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Mountain bikes that fold up

Searching for more information on mtb bikes that fold up. We look at the popular Ecosmo mtb folding bike

Ecosmo MTB

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Folding bikes


Folding bikes have become increasingly popular in recent years. Bicyclists have been buying folding bikes in greater numbers as bike manufacturers have upgraded them. Pros and cons of folding bikes.


But do you know that folding bikes can be used for mountain biking too? Well, mountain bikes that fold up or in simple terms foldable mountain bikes are available in the market and they are quite convenient. are folding bikes good for exercise?


If you’re in desperate need of a new mountain bike but don’t have a lot of room, consider one that folds in half. Foldable mountain bikes are very common among bike commuters because


They are simple to dismantle and move from one location to another. For example, if you don’t have a bike rack, you can put one in the trunk of your car. If you don’t have access to a garage, you can store it in a closet. Read our folding bikes guide.


Benefits of a folding mountain bike


Folding mountain bikes are becoming popular day by day because of the benefits it offers to the bikers. Some of those benefits are:


Space efficient

One of the best features of a folding mountain bike is how easily it can be stored. You can fold the bike if you live in a tiny apartment or don’t have access to a garage, and it will take up less room than a typical mountain bike.  are folding bikes good for commuting?





If you ride your bike to work and there isn’t enough space or you’re concerned about it being stolen, you can fold it up and bring it into the office with you. You can easily transport it to campsites and other locations.


Fun to ride



Riding any sort of bike is fun, but mountain biking takes it to the next level because you can ride on both trails and roads. Mountain bikes that fold are just as enjoyable as conventional mountain bikes, except they’re easier to transport.


What to look for when buying a folding mountain bike?


The most important factor while buying the bike is if it fits you. The other factors like gears, suspension, brakes, etc make sure that you have a quality and comfortable ride. Some of the features that must be kept in mind are:



Some folding mountain bikes are made for less aggressive trails and bike paths and do not have suspension.


Others have front suspension to reduce front-wheel vibration. Full-suspension folding bikes with spring-loaded rear shocks are also available, making them the perfect choice for more difficult trails.



Frame material

The majority of bicycle frames are made of steel or aluminum. Steel is more robust and can withstand harsher conditions, but it is also heavier. Aluminum, on the other hand, is lighter. It’s also very tough, and it withstands rust better than steel. The only disadvantage is that it is usually more costly.



The majority of folding mountain bikes have 26-inch wheels, which are slightly smaller than regular mountain bike wheels.


 Even so, some versions come with 27.5-inch wheels, so shop around and see what works best for you. Bear in mind that a shorter wheelbase allows for more convenient storage.



And if the bike folds in half, it will not be limited in terms of gearing. Mountain bikes with folding gears can have as few as one gear or as many as 27. You must determine whether or not you need too many gears for the type of riding you do.


Simple to use



Check the folding system before buying a folding mountain bike: look for pivots and hinge points, and see if there is a quick-release mechanism as well as a clip fastener.


The simpler the folding mechanism is to use, the better. You must, however, maintain it properly and lubricate it when needed to ensure that it folds easily.





Based on their measurements and the size and weight, some bikes are more convenient than others.


Before you make a purchase, think about the grips, saddle, and suspension. For example, make sure the saddle is well-padded and made of high-quality materials, such as leather, though synthetic materials are also suitable. are folding bikes good for exercise?


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Is it worth buying a mountain bike that folds up?


They are, indeed, the ideal mountain bike. Because of their functionality, they are simple to transport on public transportation.


You can take them around with you and not have to worry about them being stolen. To top it off, they fold up into a small package that is easy to store at your campsite or at home. It is worthwhile to invest in folding bicycles.


Are folding mountain bikes good for long rides?


Some high-end brands perform exceptionally well on long rides because they are designed for longevity and stability.


Are folding bikes slower than the regular ones?


Bikes that fold are not necessarily slower than other bikes. As a result of the rider’s position, smaller wheel size, and likely gearing, they always feel slower. Because of the wind resistance, folding bikes put the rider in an upright position, which is not suitable for speed.


Are folding mountain bikes safe?


Yes, they’re safe as long as you stay within the weight limits. There is a weight limit on every folding bike that should not be surpassed.


Folding bikes are designed to be structurally sound and long-lasting. They don’t easily crack unless you put too much pressure on them.



Can folding bikes go uphill?


No matter how steep the hill is, the lower your gear, the easier it will be to pedal up it. So, if you’ve heard that folding bicycles aren’t suitable for hill climbing, that’s just one of the many myths about this type of bicycle.


Are folding bikes durable?


Folding bikes are usually sturdy enough to be fit for their function, as long as you do some testing to avoid the worst of the bunch. Folding bikes are designed to be structurally sound and long-lasting. They don’t easily crack unless you put too much pressure on them.


So, if you are wondering about getting a folding mountain bike then you should go ahead and get one. They will serve the purpose of mountain biking and can be stored anywhere.

We have picked out one of the best folding mountain bikes that is becoming popular among bikers. The bike is from ECOSMO.


ECOSMO 26″ Folding MTB Bike

This high-quality Alloy lightweight folding mountain MTB bike is the perfect companion for your daily activities.


It’s simple to ride and fold up, making it convenient to transport or store. This folding bike has a fast release folding mechanism and a quick-release seat post, making it easy to install and disassemble.


It provides families with a high degree of enjoyment and mobility. It has a proprietary double lock folding mechanism that makes it extremely stable and easy to use. It has the following features:




It has a 21-speed Shimano gear system. A multi speed bike allows you to ride at various speeds on different terrains while remaining comfortable.


Each gear combination on a bike corresponds to a different speed. You can make pedaling more or less difficult by adjusting the combination of these gears.



The bike has front disc brakes and v type brakes on the rear. Since the front brake provides the most of your stopping power, disc brakes will significantly boost your stopping capacity.


In the rain, disc brakes are still preferable. You don’t wear out the rims, and since they’re higher off the ground, they remain drier and stop much better than a wet rim brake. Secondary advantages include the fact that it is much less expensive and still lighter than running front and rear disks.


Frame material

The bike is made of lightweight aluminum. Aluminum frames are suitable for a wide variety of riders due to their reliability, corrosion resistance, stability, and low weight.

Common Questions


Can I add a rack to this bike?


No, a rack cannot be placed at the back of this bike.


What is the weight limit of this bike?


The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 110 kgs.


What is the size of the bike when it is folded?


When folded, the bike has the dimension: 97x30x70cm.


Does it come fully assembled?


It comes 80% complete, but the front wheel, pedals, handlebars, and seat must be mounted.


If you are not confident in assembling and adjusting your bike yourself, we recommend that you get it done by a professional bike mechanic at your own expense for your protection.


This Escomo foldable mountain bike is a stylish and durable bike that is worth giving a try. A mountain bike that can fold up is efficient for you in many ways. So, if you found this article helpful in any way, let us know. are ecosmo bikes any good?




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