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Is Fuji A Good Mountain Bike?


Thinking about the Fuji brand. Do the make decent MTB’S?

Fuji History


In our investigation into, are Fuji bikes good? We will look at the Fuji brands history. The Fuji brand is owned by the Advanced Sport International. Advanced Sports International which originated from Nichibei Fuji Cycle established in Japan in 1899.

The name comes from the Japanese symbol of strength Mount Fuji.

Okazaki Kyūjirō established the Nichibei Shokai company in 1990.

The company started importing and distributing American products, however the company moved into manufacturing bikes in Japan.

The name of the company was changed during World War ll to Dainippon Cycle.

Once the war had finished the name was changed back to Nichibei Fuji cycle company. is fuji a good mountain bike brand. We will continue to look at the history of Fuji. Pros and cons of cycling


1920- 1950


Fuji was one of the most popular brands in Japan by 1920s. By the 1930’s, Fuji established the national race between Tokyo and Osaka with the winning team gaining sponsorship by the Fuji brand.

The national race is still seen as a popular and recognised race in Asia.

The Toshoku America bought the distribution rights to Fuji bikes in America. Toshoku sold Fuji bikes in house brands at retailers such as Sears and Roebuck.

In 1951 the Asian games was taken place in New Delhi with Shoichiro Sugihara riding a Fuji took first place.




Fuji started working with different companies like Sun tour and Sugino Cycle industries who was suppling bike parts in Japan.

The brands success started in other Asian markets.

Success of the Fuji brand continued at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics with Shoicshiro Suhihara designing the Japanese national team bike which won the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, 1968 Olympics in Mexico and 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Are Fuji bikes any good?

They certainly have a history of a great bike brand. To continue are investigation into, is fuji a good mountain bike brand?  We will look at the Fuji brand in 1970.




Moving forward to 1971, Fuji was distributing bikes across America and had a big part in the cycling boom in 1970’s.

The Fuji brand had success with the mass production of the 12-speed bicycle in the 1970’s, the wheel strength was maximized by redesigning the rear axle.

Richard Ballantine wrote Richards Bicycle Book and recommended the Fuji bikes for their quality for entry level cyclists to seasoned professionals.




The next step for the Fuji brand in the 1980’s was to start manufacturing touring bikes.

By 1986, the Fuji brand was one of the first brands to manufacture bikes with titanium frames.

Fuji was well placed to take advantage of the mountain bikes boom in 1980’s.

However, the high demand for mountain bikes did cause the sales for road and touring bikes to decline.

Other manufactures such as Trek, Specialized and Giant to get a share of Fuji market share in America by purchasing cheaper frames from Taiwan.

The increasing rise of the Yen, caused the Fuji brand to move production to Taiwan were bikes could be made much cheaper.

By moving the production to Taiwan, the customers noticed A drop in quality from the bikes built in Japan causing in a drop-in sales.

The Fuji brand introduced a new range, taking advantages in new innovative process.

Technologies. However, the Nichobi Fuji brand filed for bankruptcy in 1997 followed by the Fuji American parent company in 1998. In continuing our investigation, Are Fuji bikes any good? We will look at the brand in 1998.




In 1998, the Jadeland Pacific investment group in Taiwan purchased Advanced sports. Advanced Sports took over the bike distribution of Fuji bikes in American and the worldwide distribution rights.

The ideal bike corporation, one of Taiwan’s largest bike manufactures bought a 17% share in Advanced Sports International Asia. Sports International market the Fuji brand Asia with bikes being produced in many locations from China to Poland.

In 2019, the Tiger group took over the Advanced Sports. In answering, Are Fuji bikes any good? We will look at Fuji’s beliefs and values.

Why Should You Buy The Fuji

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy A Fuji



Carbon Fibre Frame

XTR Shimano

MTB Tyres



A brand that encourages its cyclists to achieve its goals and aspirations.


Customer Testiominals

A Bike Brand Known For Its Quality

Values & Beliefs




One of the main aims of the Claud Butler brand is make sure that all the bikes the customer receives are of the highest quality. Quality tests are done from the beginning of the production process right up until the customer receives their brand-new Claud Butler.

The brand only uses the best materials and components while building the bikes to make sure the customers has the best experience when buying a Claud Butler bike.


Great Value


The Claud Butler brand are aware that one way of staying one step ahead of its competitors is by offering the customer brilliant value for money. The Claud Butler are always trying to bring down the cost of purchasing their bikes and offer features that are not normally found in bikes at higher price point.

Offering bikes at more affordable prices will hopefully encourage more entry level cyclists to take up cycling for themselves, encourage their family and experience the many benefits of cycling regularly has to offer.




Having the best-looking bike in the world is no good if it is not practical. The research and development team at Claud Butler ensure that they test every single bike to make sure that the bikes can be used in practical situations. The Claud Butler test the robust of the materials and components against situations and conditions faced by everyday riders and the team spend months putting the bikes under the most intense tests.




One main reason why cycling is a must loved past time is the opportunity to let go of the everyday stresses of life, take a step back and relax. Claud Butler understands that the best way to encourage individuals to keep cycling for longer and to inspire new members to take up cycling is to have fun. The Claud Butler team design the bikes with a fresh-looking design that are built and designed for the rider to push their riding skills to the next level and have fun.





The Claud Butler team encourage their customers to contact their local dealer if they have any questions from the point, they decided to purchase a new bike and they have any questions regarding the best bikes that’s best for their needs. To any post buyer questions like purchasing a new component or a material. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with your local dealer. In finding out, Are Claud Butler bikes any good? we will now look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

Fuji Values & Beliefs




Fuji’s tagline and logo “Conquer Your Mountain” is to encourage riders to take action and improve their mountain biking skills and explore your local surroundings. The term “Your Mountain” stands for trying to overcome your obstacles.

The Fuji brand wants to encourage and motivate riders to achieve their own goals whether it be a healthier life style, fitness goals or living a greener life.




The Fuji brands success has been largely down to its research and development department being able to use the most innovative process’s and developments in technology to design bikes that meet the needs of cyclists and offering the best possible performance for athletes and the modern-day cyclist.

The team at Fuji bring together pro riders, engineers, mechanics and every day cyclists to design and manufacture world class bikes.

All bikes at the Fuji brand go through years of design, pro type building and testing the robust of the bikes in practical situations before the bike is delivered to the customer.




The Fuji brand has been established for well over 100 years and a lot of rider’s first bike was a Fuji bike.

The brand wants to offer customers a first-class riding experience by designing quality bikes, offer great value, practical bikes than can be used in everyday situations.




Fuji want to improve the Fuji’s customer expectation of buying a brand-new Fuji bike. One way of Fuji keeping one step ahead of their competitors is their investment in research and development in the most state of the art technology process.

Fuji aim to build and design bikes that customers love to own and are proud to own.

To find out, are fuji bikes any good? We will look at the Fuji SLM 29.

 Fuji Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**


Why Should You Buy The SLM 29


If your thinking about buying a new mountain from a respected bike brand within the biking community, then the Fuji SLM Mountain bike offers brilliant value for money that include features that are only normally found in more expensive mountain bikes.

In our search,is fuji a good mountain bike brand? We will now look at why you should buy a mountain bike.




Cycling is a low form of exercise and is brilliant for individuals wanting to build up their fitness levels. Exercising is not only great for burning off those extra calories; but is a great way to reduce your stress levels by taking your mind off any worries or concerns that may be troubling you. Read our Mountain Bike Beginners Guide.




Purchasing the Fuji SLM 29 may not be the cheapest mountain bike on the market. However, you have to pay for quality.

If your thinking about commuting on your SLM 29 to work, you will be sure to save money in the long run if you normally commute to work by a car or public transport. You may find yourself getting rid of your gym membership.




Choosing to cycle more by bike, than by car or by public transport will not only save you money but will help you have piece of mind by reducing your own CO2 emissions and help you save the planet for future generations. how to set up your mountain bike




Having your Fuji SLM 29 Mountain bike will help you fill your weekends with new adventures as you spend time with your loved ones and friends exploring your local mountain bike trails .

Your local area will have a cycling community that will help you meet friends that have the same interests as yourself. Welsh mountain biking trails.

Features & Benefits

To continue our investigation, is fuji a good mountain bike brand

We will now take a look at the Fuji SLM 29 features and benefits.




The SLM 29 comes with C15 carbon frame, with internal bladders that helps reduce voids.

The mosocoque design improves the rigidity and strength. Furthermore, the tube has been designed with an oval downtube to help increase the power and stiffness. By Improving the carbon moulding process; Fuji have been able reduce the weight of the frame by 300 grams from previous models.




The Fuji SLM 29 mountain bike comes with the top line Shimano gear parts that will help the rider change the pace of the mountain bike to the conditions faced by the rider. Shimano are a well-known recognised brand for designing the finest components and the Shimano XTR have been put through robust testing.




Fuji have equipped the SLM 29 with a set of Sun Ringe Black Flag Pro SL wheels that offer the rider plenty of support while tackling different types of terrain. The rider will have lots of grip while travelling down mountain trails in the unpredictable British Weather. is fuji a good mountain bike brand?  We will now look at some of the most common questions. The best MTB routes in the UK?

  • Features – 92%
  • Value For Money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 97%

Common Questions


Does the SLM 29 Mountain Bike assembled?


The SLM 29 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once assembled always make sure you are happy with SLM 29 and go on a little test run.


Is the mountain bike durable?


Fuji only use the best materials and components when designing and manufacturing their mountain bikes.


What can the SLM 29 bike be used for?


The SLM is a brilliant all-round mountain bike that is ideal for a variety of activities such as commuting to work, exploring your local mountain bike trails or starting a new past time.


What are the pros and cons of owning a Mountain bike?


You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes. We hope you have enjoyed our article on,is fuji a good mountain bike brand? And found it helpful and informative.

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