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How Good Are Folding Bikes For Getting Fit.


Find Out More Information On How Good Are Folding Bikes For Getting Fit. 

How Good Are Folding Bikes For Getting Fit.



Mental Health

Improves Your Mental Well Being. A brilliant Stress Buster




Physical Fitness

Improve Your Stamina And Build Up Your Strengh At Your Own Pace.



Get Fit Without Even Thinking About It. 

Why Should You Exercise On A Folding Bike



Thinking about buying a folding bike.  We will look if cycling on a folding bike is good for exercise.  We will now look at the main benefits of cycling on a regular basis on a folding bike.  Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise. Check out our folding bike beginners guide. 


Mental Health



Research by YMCA has shown that people with a physical active life style have a well being score of 32 percent higher than individuals that don’t exercise on a regular basis. 


Riding a folding bike will help you realise endorphins and adrenalin; not to mention a boost in your confidence from improving your personal fitness.


Commuting on a folding bike combines a physical activity with being outdoors and exploring new environments. You can ride alone, or go out for bike ride with your family and friends.   

Graeme Obree, the former hour record holder suffered from depression. Going out for a bike ride helped him cope with his depression.  

Next, in our article on are folding bikes good for exercise? we will look at the benefits to the immune system. Are folding bikes good for long rides. 



Immune System



Strengthening your immune system is definitely a good idea; especially during the current global Covid 19 pandemic.

Research by Dr David Nieman of Appalachian University found out that exercising regularly will improve the respiratory system and help reduce the chances of catching common illness. Like the common cold. 

According to Niemans findings, people can reduce their sick days by forty percent by doing aerobic exercises. Who knew commuting on the folding bike can be so beneficial?

Professor Tim Noakes from the University of Cape¸ tells us that mild exercises can improve your immune system by increasing the production of essential proteins and white blood cells. Check out the history of folding Bikes.

Commuting to work on a folding bike can reduce your commuting time, reduce the time spent on buses and trains catching any germs. To continue our article; on are folding bikes good for exercise? we will look at positive impact on the waist line. Read about the pros and cons of folding bikes.

Waist Line


Commuting on the folding will help you lose weight without thinking about it. For you to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. Cycling for one hour can burn up to 400- 1000 calories an hour.

The intensity and riders’ weight can vary the burn rate.  To lose weight the majority of people join a gym. Joining a gym costs both money and time. 

By using your folding bike to commute to work you can improve your waist line, as well as saving a few pennies by reducing the cost of travelling to work.

The cost of petrol, insurance and parking fees has seen a sharp rise over the last few years.   Are folding bikes good for exercise? Yes, most definitely. Disadvantages of folding bikes.


Building Muscle


Exercising on your folding bike is a brilliant way of building up muscles. Particularly in the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves.  Cycling is considered as a low form of exercise and is ideal for not putting to much pressure on the joints.

Ideal for individuals who may have had a break from fitness for a while due to ill health or disability. Cycling on the folding bike allows you to build up your stamina at your own pace. are folding bikes comfortable to ride?


Better Lung & Heart Health


Research conducted by Healthy Air Campaign, Kings College London, saw air production detectors fitted to a bus driver, driver, cyclist and a pedestrian.  The study found out that the cyclist breathed the less pollution.

Commuting on a folding bike raises the heart rate by pumping blood around the body and is a great way of losing weight.

Cycling is one of the forms of exercise recommended by the NHS to reduce the chances of developing major illness’s such heart disease.

Researchers at Glasgow University studied over 260.000 people over the course of five years. There findings concluded that cycling to work can cut heart disease in half.  Cycling only part of the way to work can have a massive impact in reducing heart disease.

You may think that you should just go for a run. However, running is weight bearing. Scientists compared a group of cyclists and runners.

They found out that long distance runners suffered more than a hundred percent more muscle damage.  

To consider are folding bikes good for exercise? We will look at how commuting on a bike will save you a lot of time. You may be able to have an extra ten minutes in bed. are folding bikes good for exercise?




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Time Savings


Let’s compare three scenarios.

You travel by car, you wait to get into the car park, park and pay to park. Then you arrive at your destination.

Travelling by bus. Walk over to the bus destination, wait for the bus, the bus is late, patiently wait while you get half a mile from your destination. Walk to your destination.

Commute with your folding bike. Get on your bike, filter past traffic, lock the bike up and arrive. 


Navigation & Problem-Solving Skills.


Getting into a good habit of commuting on the folding bike, will not only improve your physical and mental health.

Your navigation and problem-solving skills will dramatically be improved.  When your travelling by car or on public transport there is no incentive to sharpen up your navigation and problem-solving skills. 

By exploring your local surrounding on your folded bike, you will improve your navigation skills and problem-solving skills.  To see are folding bikes good for exercise? We will look at the benefits to your sex life. Are folding bikes good for commuting?


Sex Life


Everyone knows having a health sex life is a good for you. Regular sex could prolong life. Dr Mathew Forsyth, a urologist and a keen cyclist from Portland stated that cycling uses the same muscles groups as intercourse. 

By commuting with a folding bike, you are building up the same muscle groups that can be improve your stamina in the bedroom.



Going out for a bike ride will help you sleep better.  Researchers at the University of Georgia studied men and women between the age of 20 and 85 over 35 years.

The finding concluded that a drop-in fitness of 4 percent by women and 2 percent for men resulted in sleep problems. 

Dr Rodney Dishman stated that a reduction in aerobic exercise between the age of 40 and 60 effects sleep.  Regular exercise helps combat weight gain; another possible cause of sleep problem’s.


Brain power


Regular exercise has been known to improve brain health and help reduce cognitive changes that can increase the changes of dementia.

During exercise blood flow increases in the brain by 28%, and up to 70% in other areas. Blood flow can remain 40% increased even after exercise. 

Having an improved blood flow helps keep us healthy.  A study in 2013 found that cycling forty-five minutes four times a week. Are folding bikes good for exercise?  The research speaks for itself.


Self Esteem



Cycling on the folding bike is a really good way of boosting your self esteem and confidence.  Improving your physical, mental, and navigational skills. 

All the skills gained from cycling can be passed through to all other parts of your life.  There is no other feeling when your family, friends and work colleagues start commenting on your improved physical appearance.


Social Benefits


Exercising on a folding bike can be done with your family and friends. Normally when an individual works out they normally go to the gym alone.

Spending time with people that share the same passion can be very rewarding. Going out for a bike ride at the weekends with your family and friends is a great way to spend your weekends. A good way of exercising without even thinking about it.


Positive Morning Start



Going out for a morning bike ride is a brilliant way to start your day. Starting the day with a healthy activity like cycling will be sure to boost your circulation, and you would be more likely to make a healthy, positive choices throughout the day.

Cycling in morning at a low intensity will help you lose weight. High intensity performance will help boost your energy levels and metabolism. 

Researchers in 2019 found out that exercising before breakfast burned twice as much fat than exercising after breakfast. Are folding bikes good for exercise? Commuting on your folding bike is a great way to start the day.


Improving Balance, Coordination and Posture



Cycling on a folding bike is a great way to improve your co ordination and posture. Keeping the bike balanced, and focusing on the commute ahead will help improve you’re a posture. 

Spending time on your bike, manoeuvring in out of obstacles and hazards is a great way off improving your coordination.  We hope you have enjoyed our article on are folding bikes good for exercise? And found it helpful and informative.



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