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Mountain Bike vs Road Bike difference

Trying to get more information on the differences between mountain and road bikes. 

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Road Bikes  Vs MTB


Mountain and road bikes are different and serve different purposes. They have obvious differences like wheels, frames and handle bars, but there are other differences that are obvious. There are many types of road bikes and mountain bikes and each serves its own different purpose.

Some bikes focus on speed, some are for touring, some comfort and some are made for gnarly shredding.  Road and mountain bikes have their own different type.

Types of road bikes include; race bikes which are light weight bikes which are made for speeding and not comfort with frames stiffer and wheels thinner.  Road bike vs mountain bike for exercise


Gravel Bikes


Gravel bikes are another type of road bike which can ride off road and trails while maintaining speed at longer distance rides. Another type of road bike is endurance bikes that are meant for longer distances and durability.

They are used in mass cycling contests and offer comfort to rider. Touring bikes are another type of road bike which offer comfort when travelling long distances and offer comfort but are not for speeding or racing and are made to last.

Touring is meant for fun and the touring bikes provide the same to the clients. Mountain bikes have different types which include; cross country which is the common mountain bike good for riding trails and for longer periods of time. Trail is another type of mountain bike which is good for track riders and trails. Enduro bikes are another type of mountain bike, they are fully suspended and designed for trails only. Guide to road cycling.


Downhill Mountain


Downhill mountain bikes are made for rough terrains, precisely downhill and speed. They are not meant for climbing only going down.

The bikes are made in different types to carter for the needs of each client. Every client has his or her own needs when buying a bike. It can be for tourism purposes, racing purposes and travel purposes. Those bikes are also manufactured by different manufacturers with different logos and identities.

The manufactures also market their bikes differently. An example of bike manufacturers is Yamaha and Honda. Different types of bikes serve different purposes reason why they are manufactured in many types. How to Downhill mountain bike


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 They have different speed limits. Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that, road bikes can ride longer distances and at a higher speed and mainly used in racing while mountain bikes are meant for short distance travels and off road riding when people are having fun in the snow, dirt or trails and they are not speedy.




Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that they have different gear parts designed for different purposes. Road bikes are light in weight and are designed for speed depending on type while mountain bikes are heavier unlike the road bikes.


The purpose each serves plays a role in the weight they are designed to have. For example, mountain bikes are meant for rough terrains hence made heavier and strong to cope up with the rough terrain while the road bikes are made lighter because they are meant for racing with speed hence made lighter for easier and comfort of the rider. Manufactures save weight in the bikes by shortening the splines.


Gearing parts


Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that they have different gearing and bike parts. Mountain bikes have a suspension that absorbs shock on rough terrains because they are meant for the terrains.

The tires are wider and have knotted profiles that increase grip on rocks and dirt when riding to avoid accidents while road bikes have smooth profiles making them faster.

The road bikes have to be smooth and comfortable for the riders racing because they race for long distances and for a long time. To stay comfortable for all that time the road bikes have to comfortable. The gears on the rear wheel are known as cogs and when put together in increasing size and attach them to back wheel they are called cassette. Rear cassette is smaller in road bikes unlike in the mountain bikes. 


Rear cassette


Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that, road bikes have more individual rear cassette gears while mountain bikes have multiple rear cassette gears on the carrier for even distribution of forces. Mountain bikes have two chain rings while road bikes often have three meaning the crank set cannot be swapped around.




Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that, mountain bikes wheels have a larger diameter and are stronger compared to those of a road bike. And smaller wheels are responsive to braking unlike the larger wheels, reason why mountain bikes take long to respond to braking unlike road bikes especially race bikes which have stronger brakes.




Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that the handlebars are different in mountain and road bikes in design and shape. Mountain bikes have wide and flat handlebars while road bikes have drop bars. Flat handle bars in mountain bikes are easier to control and easier to brake using one finger but more strain on the wrist.




Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that Mountain bike forks are stronger and heavier because a lot of force is required to stay in one piece but road bikes do not have this feature. Forks hold the front wheel and have two blades joined at the top by a fork crown.




 Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that the mountain bike pedals have smaller cleats which make it easier to unlock but road bikes have larger cleats to increase contact between the surface and shoe sole. Mountain bike vs road bike difference is that the road bikes have a shorter pull unlike to the mountain bikes.

Road bikes have caliper of cantilever brake while mountain bikes have V-brakes. The V-brakes are also called linear pull brakes with longer arms compared to cantilever brakes. 

V-brakes are more powerful compared to the cantilever brakes. Brakes are mechanical devices that control motion by absorbing energy from a moving system causing it to stop moving or slow down. Brakes are necessary in any bike but front brakes are believed to be more important and stronger unlike rear brakes.

Types of Bikes


Road Bikes

They are lightweight, efficient bikes with narrow tires and drop handlebars for recreational riding mostly on pavement. Styles including aero, endurance and all road.


Utility Bikes

They are designed for practical cycling while commuting and includes task which involve carrying family members or cargo.


Gravel/ Adventure Bikes


These are drop-bar bikes which can be used on and off bike. Styles include gravel, bike packing and cyclocross.


E Bikes

Electronic bicycles are small and have electronic motor to assist the rider. Styles involve commuter, cargo, mountain and road.


Triathlon Bikes

They are road bikes built to optimize aerodynamics with wing shaped frame, wheel cross-section and aggressive rider position.


Recumbent Bikes

This bike put rider in a reclined position that some people feel much comfortable. They can be on and off-road bikes.


 Eurobike X1


The Eurobike X1 manufactured by Jsybike and is a 27.5 size bike with red wheels and frames made from steel. Handlebar is steel 600mm with stem aluminum forged. It has the wheel size of 27.5 Inches with disc brake style with number of speeds up to 21. Its suspension type is front weighing 18.5 kilograms.

The bike arrives 85% assembled all you need is to install is wheels, pedals, handlebar, seat and fill tires with air. Bike instructions included in the package. If not able to assemble the bike take it to local shop supply for assistance. Pedal threads are different from left side and right side. R / L signs are marked on the spindle of each pedal. All tools are included in the package and no extra tool. 100% quality is guaranteed in service delivery of product. is euro bike a good brand?




The bike is unisex hence any gender can ride it without any problems.

It is comfortable and easy to ride on.

It is durable and long lasting because it is made from strong materials which resist rust and do not break easily.


Common questions (FAQs)


The bike is accommodative for people with any height either tall or short both can use the bike effectively and comfortably.

The bike is shipped using Yodel to ship the bike from the manufacturer to other parts of the country and world at large.

The bike can carry weight more than 75kgs because the materials used to make it can support the weight and shock. The bike is not suitable for children below the age of 14. T

The handle of the bike is adjustable for easy handling and comfort of the rider. When inflating the tires use the standard tire valves.

The logos on the bike are detachable. At the present shipping of the bike to Ireland is not possible because measures have not been put in place to ensure safety of the delivery to Ireland. The larger wheels make the bike better for bigger people they absorb the shock effectively to support the weight. The wheels of the bike are not tubeless hence can be repaired in case they bust. It is not used in speed racing.


Advice for using the x1


The bike is fashionable hence is good for students but not suitable for children under the age of 14 because of the bike size. The Eurobike is a new level bike filled with all essentials making it a perfect ride. Full review.

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