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is Eurobike a good brand?

Looking For More Information Regarding The Eurobike Brand

Why Should You Buy The XC550



Steel Frame

V Brakes

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Common Questions

Thirty Two Plus Common Questions Answered


is Eurobike a good brand?


In our investigation, Are Eurobikes Any Good? we will first look at the Eurobike brand. The Eurobike brand was first established in Tianjin, China. Eurobike pride themselves on designing manufacturing quality bikes any components. Where a eurobikes made

Employing over four hundred people, and have a wide variety of bikes from road, mountain, kids and electric bikes. Eurobikes design team only equip the bikes with carbon and alloy frame sets to make sure the customer only receives a bike they can be proud to own. In finding out, is Eurobike a good brand? we will now look at the main reasons why you should buy a Eurobike. Read our aricle on the Pros on cons of Road bikes.

Why Should You Buy A Eurobike



Great Value



Eurobike aim to provide brilliant value for money. The materials and features found in Eurobikes are normally only found in more expensive bikes. Purchasing a Eurobike will allow the cycling enthusiast to have plenty of money left over to spend on the cycling apparel and accessories.





Eurobike pride themselves on only designing their bikes with the best materials and components. All materials and components of a Eurobike go through robust testing from the start of the production process right through to when the customer receives their brand new Eurobike.


Customer service



One of Eurobikes aim is to provide the customer with the best customer experience from the moment they decide to purchase a bike right through to any post purchasing questions like where to buy a replacement part or component. In exploring, is Eurobike a good brand? we will know look at frequently asked questions. You may like to read the pros and cons of cycling.

Eurobike Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

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Cycling Frequently Asked Questions



Should I Buy Some Cycling Shorts or Padded BIB Shorts?


Buying some padded shorts will help the rider stay comfortable in the saddle. Padded sadles won’t help you on long rides. The best way to be comfortable in the saddle is to wear padded shorts, purchase a comfortable saddle and keep riding until you get used to it


Do I Need To Wear A Cycling Helmet?


Wearing a helmet might save your life. Purchasing a comfortable, good quality bike helmet is one of the most important cycling accessories. Read our review on the Prowell Bike Helmet.


Shall I Buy Some Sun Glasses?


If your thinking about riding in a regular basis then purchasing a pair of sun glasses seems like a no brainer. Wearing a pair of sun glasses will protect the rider’s eyes from stones, rock, rain, sun and bugs. Some glasses come with changeable lenses for bright and dull conditions.


Do I Need To Maintain My Bike?


A rider that maintains their bike will be able to get the fully potential out of their bike and not have to purchase a replacement as quickly. A rider shoud get in the habit of performing the ABC check before every commute. Check the air in the tyres, the brakes and the chain. In finding out, is Eurobike a good brand? we will now look at the best ways to look after your Eurobike.



Looking After Your Eurobike & Yourself




A rider should aim to clean their bike atleast every two weeks. The main benefit of a rider cleaning their bike on a regular basis is that they will be able to spot any wear and tear before it becomes anything more serious.

Using a sponge and some soppy water will get the majority of the grime from the bike. In addition, cleaning the chain and making sure the chain has the required lubricant.




Making sure the tires are at the required PSI level. If a tire has not got enough air in them then the bike will have to work twice as hard. A tyre can have too much in them too. The Eurobikes instruction manuel will have more information regarding the required PSI level.

If a rider is thinking about riding on a regular basis, then it is definitely worth learning how to change a tire. A rider does not want to be in the middle of nowhere with a flat. In our article on Are Eurobikes Any Good? we will now look at what a cyclist enthusiast should eat and drink.


Eating & Drinking While Cycling


Cyclists tend to eat a little more often. Cycling is a form of exercise; the body needs to keep hydrated and have enough energy to function. Having a small snack will help keep the rider having enough energy to keep pedalling more comfortably. In addition, the body needs to keep hydrated so having a drink of water will also help the rider keep pedalling for longer.


The rider needs to try an avoid the body crashing by replenishing their body with fuel. The body can run for around 90 minutes at a high tempo before it needs replenishing. A rider should aim to eat around 100-250 calories every thirty minutes. Bananas, cereal bars or energy gels are good or a well-deserved stop at a coffee shop for some carrot cake. To fully understand, Are Eurobikes Any Good? we will now look at the popular selling Eurobike XC 550 road bike.

Features & Benefits

EuroBike XC550


In our investigation into, is Eurobike a good brand? we will now look at the Eurobike XC550. The XC550 offers brilliant value for money as many of the features are normally only found in more expensive bikes. Eurobike have designee the XC 550 to be used on the road and is could be used for commuting to work, joining the local cycling club or a family fun day out.

There are many health and financial benefits of owning the XC550. Commuting to work on a regular basis is a brilliant way of getting into shape and losing a few pounds without even thinking about it. Exercise has been linked to reducing stress levels as it allows the rider to forget about the stress’s that life can bring.

Purchasing the XC550 could also save the rider money in the long run. The XC550 does not need any insurance, fuel or cost the individual any money to lock it up as they go on about their daily business. The rider may want to buy a decent lock. Read our articles on bike locks.

Owning a Road bike will allow an individual to explore their local surrounds, giving them a brilliant past time to spend time by themselves or with their cycling buddies.

Joining a local cycling club will allow the rider to meet new friends and build memories that will last for a life time. Read our article on the pros and cons of cycling. In understanding, Are Eurobikes Any Good? we will now look at the main features and benefits of the XC550. Read the full review.




The XC550 comes with a strong and durable steel frame. Steel is commonly used by manufactures as it offers the rider plenty of stability while riding. The aerodynamic of the frame allows the rider to quickly pick up their speed.


Disk Brakes


Eurobike have equipped the XC55O with V brakes. The main benefit of Disk brakes is it allows the rider to control the bike with less braking power. Having disks brakes will allow the rider to quicker and safely control the XC550 out of any sticky situations.




Having a set of road tyres will help the rider travel much further than traditional mountain bike tires. Road tires as the name suggest s are designed for the road and allow the rider to have plenty of grip while riding. Having a good set of road tires will boost the rider’s confidence and performance.


  • Features – 98%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


Does the XC55O come assembled?


The XC55O comes partially assembled and will take two people to assemble. The road bike comes with a helpful instruction manuel. Once assembled a rider should go on a small test ride to make sure they are happy with the bike. Getting into a good habit of checking the air in the tires. the brakes are working correctly by pushing the bike back and forth. In addition, the chain has enough lubricant and is working.


How many gears does the XC550 come with?


The XC550 comes with an impressive twenty gears, giving the rider plenty of options to change the pace of the bike to riding conditions faced by the rider.


What is the tire width?


1.95 inches


What Is the weight of the XC550?


15 KG


Can I fit mudguards?


Yes, mudguards can be fitted.


What is the frame and wheels made out of?


The frame is made out of steel and the wheels are made from magnesium alloy. We hope you have found the article on is Eurobike a good brand? helpful and informative. Please support our website by sharing the review on your social media.


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