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Is Schwinn A Good Mountain Bike Brand?


Does Schwinn make good mountain bikes? Is it worth all the hype?



Mountain bikes


From transport to sport to exercise and even recreation, everyone is aware of the wide range of use of mountain bike.

With a mountain bike, you can lose a few calories by riding, you can get to places faster while not being bothered by the annoying traffic.  

You can partake in a competition either professionally or other, you could be having a picnic or nice evening ride with a special someone or you might just want some time to yourself.

Whatever your choice of activity is, you will be making use of a mountain bike and the quality of the bike matters because a lot rides on it. In addition, that brings us to the topic of this discussion, Is Schwinn a good mountain bike?

Schwinn is one of the big companies in the mountain bike industry. Given their level of popularity, it makes sense that one would ask, is Schwinn a good mountain bike?

Being the manufacturers of the iconic Stingray bikes and the BMX bikes, Schwinn is quite popular in the industry.

The company was founded in the year 1895 by Ignaz Schwinn and Adolf Arnold under the name “World Bicycles” are schwinn bikes any good?




The company has since then grown and increased its power in the industry. Given the dedicated team of engineers working to constantly improve the company’s products, they are one of the best.

Due to the fact that there different types of mountain bikes which serves different purposes, we would reviewing this brand based on some general parameters which will be applicable to all bikes irrespective of their type.



Range of products


As you probably know, there are different kinds of bikes such as trail bikes, cross-country bike and so on; these bikes are each designed for different purposes and people.

The great thing about Schwinn is, they have a variety of products so you are such to find a bike that meets your need. You can always find a bike based on the purpose, on the user and even based on cost.

Everyone is really being considered. are schwinn hybrid bikes any good?


Frame material


The frame forms the bulk of the bike and holds the structure together. The frame is responsible for the bike’s weight, strength, longevity, ride quality and more.

The frame is important in a bike, which is why Schwinn makes the frames of their bikes with aluminium to provide you with the great riding experience that you deserve. where are schwinn bikes made?


Constant Improvement


Schwinn dedicated engineering team are constantly making improvements to the bikes. The team of engineers was set up in 1930. It is responsible for constantly updating and improving the appearance and quality of the bikes.

So, is Schwinn a good mountain bike? Well, I’d say given the dedication and effort put into providing users with the best, I do not see how it can be anything but great.


Upgradable parts


With the constant improvement and release of better bikes, it only makes sense that customers want the new stuff.

The great thing about Schwinn bikes is, they are made with upgradable parts.

You can get the latest of the parts you want and upgrade your bike.

This makes it economical because old bikes do not have to be discarded for new, they can just be upgraded and they would be as good as new.




While maintaining their good quality, Schwinn bikes are quite economical and pocket friendly.

They offer a good deal with the high-quality frame material, upgradable parts and distance.

They are relatively cheap when compared to companies such as Trek.

Not to dwell too much on the subject but I am sure that by taking into account the above factors, you will be answer the question, is Schwinn a good mountain bike?

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Is Trek better than Schwinn?


Certainly, this is a question worth asking.

Two big companies in the industry, it is only natural to want to know which is better.

Everybody has preferences and they make judgment based on what they consider important.

To help you get to your answer, we will be providing some pointers.


Schwinn bikes are more economical.


Using the hybrid bikes of the companies as reference, it can be observed that for the same category of bikes, Schwinn bikes cost less than their Trek counterparts.


Brake Systems


After comparison, it is found that Trek bikes have better brake systems to Schwinn bikes. Trek makes use of disc brakes which while being heavy are also very useful.


Frame material


While Trek uses Alpha gold aluminium and Schwinn uses “Schwinn alloy hybrid frame” for frames, there is no clear superiority between materials but here is the thing.

Trek uses this material on their best selling hybrid bike and Schwinn uses their on ALL their hybrid bikes.

This coupled with the fact that Schwinn bikes are more economical gives them the edge here.


Weight and strength


Due to the use of the alloy used in the manufacturing of the frames, Schwinn boasts of having the better frame in terms of weight and strength. Schwinn frames are lighter and stronger compared to Trek’s.


Are Schwinn bikes reliable?


In a word, yes. Schwinn bikes are quite reliable. The company is known for delivering quality bikes at the cheapest rates.

The company has continued to produce bikes that are better than the average or what is generally available.

With a reasonable amount, you will get a bike of great quality, riding position and longevity.

What are good mountain bike brands?


As mentioned earlier, there are multiple categories of mountain bikes and a lot of factors to consider before coming to a conclusion.

Each category of bikes has certain features which are more important than in other categories.

There are brands that excel in some types of bikes and do not do so well with other types.

But nonetheless, here is a list of some of the best brands (in no particular order):


Trek Bikes


Location: Waterloo, Wisconsin

Fuel EX and Super caliber are popular models.

What we like: No fool firm with a wide selection of models and kits; lifetime guarantees on their frameworks.

What we don’t do: Not as innovative as many brands on the list.


Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz, California is the location.

Popular: 5010 and Bronson models

What we appreciate about it: The boutique ambiance, the high-quality frames, and the exceptional attention to detail. Frames and pivot bearings are covered by a lifetime warranty.

What we don’t have: It’s prohibitively expensive.


Giant Bicycles


Taichung, Taiwan is the location.

Trance and Talon are two popular models.

What we appreciate about them: They have a lot of manufacturing experience and offer very competitive prices.

What we don’t like: They aren’t a market leader at the top end, and several of their designs have antiquated geometry.




Location: Wilton, Connecticut

Trail, and Scalpel are two popular models.

What we like: Not being scared to try new things; lightweight aluminum frames.

What we don’t like: The eccentricity can be divisive.


Yeti Cycles


Golden, Colorado is the location.

SB130 and SB150 are popular models.

What we like: Highly coveted, stunningly beautiful bikes that climb better than others.

What we don’t like: It’s one of the most expensive brands available.


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