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Is Sweaty Betty A  Good Brand For Female Cyclists?


What if I told you that you could easily show off your curves and look amazing while cycling? And all of this while being comfortable. Are they value for my money? I look far and wide for solutions.

Sweaty Betty is an eco-friendly company with a primary focus on empowering women. Their designs are beautiful and different and can highlight any woman’s style. To shop, choose Sweaty Betty, but shop in-store instead of online.



Sweaty Betty’s History


Travel and sports enthusiast Tamara Hill Norton had the vision to empower women of all ages to be active throughout their everyday lives.


In 1998, she and her husband, Simon Hale Norton, founded Sweaty Betty, a sportswear retailer designed for women. On November 13, Sweaty Betty’s first boutique opened in London’s Notting Hill.


Tamara had to open the store on her own over Christmas as she observed the staff before it opened. However, she was determined to eradicate the lack of femininity in sportswear and continued to work.


In 2001, the Sports Industries Federation named Sweaty Betty “Sports Retailer of the Year”.

By 2003, Tamara had managed to open five retail stores, and Harper’s Bazaar and Chanel had named her “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

By 2006, Sweaty Betty created its concession in Selfridges for the first time.

In 2008, the company solely focused on designing and producing its products instead of promoting other brands.

In 2013, yet another award was given to the company by WGSN for “Activewear Design Team of the Year”.

In 2015, the brand’s team received a “Healthiest Employees” award during the Vitality Health Insurances’ Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Awards.

By 2021, the brand also engaged in selling cycling-specific sportswear, and Wolverine Worldwide bought the company a few months later.

By 2022, the company had expanded to 47 boutiques and 14 department store concessions in the UK, 49 concession stores in the US and 17 additional shop concessions in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland and Singapore, whilst maintaining the British and American online stores.


Although the ownership has changed, Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton still are active members of the company.


Where are the products made?


At the beginning of the store’s running, the designs and productions were done in the UK. As the business grew, the company created additional offshores in China and Vietnam. Despite the hierarchical changes in the company, the design of the products is still based in the UK.


Why Buy Sweaty


Sweaty Betty can easily be considered a high-priced company, but there is an explanation behind the price tags.


Target Audience


Let’s show off our magic, ladies!


The baseline that created the company was that women should feel confident while wearing sportswear. Women should be able to look beautiful and sexy while being comfortable in their clothes. Each product is designed specifically to fulfil your every need.


Let’s take the “Sweaty Betty Padded Pants” as an example. Their features are created to make women comfortable in the saddle thanks to the padding, but they also tone up their parts with a flattering shape and a low-ankle-cut design. Out of the 56 reviews, these pants have gained 4 out of 5 stars.


Good Quality Materials


Sweaty Betty can only offer durable materials that are flexible enough for every type of workout.


The materials’ features include UV ray protection, sweat-wicking compression and internal drawcords that enhance flexibility.


Stylish Products


Who said that working out means you have to hide your style? Certainly not Sweaty Betty!


You can choose from various products, shapes and patterns that can emphasise your style and personality.




Sweaty Betty products are made from several eco-friendly fabrics, so their motto could easily be: “Let’s recycle!”


Mostly used materials include repurposed nylon and recycled plastic bottles. On several occasions, organic cotton and plant-based fibre materials are used for the products.


Their eco-friendly engagement doesn’t stop there. You can always recycle your old Sweaty Betty clothes before replacing them.


  1. A company with a mission


Why not buy a product and do a good deed simultaneously?


Currently, 15% of teenage girls engage in physical activity globally. The company’s mission is to grow that percentage as much as possible.


In the team’s empowerment and support efforts, 89% of the employees are solely women.



Common issues with the company


It’s true, and nobody is perfect. That also applies to retail companies…

The main issues of the company are narrowed into:


Online customer service


Many of the buyers are complaining about the absence of human contact.

Chatbots run Customer Care. They usually send generic emails with no specific information regarding the issue.

After searching on the web, many have realised that there is no phone line to contact the stores.



Reddit VS Trust Pilot Reviews


RReddit critics fall into two groups.


People on Reddit who have used Sweaty Betty products are raving and will recommend them to other buyers.

Other people tend to buy. They think the product looks interesting, but its price is too high. 


Trust Pilot


Of all Trust Pilot reviewers (11,738), 92% rated it 4-5 out of 5 stars, 17% rated it three stars and 1 out of 5 stars.

All reviewers were satisfied with the product. Some had problems with the delivery process, but it didn’t bother me much.

The missing star was due to poor online customer service and lack of human contact. Most had no problems with the product, but their delivery experience was enough to ruin Sweaty Betty.


Alternative Brand


Although Lululemon seems to be Sweaty Betty’s greatest rival, we don’t think it is the best choice because of its low production of cycling essentials.

Terry is a more-than-adequate alternative brand and the first company to introduce women’s only sportswear (1985). It specialises in cycling wear for women, making it a fine alternative, disregarding the high prices.

It is based in the US and makes international deliveries as well.

All clothes are designed and manufactured in the United States and are eco-friendly. Sustainability is always a work-in-progress for this company, and they do not stop at the bare minimum.

Contacting Terry Precision Cycling’s team is easy, whether you choose to email or call.



Final Thoughts


Sweaty Betty does what it promises. We offer high-quality clothing for women and great styles that inspire confidence.

Flexible, eco-friendly clothing that hugs your body and shows off in all its glory is part of what the company aims to achieve. Designed.

However, there is a small problem, especially in the transportation sector. You may not be able to easily contact the company while you are not in the store.

Despite this, it continues to emerge as one of the favourite sportswear companies, even for cyclists. Its value lies in its commitment to sustainability, superior craftsmanship and meeting the needs of every woman. You may like to ready about other brand reviews. Check out are Giant, Trek and Rocky mountain bikes any good?.

Arjun Mertiya

Arjun Mertiya


Arjun Mertiya is a top-selling professional mtb and ebikes writer who lives what he writes as an automotive engineering graduate. He have 8 years in hand experience of ebikes and MTB testing in India. Arjun is passionate about technical writing specifically on MTB and ebikes.

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