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LANKELEISI R9 Portable Electric Bike

Thinking Of Buying A Portal Electric Bike That’s Built And Designed For The City Commute

 LANKELEISI R9 Portable Electric Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the LANKELEISI R9 Portable Electric Bike




Aluminium Alloy Frame

Aluminium Disk Brake

Lithium Battery


Why Should You Buy?

You Will Never Hate Cycling Up Hills Again



Specialise In Manufacturing And Designing Good Quality E Bikes

 LANKELEISI R9 Portable Electric Bike Metrics

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LANKELEISI R9 Portable Electric Bike

Bike riding is part of kid’s fun and if you are not yet there, you will soon be shopping for one. When shopping for a bike, you need to consider quality, safety, and durability. Bike size also matters; it should match with your kids’ age.

Other common factors include weight and colour. The gender of your kid also determines suitability of a bike.

Most people make the mistake of prioritizing price then focus on quality and suitability later; while price is a factor and we cannot ignore this fact, it should not be your reason to compromise on quality and your kid’s fun.

Remember kids do not have any other understanding of bikes except the fun part; the convenience and exercise elements do not apply in their world.

The LANKELEISI R9 portable electric bike is the best because of the flexibility and efficiency. It is also durable. Any parents should consider this bike if they have a kid between 6 to 15 years.

The folding pedal assist and flexible handlebars distinguish the bike from many others. If you are concerned about cost and not ready to compromise on quality, this is the best option; it offers great value at a low cost. Cycling at night.


Why Should You Buy The LANKELEISI R9


The bike is fitted with aluminium alloy disc brakes and power-off brake system hence accurate and safe stop for your kid. Safety should be top on your priorities when buying a kid’s bike.

While they will be having fun, you should be relaxed to let them ride away from your sight knowing they will be safe.

The BMX steel frame is sturdy hence durable. It can also endure uneven surfaces and rigorous riding. You understand the rough riding if you have a boy, this bike ensures they are safe and comfortable on such extreme surfaces.

The forks and saddle are also suspended higher as compared to other bikes for easy manoeuvring and riding for kids. While the saddle is adjustable, it is easy to start and stop because of the height difference.

The power-off braking mechanism is a backup when on manual cycling. Your kid will also need to make emergency brakes from time to time; there is no better way of guaranteeing them accurate stops without compromising on their safety than with the alloy disc brakes. 714” wheel size ensures balance and weight support for kids up to 15 years

. The wheels are also foldable for easy transportation. You won’t have to spend extra money on renting bikes or finding extra space in a caravan for the bike. Portability is enhanced because of the foldable wheels.

Fork suspension is an adventure feature of the bike; your kid can ride up to 30km/h without any shaking or feeling light. On full electric mode, the bike rides from 40 to 70 km/h. 

The sturdy frame has nothing to do with the weight. The bike is light for easy handling by kids. Folding and tying it on top of your track is easy when it is time for adventure. are electric bikes any good?

We can’t forget the main feature of the bike, the Lithium battery (48V/23.4Ah) charging time ranges between 5 and 9 hours. The pedal assist helps you to extend the charge with several hours. are electric bikes good for commuting?


The 14-inch tires are the best. The size is not only standard of kid bike adventures but also offers them a chance to explore different terrains. The 14” wheels combined with a sturdy frame makes it the best for off-city rides. You won’t have to buy two bikes for vacation and city life. On the other hand, the bike gives you access to much more flexibility.

The aim of the manufacturer is to ensure your kid has a smooth ride irrespective of the terrain. It is also built to handle fast speeds from the electric power; stability on high speed is crucial. Part of the rigidity feature is the steel frame, which offers not only stability but also durability. The bike is light; your kid won’t be struggling for nothing; when it is time for manual cycling, every muscle strength on the pedals will propel the bike and not carry weight.

Apart from the fun experience with suspended forks, they are designed for accuracy when making turns. The bike can make safe and sharp turns at high speeds. A rider is not subjected to any harm from the handles even when turning because of the height difference achieved by the suspension. Alloy braking system ensures accurate braking, especially on emergencies. The wheel threads are 3 times more the ordinary bike wheels hence long lasting and reliable on emergency braking.

Riding in the wild for adventure has more to do with terrain challenges. Slippery surfaces are not a threat to motion of the bike because of the extra threading. The electric propel force can also be regulated to manage different terrains. The LANKELEISI R9 portable electric bike has a “crawl” feature for consistent movement on mussy surfaces. Your kid won’t be stranded at any point.

The LANKELEISI R9 portable electric bike is designed to last. All the features from the colour, frame, brakes, handles, and battery life will not be asking for any replacement or check up for several months. While it is an important practice to always check on your kid’s bike every time before they go out, it will be boring with this bike because you won’t find anything amiss. The alloy braking system with power-off capability has earned the bike the best rating in the electric bike category. It is a guarantee of quality hence safety for your kid.

The bike rims are also durable and light. The glossy finishing enhances the bike’s designs. Your kid will be impressed by the first fight of the bike. You can never disappoint your kid with The LANKELEISI R9 portable electric bike. It is designed for both boys and girls. It is the perfect surprise for a 6-year old; this is the approximate age where bike riding is the definition of ultimate fun with friends over the weekend.


Aluminum alloy disc brakes

Aluminum power-off brake

Pedal assist mode

Full electric mode

14” wheel size

48V Lithium Battery

5 pedal assist sensor

Foldable wheels

Suspension fork


Beautiful design

Sturdy BMX forks and steel frame

Available in blue and black colours

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Cant Wait To Test My LANKELEISI R9 Portable Electric Bike Commuting Through Sefton Park On The Sunday.”  Ian


Customer Satisfaction

Customer reviews and testimonials of the bikes are overwhelming. You can hardly come across a question, let alone a concern. It is the best in terms of speed, durability, and design. Most customers highlight the accurate braking system, suspended forks, and battery life as their key motivators to buying the bike.

According to most customers, the bike not only looks great but also feels great. Parents are satisfied with safety features integrated on the bike; they are more confident with letting their kids ride alone without worrying of any safety or damage to their muscles.

The adjustable saddle and forks ensure your kid rides The LANKELEISI R9 portable electric bike for a longer time before they go to the adult bikes. Most customers also mention how the bike handles different types of terrains. Parents are contented with the fact that the kids are safe while having fun.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The bike is light hence easy handling by kids. It also has a low orientation hence proper ground handling. The 14” wheels make it suitable for all kinds of terrain and speeds. Pedal assist mode ensures the bike can go for longer periods while the battery is still on. It also helps your kid develop a positive sense towards exercise because of the ease in motion with the bike. The light frame also ensures your kid does not have to put in unnecessary effort; it all goes to propelling the bike.

Some customers mention seat discomfort after long rides. However, it is not a big deal considering the bike has many goodies.

Final Verdict

The LANKELEISI R9 portable electric bike is the best bike if you are after value and interested to save on coins. It does not compromise on quality. The design and riding experience are incomparable to any other electric bike.

Every feature of the bike is the best quality. You won’t have to spend much time or money on maintenance or repairs. It will serve your kid until they are ready for the big bikes.



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