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Muddyfox Anarchy 100

Searching For A New Mountain Bike. Find Out Why You Should Choose A Muddyfox

Why Should You Buy The Anarchy 100

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy The Anarchy 100



18 Shimano Gears

Hardtail Steel Frame

MTB Handlebars


Support A Local  Essex Bike Brand


Customer Testimonals

Good Customer Testimonials. Definitely Worth A Read

Why Should You Buy A Mountain Bike?



EXPLORING: It’s becoming more difficult to take a step back and disconnect from technology. Peddling through forests, single tracks and navigating your way through trails is a great way of disconnecting with the city and connecting with nature.

CHALLENGE: Learning A new past time like mountain biking is a great way to challenge your fitness levels and build up your coordination strength and stamina. A brilliant way of building up your confidence is working on your physical stamina and your weakness’s. are mountain bikes good for commuting?

INVISIBLE: Mountain biking can be extremely challenging; however, it can also feel like you are invisible as you finally achieve a drop, skinny or obstacle you have been trying to master for months. Achieving your goals is a great way of boosting your confidence on and off the mountain bike. Disadvantages of mountain bikes.

COMMUNITY: Starting A new past time is a really good way of meeting new people and building up friendships. Cycling in a small group will not only help you motivate each other put you will build up memories that will hopefully build up friendship that will last a lifetime. Sharing a pass time that you are all passionate about will offer you a perspective and an inspiration to improve your mountain biking skills Pros and cons of mountain bikes.

WORKOUT: Mountain biking is an intensive workout that will help you improve your balance, body conditioning and cardio. You will be sure to get stronger with the dynamic workout. An added benefit of buying a mountain bike and exploring your local community will be sure to improve your health and help you build muscles you never thought you had. Thinking About buying the muddyfox anarchy 100, we will look at the pros and cons of mountain bikes. Check out our beginners guide to mountain biking.

Mountain Biking Essentials.


HELMET: You should buy a good quality helmet from a recognised bike brand with good testimonials that fits you well. The best bike helmet in the world, is no good if it feels uncomfortable and you refrain from wearing it.

SNACKS & HYDRATION: Exploring your local l community on you brand new mountain will be sure to lower your energy levels so make sure you bring a well-earned snack and some water to maintain your hunger and hydration levels.

PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT: If your thinking about mountain biking on a regular basis, it may be worth thinking about learning about how to repair a flat tyre. There are some easy to follow videos on you tube and a repair kit can be purchased rather cheaply.

PUMP: It is always a good habit to check your mountain bike at the start of any commute. In addition, a good quality bike bump can be bought that is lightweight and easy to use. Read our article on the Beto Bike Pump.

BIKE LOCK: You have saved up for a brand-new mountain bike. You need to know start thinking about a good quality bike that you can you take with you easy with a recognised security rating. You may like to read our article on the review of the onguard bike lock.

LIGHTS: Cycling from September to April you will need to bring a set of lights and a rear light. Commuting in the day on winter months may require an emergency light just in case you run into any problems. Looking at buying the muddyfox anarchy 100 we will now look at the clothing you should wear.

Pros Of Mountain Bikes


Mountain bikes are designed with strong, durable and beefy frames that are built to withstand a minor bump or scrap.

The Tyres are designed for different types of terrain that will allow the rider exploring a variety of different types of rides from a family day out, exploring your local mountain trails to an inexpensive way of traveling from one destination from one to another.

The frame geometry is designed for less traction on steep inclines




Heavier than road and hybrid bikes. However, if your looking for a bike that can be used for a variety of different types of rides. A mountain bike is a great choice. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes. Considering, buying the muddyfox anarchy 100 we will now look at the mountain biking essentials.


What Should You Wear?


Comfortable Clothing – wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged. A pair of shorts or longs depending on the type of year. Cycling is a low form of exercise so you need to wear clothes that you feel comfortable working out in. Cycling apparel can be purchased rather cheaply and it will be a well worth investment in allowing to cycle for longer put most more comfortably.

Trainers – A good quality pair of trainers with a good sole and plenty of grip. You may like to read our article on the Muddyfox MTB100 cycling shoes. Cycling shoe are also brilliant for spinning too.

Padded Shorts – Cycling Long distances can take its toll on your bottom so it may worth in investing in a pair of padded shorts that will give you plenty of protection.

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Why Should You Buy The Muddyfox Anarchy 100

If you have a dream to buy a bike for your school, you may search for various numbers of bikes but the best one you may find and like due to its colour, shape and feature it will be Muddyfox, most of the time you may get problem with a small height that the size of bike did not match with your height but this size has three to four different size, so it is easy to get a bike according to your choice and according to your height. How to do a corner on a mountain bike.

Moreover, it is available at very reasonable prices and getting too much attention from the people due to its stylish look.


Why Should You Buy The Muddyfox


Every child has a passion to decorate its own bike and play with the age fellows like race, or go to school together and he asked you to buy a bike for him. So you want to buy a bike to gift your elder son who has a dream that he can go to high school with a beautiful black and stylish bike? If you will buy the Muddyfox Anarchy 100, its price is very reasonable and it will be safe and comfortable for your child as well. So save money and buy safety for your child. How to make your mountain bike faster.

Features & Benefits

As this bike have 3 sizes, 18, 20 & 22-inch frame sizes. So no matter your child is school going or college going its size will be suitable according to the height of a child? First of all, it has Alloy Hardtail Mountain Bike Frame which makes its shape attractive and beautiful.

Second, it contains of Zoom Steel Suspension Forks. Its handles are easy to hold and you fill comfortable while riding it. Moreover, it has18 Speed Shimano Tourney gears with Revoshift Shifters. Its breaks are easy to hold means they are not too much hard.

Tires of this bike are of good quality so they will give you a comfortable and smooth ride; no matter where you are riding your bike you will feel comfortable. Furthermore, due to the good quality of tires, they allow riding fast. The Muddyfox Anarchy 100 weight is easy to carry and easy to ride so you do not need to put the power while riding this bike. You may like to read our article  on are pros and cons of mountain bikes.

 The Muddyfox Anarchy 100 bike comes in two colours black and blue.

It has Zoom Steel Suspension Forks.

It consists of Alloy A-Head Handlebar Stem.

The bike is consisting of Steel Chain-set.

It has Front and backs Alloy V-Brakes

The bike contains 26″ Alloy Wheels.

The important feature of this bike is; Cionlli MTB Saddle with Bumpers Available in an 18, 20 & 22-inch frame sizes

optional inside leg dimension: 18 inch frame: 28 – 34 inches 20 inch casing: 30 – 36 inches 22 inch frame: 31 – 37 inches

Age to ride this bike is 12 and above means school level to early college level, students can use this bike.

All of the Muddyfox Anarchy 100 is are sold part constructed. So it is important to know therefore that you will be mandatory to fit definite parts and make setup adjustments to a mechanism such as the gears and brakes previous to use and also on an ongoing basis for preservation purposes. Find out How to Ride A Technical Mountain Bike Trail

  • Features – 96%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 96%

“The Muddyfox Anarchy 100 Mountain Is A Perfect Birthday Present For My Little Boy.” Gail

Customer Satisfaction

The feedback which is received from the people is 90% positive. They like their colour and features. Moreover, the Muddyfox Anarchy 100 comes in parts means it is 90% built so you can put the parts of your choice means how hard breaks you want and settlement of the all bike as well.


The rider of this bike means the child of age 12 and above they are very satisfied from this bike due to its smooth ride and powerful tires, they can even ride it on rough places very easily. People have like its blue colour too much anyhow both colours have own shine and importance and child buy according to their own favourite colour. The best Mountain Biking Trails In Wales


It is kind of safe vehicle for your child to feel free and confident while purchasing this bike as it will provide your child a comfortable ride and they will love it due to it’s easy to control handles and breaks. How to downhill mountain bike.


Advantages and Disadvantages


Majority of the buyers are very satisfied due to its comfortable ride and advanced features, while some have the issue that its seat is not comfortable, it may be due to the ride it with their extra weight, so it’s not a major issue due to that you may postpone your decision to purchase this bike.


Common Questions

What is the age level to ride the Muddyfox Anarchy 100?

Child of 12 and above can ride this bike as it has different sizes.

How to get the Muddyfox Anarchy 100?

You can get this bike directly go to the store and shop this or you can even order it online.


 Final Comments


If you want to fulfil the dream of your child who wants to ride a bike then it will cost you little money to buy this stylish Muddyfox Anarchy 100. It will be one of the memorable bikes for your children.

Mountain Biking Advice


All mountain bikers remember when they first started out. The feeling they got when you travel over different terrain, across rivers and the first mountain bike trail they ever tackled. There are a few mountain biking tips every cyclist would have loved to have known when they first started out.


Staying Loose


The Muddyfox Anarchy 100 is designed to tackle difficult terrain. Its vital that the rider lets the Anarchy 100 do its job by staying loose, so the bike can move beneath the rider. When tackling a descent, a rider should think about push up arms and cowboy legs. The more technical the terrain, the more the mountain bike needs to do its job.


Keep Momentum


Getting used to maintaining momentum is a brilliant technique to practise. The Muddyfox Anarchy needs momentum to get out of challenging terrain. Keep the Anarchy 100 moving. Momentum is a rider’s best friends.


Weight Shifting


If a rider is going to tackle a difficult trail with steep inclines and declines. A rider should learn how to shift their body weight. When tackling a steep incline, a rider should lean forward to maintain the centre of gravity over the back wheel.

A rider tackling a descent should look at shifting their weight behind saddle and the back wheels. Drop posts are brilliant for tackling descents. A rider will have less chance in going over the bars.


Target Fixation


A common mistake that entry level mountain bikers make is to look directly at the rock they don’t want to hit. It’s called target fixation. Keep looking forward and the direction the rider wants to go.


Learn how to fix a puncture.


No rider wants to be stuck in middle of nowhere on their Muddyfox Anarchy 100 with a flat. A tire repair kit can be purchased rather cheaply. There are some brilliant step by step videos on you tube.


Balancing on your toes.


The position of a rider’s feet can impact on their riding ability. A common mistake is to ride with the toes on the pedals. Aiming to have the rider’s ball of the foot over the pedal axle will give allow the rider to use the correct muscles and be much stronger and more stable on the trail.

Sitting down


Entry level mountain bikers tend to sit down on the saddle when the terrain starts getting tricky. However, the rider is missing out by not using the best shock absorbers in the world. Their legs.

Getting into the habit of separating body and the Muddyfox Anarchy 100 is a brilliant mountain bike technique. Often used by more experienced riders.


Death grip


A lot of entry level mountain bikers suffer from sore hands, elbows and shoulders when they start out. Its known as the death grip.

The rider is to tense on the Muddyfox Anarchy 100 causing their body to become tense. A rider should stay loose on the bike to help maintain the momentum an allow the bike to do its job.

Maintaining A Mountain bike


The Muddyfox Anarchy 100 can tear around your local mountain bike trail. The intense environment can cause wear and tear.

Getting into a good habit of cleaning the bike on a regular basis will allow the rider to spot any minor wear and tear. Before it develops into something more serious.

High pressure washers can cause grease to pushed out of the bearings and to get in between vital components. Once, the bike has been washed. Clean the chain and cog with a rag.




Check if the wheel is true. Once, the mountain bike is turned over. Spin the wheel to see if there is a wobble from side to side. If there is a wobble. They need truing. The local mountain bike shop will be able to provide the service for a small fee.




Every once a year, the Muddyfoxx Anarchy should go for a service with a professional. Think of it as a Mot for your new bike. Check out are Muddyfox bikes any good?





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