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Hitpro Electric Bike

Searching For More Information On The Ecosmo Brand. The Common Questions Answered.

Why Should You Buy The Hitpro



Aluminium Frame

Lithium Battery

Fat Tires







Known For Manufacturing Quality Electric Bikes


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Everyone wants To Own An Electric Bike

Why Should You Buy A Fat Bike


In Exploring the Hitpro Electric Bike, we will firstly look at the reasons why you should buy a fat bike. Fat bikes are becoming very popular as the grip and traction provided by oversized tires allow the rider to tackle the most difficult terrain. That would not normally be perceived as inaccessible. Snow hills, wet or muddy terrain is accessible when you ride a fat bike.

The Hitpro Electric Bike tires are designed to decrease the cumulated pressure on the bike by adding more of a contact surface. Fat bikes can even be ridden on sandy beaches were traditional mountain bikes would not be suitable. The Hitpro is designed to be ridden in wet conditions and is ideal for using in the unpredictable British weather.  Pros and cons of electric bikes.

Use Your Hitpo Regardless Of The Weather


Weather conditions do not put some individuals off from going cycling. The main benefit of the Hitpro Electric Bike is that it is designed to tackle different types of weather.   Fat bikes will tend to not slip on wet stone, not sink in mud or snow. Making them ideal to get from one location to another. are electric bikes any good?


Comfort While Riding


The tires on the Hitpro Electric Bike don’t need to be inflated as much as a traditional bike. Fat tyre bikes can support much lower PSI levels. A fat bike does not come with any kind of suspension as it is integrated into the tyres. The low pressure and elasticity in the rubber allows the ruber to have a comfortable ride and absorb shocks. are electric bikes good for commuting?


Little Maintenance


Fat tires are solid, durable, rigid and simple design means that there are not many parts that can get damaged. Regular maintenance is needed; like any ordinary bike. Get in a good habit of cleaning your bike atleast every couple of weeks. Becoming familiar with your Hitpro Electric Bike is a great way to spot any wear and tear and get it repaired before it becomes a more serious and expensive problem to fix.




Fat bikes can be ridden on a variety of surfaces. However, the Hitpro Electric Bike will challenge an individual to push their ridding skills to the next level by tackling more advanced terrain. A brilliant way of burning more calories, getting fit and building strength in their lower and upper body.


Having Fun


The Hitpro Electric Bike is a great way of spending your weekend with your family and friends having fun. One of the main advantages of fat bikes is that it allows the rider to enjoy the commute in a lot more comfort and at a slower pace. Allowing the rider to take in more of their surroundings. Owning the Hitpro Electric Bike will allow the rider to improve their fitness without even thinking about it. In looking at the Hitpro Electric Bike we will now look at advice on riding a fat bike


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Advice For Riding The Hitpro Electric Bike

Pick A Day


The unpredictable British weather will play a big part in your riding experience. Consider, if it’s too cold, windy or ice. Hard snow is easier to ride on rather than when it is starting to snow. The main aim is to make sure you the rider enjoys going out on your Hitpro Electric Bike without pushing themselves to hard and burning too much energy level or leave them feeling defeated.


Trail Difficult


Trails are rated in difficulty levels. When starting out it is important that you pick an easy or not to difficult trail. Begin with a short trail as you won’t be ridding as fast as on a traditional mountain bike. The fat tires have a lower pressure making it more difficult to cover the same distance. Unless you switch on the on-board motor.


Cycling Apparel


Winter boots or gloves can limit the rider’s ability to change gears and ride comfortably. The rider must wear a good quality helmet that fits well. A thin hat or head band, trainers with good soles and clothing that you are well suited for cycling. Cycling shorts with leg warmers may be a good idea.

Water & Snacks


If a rider is e thinking about going out on your Hitpro Electric Bike it is a good idea to take some water or a drink to keep them hydrated. Bring a small snack will help keep their energy levels. Although cycling is a low form of exercise, it can still be strenuous, so having a snack and something for rehydration will make sure a fun day out is not cut short.


The rider will have plenty of hours of fun on their brand new Hitpro Electric Bike. The rider will have more fun if their dressed properly. We will now look at common question when buying a fat bike.

Fat Tyre Bikes Common Question

Do I need to wear padded shorts?


There is no obligation to wear padded shorts. However, wearing padding shorts definitely has its advantages. Padded shorts are commonly known as chammy or chamois and are designed to protect a rider’s buttocks.

An entry level cyclist needs to get used to the feeling of riding in a saddle and build up muscles in their legs. In addition, some saddles can be uncomfortable. However, a gel seat can be purchased rather cheaply.


Tips For Wearing Padded Shorts


Don’t wear underwear when you’re planning on wearing padded shorts. The friction between your legs can cause bacteria.

Wearing to pairs of padded shorts does not double the comfort levels.

Make sure they fit correctly.


Choosing Your Line


The term “choosing your line” means picking your trail or route based on the level of difficulty. Not all rider puck the same line; adding to the fun of a day mountain biking.


Getting Of Your Bike


When your exploring new trails, it is important that the rider familiarises themselves with new trail by walking through. Scouting or walking a section will set a rider up for success. In exploring the Hitpro Electric Bike, we will know look at the main features and benefits of the bike.



Features & Benefits

Hitpro Electric Bike


If you’re looking for a great value electric bike with many features normally only found in more expensive electric bikes. Then the search is definitely over. The Hitpro can be used for commuting to work, exploring local mountain trails or family fun days out.

Owning an electric bike is a brilliant way of staying in shape without even thinking about it. You may like to read the pros and cons of electric bikes.

The Hitpro electric bike comes with a powerful lithium battery that has a range of twenty to twenty-five KM. The main benefit of owning an electric bike is that they are designed to make the rider travel much further with less effort.

An electric bike is ideal for individuals that may have had a small break from fitness and want to build up their fitness.

In addition, an electric bike is designed for tackling inclines. Make sure the battery is topped up after every commute and not ran dry. The battery should be kept away from extreme hot and cold temperatures. You may like to read are electric bikes good for commuting.

  • Features – 97%
  • Value For Money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Common Questions


Does the Hitpro electric bike come assembled?


The Hitpro comes partially assembled and should take no longer thirty minutes. Comes with a helpful and informative instruction manuel. Once you have assembled your new pride and joy. Go on a small test run to make sure you are happy with the electric bike.


Can you use the Hitpro when the battery goes flat?


Yes, the Hitpro can be ridden when the battery is flat. The bike can be used like a traditional bike.


What type of frame does the bike come with?


The Hitpro comes with an aluminium frame. Aluminium is a strong and durable material.


What Watt does the electric bike come with?


The Hitpro electric bike comes with a powerful 250 watts motor.


What is the frame size of the Hitpro?


The electric bike comes with a 17” size frame .


What colour does the electric bike come in?


The electric bike comes in black and blue. We hope you have enjoyed our article on the Hitpro electric bike and found it helpful and informative. Please support our article and share the review on your social media.


” I Absolutely Love Exploring Delamore Forest On My Hitpro.” Joseph 

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