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How much should I spend on a commuter bike?


Considering buying a commuter bike. Mike Murray discuss’s how much you should spend and what you should expect to get for your money. 

Commuter bikes


Commuter bikes as the name suggests are used for commuting to the places. While they replace the other modes of transportation it is still a matter of thought how much to spend on them? are mountain bikes good for commuting?


Before that, you should know a lot of things while buying a commuter bike. In this article, we will help you in getting a deep understanding of those things so that you can make a wise decision. are road bikes good for commuting?

Why buy a commuter bike?


Although any bike can get you around town, having the right tool for the job will make the experience much more pleasant and leave you much less sweaty and sticky when you get there. How to plan a cycling adventure.


Commuter bikes are also less expensive than their sportier alternatives, with more relaxed riding positions and less maintenance.


How to choose the right commuter bike?


You can have the sleekest, eye-catching bike in the world, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable to ride, you can abandon bike commuting entirely.


You need a bike that you enjoy riding in order to get the most out of your time and your spending on a commuter bike. In short, you’ll need a bike that fits you completely. Read about buying your first road bike.


Riding position


A more upright and comfortable riding posture is favored for shorter rides that require less strenuous activity. While a more athletic, forward-leaning riding stance is preferred for longer rides with continuous effort and exertion. 




Getting the right gear set up will make things much simpler if your regular ride allows you to ride up inclines of any grade. Commuter bikes with as few as two gears and as many as 27 gears are available.




Riding across the city in traffic necessitates the ability to stop on a dime. For the bike commuter, finding a bike with responsive and effective brakes is important. There are two main types of brake that are widely used in different types of bikes:

Rim Brakes

Rim brakes are the most widely used brakes on all types of bicycles. They’re dependable, simple to manage, and quick to respond. These brakes are less costly than disc brakes and are included as standard equipment on most entry-level and performance road bikes.


Disc brakes

Disc brakes are well-known for their outstanding braking ability and control. Mountain bikes now come standard with disc brakes, and many urban bikes have them as well. They are heavy, durable, and need less maintenance than rim brakes in all weather conditions.


Wheel size


Although there are a few different wheel sizes to be aware of, 700c wheels are by far the most common. Both road racing bikes and 29-inch mountain bikes have the same rim diameter as this wheel size.




The tires on most city bikes are either smooth or lightly treaded, which should suffice for city cycling. Urban bike tires are usually a little wider than regular road bike tires. More traction is provided by wider tires, and tires designed especially for urban cycling are usually more puncture resistant.




The majority of urban bikes have mounting holes for racks, and some models come with racks built out of the box. Although some road bikes can be equipped with racks, many others cannot.


So before buying a bike make sure that it fits you perfectly and you are comfortable while riding it. Moving on to the type of commuter bikes that you can choose from.

Different types of commuter bikes to choose from


With the “How much should I spend on a commuter bike” question in your mind, you should have a proper understanding of a commuter bike so that you know how to spend and where to spend. Here’s a rundown of the various types of commuting bicycles:


Flat bar road bikes


Flat bars are great for cycling, even if you’re used to riding with drop bars. Not only because they allow for a more upright and relaxed riding posture, but also because the controls are still at your fingertips due to the single hand position.


Folding bikes


Although folding bikes come in a variety of styles, they all have small 20-inch wheels and tires. They have a series of lockable hinges that enable you to fold the bike into a fraction of its original size, allowing you to store it under your desk or in a closet. Read our folding bike guide.


Hybrid bikes


They’re designed to handle anything from gleaming smooth bike paths to pothole-infested bike lanes and light gravel, thanks to their wider tyres, which are usually 32c and up.




Pedal-assist e-bikes have a motor that only turns on when you pedal. If you’re travelling a long distance or simply have a particularly hilly commute. Read our e bike guide.


Road bikes


If you have a long drive, a road bike is a decent choice and can also serve as a day’s training ride. Road bike guide

How much should I spend on a commuter bike?


So, if you have considered what kind of commuter you need then you should know how much spending on a bike is appropriate.

A short guide to commuting bike pricing is given below.


£200 or less


If you want a pleasurable ride, bikes at this price point will most likely be heavy, rust-prone, and need regular maintenance.


If that’s all you have, keep it easy – inexpensive add-ons (suspension, fancy disc brakes, etc.) would only ensure that the consistency of the basic components is sacrificed in order to achieve the low price.


£200 to £400


You can get some great recreation bikes, some comfortable commuting bikes, but just very simple, entry-level road and mountain bikes in this price range.


Keeping it easy is always a good idea; any extras will just detract from the consistency of the essentials.


£400 to £600


In this price range, commuter and recreational bikes will be of good quality, durable, and fast.


£600 to £1000


Top-of-the-line commuters, dependable hardtail mountain bikes, and entry-level full suspension mountain bikes can all be found in this price range. At this stage, some road bikes will be light and easy.


More than £1000


All bikes costing more than £1000 should be compact, fast, and feature high-quality components.


From this, you might have got an idea of how the bike’s quality varies with its price. Buy a bike that fits your budget and is of good quality.

We have picked one of the best commuter bikes for our readers from Bikestar that is “BIKESTAR Fixie Single Speed 700C 28 Inch Commuter City Road Bike”


BIKESTAR Fixie City Road Bike




The bike’s frame is made of aluminum, which is a specially built frame for single-speed bikes that allows for higher speeds and fixed acceleration without sacrificing maneuverability.




The bike has an extremely stable rigid fork that contributes to performance on the single-speed bike while also providing the requisite stability. It fits well into the retro frame and provides direct steering to the bike.




The bike has linear-pull brakes. The side pull brakes complete the handling and are needed for a fast yet managed stop due to the direct braking force.




The double-wall aluminum rims provide extra stability and can comfortably withstand higher loads than standard rims. These special rims are not only a safety feature, but they also reflect the single speed’s quality and durability.

Perfect for the city


With this single speed road bike, you’ll be fast and agile on the road. Even at high speeds, the hollow-chamber rims provide stability, and the front and rear V-brakes provide the required power. This bike will become a constant companion in your daily life, whether at work or at play.


Retro style


Every ride has a retro vibe coupled with minimalism. On the lane, retro designs convey understatement and elegance, and they are a real eye-catcher.


Other features


It is single speed bike

It has a maximum load capacity of 100kg

It weighs 13kg

The wheel size is 28inches

The saddle can be adjusted


Does this bike come fully assembled?


This bike comes pre-assembled 90% of the way. Assembly is simple and convenient, and if assistance is required, their customer service team is happy to assist. We suggest that if modifications to the brakes and gears are needed, they be performed by a specialist dealer.


Is Bikestar a good brand?


BIKESTAR and its products are synonymous with style, safety, and comfort. They are able to provide you with high-quality goods at fair prices thanks to lean processes.

As it is important and you need to buy a bike that fits your budget and at the same time provides a quality experience.

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