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Kingston Chelsea Ladies Classic Bicycle

Hybrid Bikes Are Becoming More And More Popular As They Combine The Best Parts Of Road & Mountain Bikes.



Kingston Chelsea Ladies Classic Bicycle

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Kingston Chelsea Ladies Classic Bicycle




Lightweight Aluminium Frame

Shimano Nexus 3 Speed

Heritage Style




An Amazing 4 Half Star Customer Rating

Common Questions & Customer Satisfaction

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Kingston Chelsea Ladies Classic Bicycle

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Kingston Chelsea Ladies Classic Bicycle

The Kingston Women’s Chelsea Hybrid Bike is a perfect product of traditional style and modern build. The traditional style will provide comfort and elegance while the modern build is aimed at the efficiency of the bike. This bike was made to provide an easy ride around the city while enjoying the timeless design. Cycling in the urban set up has become a lifestyle and because no one cares much about speed anymore, comfort is the new crucial feature in a bike.

The Kingston Women’s Chelsea Hybrid Bike comes in 16” and 19” and weighing around 17b kgs after assembling. The bike is built with a lightweight strong aluminium frame and chromoly steel forks. The lightweight frame is ideal for cycling as well as carrying around for storage. The whole bike comprises of lightweight alloy parts to ensure final weight reduction after assembling.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Kingston Chelsea Ladies Classic Bicycle

The robust 26” wheels provides a nice balance to the bike and ensures easy cycling on the city smooth surfaces. They are also double walled to add more efficiency. To compliment the easy weight and easy wheel glide, the Kingston Chelsea has 26” (66cm) to 31” (79cm) legs range suitable for a wide range of heights.

This bike is equipped with Shimano Nexus 3 speed gears on the right handlebar which facilitate quick changing for freedom riding. This bike’s speed was meant to come in sync with the city traffic as well as provide you with a hassle-free pace as you leisurely cruise the city in style. Their location on the right handlebar enables quick access as you cycle.

As for comfort, this bike went an extra mile by having an adjustable stem that’ll facilitate easy adjustment for the right position. The frame design is relaxed for convenient cycling and with the adjustable stem coupled with the return bars, the Kingston Chelsea is able to accommodate most riding positions any cyclist prefers to be. As you would want to be as free as possible when cycling, the front basket and the rear carrier are spacious enough to carry luggage you could have placed on-body.

The aesthetics which are more or less important as the function were all figured out. The metallic red frame finish is a great way to show the boldness city women possess. If you like wearing metallic red lipstick, this bike will perfectly match.

The details on the chainguard are made of a flowery print that brings some cuteness in the bike. The leather-look-alike handmade material covering the grips blends the modern features with the vintage style. The aesthetics of this bike are meant to match the demands in design of the modern woman perfectly.

  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 97%

” I Couldn’t  Wait To Buy The Kingston Chelsea Ladies Classic Bicycle So I Could Cycle Into Prestatyn To Look Around The Local Shops. Lorraine

Customer Satisfaction

Modern meets retro has been a style by the Kingston bikes series that customers appreciate so much. You can see it in the streets as more and more cyclists show off the style. The Kingston Women’s Chelsea Hybrid Bike is another development that will satisfy any city woman.

Durability and style in one bike are what the Kingston Chelsea is built for. In addition to that, the modern parts are built to provide efficient riding. That is not to forget the traditional comfort embraced in this bike. For a customer who wishes for efficient casual rides around the city, this bike is meant to satisfy their needs. The best traditional and modern qualities of a bike were selectively picked to bring out an all-round reliable bike.




Chelsea Hybrid is suitable for the city everyday activities. Whether it is grabbing a bite with some friends or shopping groceries and a few treats, you’ll be cycling around town in style.

  • The aesthetics of Kingston Women’s Chelsea Hybrid Bike are off the charts. They represent the boldness yet quite reserved nature of the city woman and adds bits of elegant and chic into any outfit worn.
  • This bike is built with the known traditional comfort and modern functionality any cyclist could ask for. The bike doesn’t flaunt its good features with a high price tag. It is good value for your money even before comparing it to its similarly functional but highly-priced counterparts.

Common Questions

Do I use the left handlebar too to change the gears?

No. This bike has gears on the right handlebar so you do not have to use the left one. However, when you are changing the gears, you do not necessarily use the handlebars. They are there to provide you with a grip but the gears have their own switch that you can control on.

Does the adjustable stem mean any height can ride this bike?

As much as it can facilitate easy positioning by any height in a woman, the ease of cycling is more than the stem. The bikes come in two sizes–the 16” and the 19”. Because their leg range measurements are different, you will be considering the length of your legs when choosing the right Kingston Chelsea for you.

Is this bike able to survive tough terrain?

Despite the intended purpose of the build being the city lifestyle, the hybrid component in the name shows you that it can survive a variety of terrains. It has great cushioning abilities which will come in handy when tackling potholes and rough trails. You can use it for that but the durability wouldn’t be as long as if you ride on the road it was built for.

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