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Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike

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Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike

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Micargi Brand

Micargi Bike Brand Are Well Known In The Bike Industry For Designing Road Bikes. A Trusted Brand that Respect Their Customers


What Can The Micargi 24 Be Used For

Micargi Team Have Designed The Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike Specifically For The Road



Hi Tensile Steel Frame

Kenda Road Tyres

Weight 11.2 kg


Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike

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Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike

If you want to buy a bike for your daily use and your budget is very tight. Then you need to look for a bike, which provides better features at less cost. It is difficult to find low-cost bikes.

Therefore, we are suggesting you Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike Single Speed Flip Flop. This bike is good for the daily use purpose. It does not have great features but at the same time, it provides decent results.

There are many low-cost bikes available. Almost all of them are without gear or the good build, design and the material. However, this bike has those features ticked.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike

Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike Single Speed Flip Flop is definitely a good choice for you or your kid in urban riding. It does not provide any fancy features. It has basic feature required for a decent ride.

Study 24-inch wheels, which is very good considering the price. It has lightweight but hi-tensile sports steel frame with the bottle bosses. Micargi bike has T-6061 handlebars with the aluminium riser. It will be one rough and tuff use bike.

Four proper bolt on the faceplate with 7 degrees and 90mm of the stem. It also has 25.4mm clamp. The frame diameter also good. This gives better revolution and adults can ride it very easily.

The bike comes with fixed gears or you can call it single gears. If you are a pure cyclist and wants to enjoy cycling in its purest form then you should go for bikes without any gear systems. This will also give you the one-speed setting.




Your speed will depend on your paddling speed. It is very good for weight loss as well. Because it has no freewheel, it allows you to have complete control over your pedal. Polished Seatpost with silver alloy at 25.4mm with 3-Piece of 46T alloy based chain set at 170mm with five bolts.

The brakes are dual pivot high caliper brakes. These have brakes with alloy levers. The pedals are coated. Therefore, to control you need to use your pedal. More effort means more speed.

To break you need to reduce peddling. It has pedals made from alloy cage and body peddling is durable. It will not put pressure on your riding. It has a single speed with Flip-flop rear hub. Micargi’s deep profile lightweight 32H alloy with double rim wall. This is a better choice. Rear hub is of 16T. It comes with a steel fork and steel handlebar.

The 24-inch alloy wheels are lightweight with Kenda MTB 24″ x 1 3/8 that makes it good for the road. It increases hold on the grip as well as stability. Frame Size is 45cm.

  • Features – 96%
  • Value for money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 95%

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Customer Satisfaction

This is a superb motorbike and very comfortable journey, great cost for cash and the vibrant hues willing get everybody is looking for. It was very cheap and clean to collect. Cozy and clean to ride. Riders will definitely love this product.

As the product has a beautiful looking white, black and red combination, it gives a feel of richness. It is very easy to assemble the product. Upon arrival, you will see set of components.

All you need to do is find the right tools to fit all the accessories at right spots. The bike has few important things lacking. Especially the quality of the materials. They look good but when you ride it, you can definitely feel that they are of around average quality. However, we are not paying a hefty amount so it is decent.

Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike Single Speed Flip Flop will be good for your daily use. Yeah, you can use it rough and tough but needs to be careful.


Common Questions

Is this Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike Single Speed Flip Flop durable?

Steel rim and frame look good. As it is of steel, it can last longer. .

What is the riding length?

Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike Single Speed Flip Flop is a good choice for all age group. As the bike has a leg-riding size of 28 to 34 inch. It weighs 11.2kgs. Therefore, it is evident that a big person can ride this bike. However, it is designed to European standards.

What about brakes?

The brakes are dual pivot high caliper brakes. These have brakes with alloy levers. Therefore, you will get single speed on this bike. As it has no gearing system, it is easy to bring the bike to halt position.

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If you want to experience, a pure form of the bike without fancy gears, controls then it is a decent choice at a lower price. This bike is at a lower price too.

You can use it for any purpose, especially urban riding. As it has alloy pedals and Kenda tires for smooth riding.

Micargi 24 Wheel Fixie Road Bike Single Speed Flip Flop has 24-inch wheels and is designed to deal with wet and muddy off-road terrain. It is very sturdy. So decent choice. Lightweight 32H alloy with double rim wall is a good choice.