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Calories Burned Cycling Calculator

Calories Burned Cycling Calculator

Burning Calories


Calculating calories


Are you at that point of life wondering how to get your body back in shape but have no idea how to start?


Everybody wants to feel good in their own skin or at least be healthy to live longer. I bet most of us started from home workouts but they were short lived. You might have also started to do long walks or have been hitting the gym but it might not have given your body a sense of enjoyment or motivation.

The most fun and fastest way of burning calories and getting that shape you want is Mountain Biking. Mountain Biking is like the best of two worlds (gym and outdoor) and it also holds its own sets of benefits and makes you feel good as it is done outdoors. Read out comprehensive mountain bikikng guide?


You would not only be able to burn off calories, you would also be able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. The outdoors and the fresh air gives you a sense of motivation to burn calories in the healthiest way.

This brings us to the subject matter! How Many Calories Does Mountain Biking Burn?

Now to understand the exact nature behind Mountain Biking let’s dig in a little more into the how’s and why’s.

 It is also observed that, when one’s hand is placed on the bike and foot on the pedal, the effort put in when riding the bike, increasingly burns up calories of the individual. Therefore, how many calories does mountain biking burns? remains a question not just as accurate as possible, but by how much effort a rider puts in, when taking up the biking process. Pros and cons of mountain biking.


How Mountain biking helps burn calories?


Burning calories is not easy and may vary or differ from body types. Mountain biking eliminates these factors and gives a boost to the body.


Unlike Road biking Mountain biking is done on the rough up and down terrains which requires a massive amount of muscles to be involved.


The rougher the surface the faster the calories burn. There are different trials a rider can opt to ride on for example single-track, back-country roads, wider bike park trails, fire road trails etc. Each trail has its own toughness and difficulty in riding. Involving these Mountain biking trails in daily life will not only burn off calories but will definitely help in gaining a stronger and healthier body. Disadvantages of mountain bikes.



Factors determining the number of calories?


Riders positioning


 Rider A may not accumulate the same calorie loss with Rider B during a biking process, like an hour. This all depends on how the rider positions himself and the maximized rate of effort used in paddling speedily on rough terrain. This point, also aims at the question on How Many Calories Does Mountain Biking Burn?


Food intake before and after the biking process


what has being consumed by a rider before and after the biking process, might affect his rate of calorie loss. It affects mostly especially after the biking process, the consumption of saturated fats by the rider, may once again sum up the already burnt calorie. This point, also aims at the question on How Many Calories Does Mountain Biking Burn?




Biking processes on the rough terrain is high in intensity, and an increasing factor, seeing to the calorie burn of the rider. The gravels and sand levels consumes energy and has well brings about sweat on the body of the rider. This point, also aims at the question on How Many Calories Does Mountain Biking Burn?


How is it calculated?


After knowing what exactly is mountain biking and the mechanism, it all boils down to one question – “How many calories does Mountain biking even burn”?


Well to sum it up, full-on mountain biking burns upwards of 600 calories an hour and builds muscles in your arms, back, chest, and core.  Mountain biking in general burns between 200 – 1400 calories per hour. Approximately 680 calories are burned per hour during moderate cross-country single-track riding.


 Let us take a close look back to our subject matter. How many calories does mountain biking burn?

Mountain biking burns excessive calories, as clearly stated above, it is a good sporting activity, that can be carried out for too many purposes. Some do it for fun, for pay and majorly people engage in it, to lose weight and as well calories. 




For those who have a keen interest in calculation and wish to know exactly how much calories are burned, it is in the best interest to know how to calculate it as well. This calculation uses the Metabolic Equivalent of Task value of Mountain Biking. The MET value of Mountain Biking = 9. We multiply the MET value with the person’s body weight in kilograms. Then we multiply this with .01750 and the duration in minutes.

A person weighs: 190 lbs.
MET value of Mountain Biking: 9
Time: 40 minutes
The calorie calculation for Mountain Biking for 40 minutes is as follows:

(190/2.20462) * 9 * 0.01750 * 40 minutes = your burn Kcal


What should be kept in mind


After understanding the nature of Mountain Biking there are factors which are crucially important to make sure the calories are burned in the healthiest and fastest way.


There are specially designed bikes for Mountain biking. The bike which you ride on must be lighter than your weight as you have to ride it through rough paths. If the bike is heavier than you then your body will be exhausted before you are even half way there.




It is impossible to lose any weight or burn calories if your diet is left unchecked. Diet is a very important part of burning calories. Calories can’t be burned while eating burgers, pizzas or French fries on a daily basis or 2-3 times a week.  

A balanced diet has to be incorporated in your life along with Mountain biking to be able to squeeze out the benefits from this amazing sport. Balanced diet consists of fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts and plenty of proteins. Don’t forget to take care of your body’s nutritional needs.


 Enjoy yourself while burning calories 


Mountain biking and diet might sound like a tough schedule but it doesn’t have to be all serious and tiring. There are various ways in which you can enjoy yourself while burning off the calories.




Music helps to pump up your body and your brain doesn’t let your body get tired easily. So tune in on your favorite DJ and enjoy the ride. Another way is to watch the scenery and explore the natural beauty. Make sure to carry your camera to capture the moments.


Well the ball is in your court. Find buddies to join you on this amazing ride and see the benefits for yourself.