eye-catching colors.

It offers 14″ Alloy Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame.

It is consists of Zoom Steel Suspension Forks.

It also contains Alloy MTB Handlebars which are easy to control and hold.

It also has Alloy A-Head Handlebar Stem.

Muddyfox Boys Anarchy 24 Mountain Bike has18 Speed Shimano Tourney gears with Revoshift Shifter.

The bike also has Steel Chainset.

Bike Front and back Alloy have V-Brakes.

Contains 24″ Alloy Wheels which allow riding it fast but smoothing.

It also has Cionlli MTB Saddle with Bumpers.

According to the company, the optional inside leg measurement is about 24 – 28 inches.

Children with the age 9-12 can ride this bike.

It also has a comfortable seat.

Assembled Weight: about 14kgs Please note: All of our bikes are sold part construct. satisfy be conscious therefore that you will be required to fit sure parts and make system adjustments to a mechanism such as the gears and brakes former to use and also on a continuing base for preservation purposes.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 90%
  • Build Quality – 96%

“My Little Boy Absolutely Loves His Muddyfox Anarchy 24.” Katie

Customer Satisfaction

Feedback regarding the Muddyfox Anarchy 24 is 98% positive due to its powerful features and attractive look, as it is also easy to ride with a comfortable seat. Child of age 9 to 12 can ride it easily.

It comes in two colours and both of colour means red and black are popular among children. It available in parts so you can fit it according to your own choice it is also easy to purchase as you can buy it online so you will get the delivery on the door or you can visit its store to buy this bike. Prices are also affordable for customers.

Common Questions

Is the Muddyfox Anarchy 24 is affordable?

Yes, it has a reasonable price; it is easy on pocket so you can buy it.

What is the age level for this bike?

Children of age 9-12 can ride this bike easily.

In which colors is it available?

It is available in two colors, red and black.


Advantages and Disadvantages


Feedback from the customers is a mix but most of the people are satisfied with this bike only a few have an issue that this bike is available in parts so they have to bring it to the shop for further work while on the positive’s reviews, it is easy to ride and comfortable for Childs


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