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Lankeleisi xt750 Plus


Should you buy the LANKELEISI? Is it a good electric bike?

Lankeleisi xt750 plus


In our article on the xt750 plus, we will firstly take a look at the Lankelesi brand. The Lankelesi brand was first established in 2001, and their mission was to design and manufacture good quality electric bikes at affordable prices. 

Fast forward to today, and Lankelesi has become a worldwide brand.   Distributing electric bikes throughout Europe, South America and China.  Read our electric bike guide.


Why Should You Buy A Lankelesi


Great Value:


Lankelesis’s main goal was to make sure they offered brilliant value for money. The high-end specification offered by Lakelesis would normally cost a lot more from competitor brands.

 Lankelesi manufacturer millions of electric bikes every year, allowing them to reduce their production costs and pass on the savings to the consumer.




All Lankelesi electric bikes; including the Lankeleisi xt750 plus go through robust testing to make sure they can handle all the practical situations rider will find themselves in.  

Only the finest and most robust materials are used throughout the production process. All materials and components are tested for their strength and durability. 

Lankelesi only design electric bikes that offer riders a first-class riding experience.




One of the main benefits of the Lankelesi brand is that they only use the most innovative process’s and technology to design the most sort after electric bikes.  

The Lankeleisi xt750 plus has been designed to offer the rider a powerful and efficient commute. In addition, Lankelesis ensure all their electric bikes are visually pleasing.  Lankelesi bikes are easily recognisable with their strong and bold colours. 


Customer Service


Lankelesi pride themselves on offering a brilliant customer journey. The Lankelesi brand offer and open-door policy.  

They are more than happy to answer any questions that can assist a customer in buying the right electric bike for themselves, or where to buy a replacement part.  

Lankelesi value their customers and want to ensure that their customer can contact them at any time and will respond to any enquires as quickly as possible. Pros and cons of cycling?




Why Should You Buy The XT 750



Disk Brakes

Fat Tires

Powerful Battery 





Five Star Customer Rating 


Common Questions

Good Customer Testimonals 

Why should You Buy The 750 Plus


There is many Health, Mental and Financial benefits of mountain biking on a regular basis.  We will now look at some of the main reasons why to buy the Lankeleisi XT750 plus.


Health Benefits


The rise in obesity within society has seen physical exercise become more critical to our health.  A study by the British medical association of 10,000 people found out that riding a bike at least twenty miles a week reduced the risk of heart disease by 50% percent.

Cycling requires large muscle groups to work hard and use lots of oxygen.  Increasing your heart fitness by 3-7 %.


Low impact


Cycling is considered A low impact form of exercise. Putting less stress on the joints than a lot of other exercises.

Ideal for riders who may have had some time away from exercising on a regular basis from a illness or a disability. Allowing you to built up your stamina at your own pace.   Check out how to make your mountain bike faster.


Strengthen Immune System


A study by the University of Carolina found out that people who cycle for thirty minutes a day, five times a year have fewer sick days, compared to individuals that didn’t cycle as regularly.

Having a stronger immune system is brilliant for fighting off common illness such as colds and the flu.  


Natural Endorphins


Commuting on the Lankeleisi xt750 plus is a brilliant way of reducing stress and improving your mood.

Exercising is known to realise natural endorphins that help reduce depression and anxiety. Exploring a new trail on the Lankeleisi xt750 plus is a brilliant way to relax and a good distraction from negative thoughts. 

Improving your riding skills is really good for building up your own self esteem and confidence.  Find the best trails in Wales.


Problem Solving


Commuting on the Lankeleisi xt750 plus is a really good way of improving your problem-solving skills.

Allowing you to apply these to other parts of your day. A study by the University of Illinois found that only a 5% percent increase in fitness had a 15% increase on mental tests.

The increase in blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Navigating around your local mountain bike trail is a great way to test your problem-solving skills as you choose the best line, or how best to tackle a technical part of the trail. Read about how to improve your technical mountain biking.


Social Benefits


Studies in happiness Psychology have shown social interactions and health relationships impact on being happy and the meaning of life. 

Cycling on the Lankeleisi xt750 plus will give you plenty of options to spend time with your family and friends exploring your local area.   

Mountain bike groups can be found in the majority of towns and cities and are ideal for meeting like-minded people that share your passion for cycling.




Nothing beats being outdoors.  Japanese researchers have found that being out in the “forest” reduces stress and improves relaxation. 

Spend less time at the football and drinking beer. As quoted from Freddy Mercury “Go for a bike ride, it’s the best way to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.” 

To continue our article on the Lankeleisi xt750 plus, we will now look the benefits of electric bikes. Check out the pros and cons of mountain biking.




XT 750 Plus Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

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Lankeleisi xt750 plus 

Lankelesi have taken advantage of the latest advancements in technology to deliver the XT 750 plus.   There are many high-end features with the XT750 plus only normally found in more expensive electric bikes.


Frame: A 26” inch aluminium frame. Aluminium is commonly used by bike manufactures due to its strength and durability.

Aluminium is known to outperform steel in laboratory test. Having a good quality frame that with stand the odd bump or scrap will definitely help you take you riding skills to the next level.


Fat Tires:   The XT 750 comes with four premium fat tires. The main benefit of commuting with fat tires is that allows the rider to easily travel over a variety of terrain. Allowing you to have extra traction while riding will allow to take XT750 to places that you wouldn’t think possibly. 

Don’t forget to check the tires are pumped up to the required PSI level. Riding with flat, or over inflated tires can affect the bikes performance.


Power Assist:



Lankelesi have equipped the XT750 with three modes of power assist. Pure electric mode, PAS mode and human riding mode. Allowing you to vary the level of assistance the desired intensity of the commute.

Most rider’s choice to have a higher level of assistance on the outward journey so they are fresher and less sweaty when they arrive at their chosen destination.

On the return journey, they decrease the level of assistance to achieve a good workout. 

  • Features – 92%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 94%

Why Should You Own An Electric Bike


The Lankeleisi xt750 plus comes with a powerful 750W on board motor. Electric bikes allow you to commute further than a traditional bike. We will look at the main reasons why you should buy an electric bike.




One of the main benefits of the Lankeleisi xt750 plus is that it allows you to commute much easier.

There is no more sitting in traffic, reaching your destination sweaty and tired. You may find yourself being more ambitious on how far you ride.

One of the biggest drawbacks of riding a traditional bike is whether or not you are physical fit enough to commute to a particular destination, or worrying if you will be able to keep up with the other riders.

There’s no need to worry about that with the Lankeleisi XT750 plus. Switch on the powered assist and sit back and enjoy the ride.


Saving Money


Purchasing the Lankeleisi x750 plus may seem like a big investment. However, in the long run it can save you a lot of money. 

Commuting more on a bike, and less by car will save you more money on insurance, petrol and parking fees. The average cost of travelling a mile on an electric bike is roughly around 7p per mile.  While travelling by car is roughly around 40p mile. 

Once you have purchased the XT750 plus it can be an inexpensive way to spend your weekend exploring your local surroundings.




The biggest reason to buy the XT 750 is that they are fun to ride.  Commuting on an electric bike is not like riding an ordinary bike. its easier, more powerful and will allow you to sit back and take in more of your local area. 

There is no other feeling that going past your cycling buddies when you flick the power assist on.  Check out the pros and cons of electric bikes.  We will now look at the main reasons to buy the XT750.


We hope you have enjoyed the article on the Lankeleisi xt750 plus and found it helpful and informative.  Please support our website and share the review on your social media.

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