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Are Haro Bikes Any Good?

Looking For More On The Haro Brand. Get All The Common Questions Answered.

Why Should You Buy The Haro



Top Specification

Lightweight Frame

Plastic Pedals




Well Known BMX Brand


Customer Satisfaction

Haro have a really good reputation for their top quality customer service.

Haro Bikes 


To consider are Haro Bikes Any Good? we will first take a look at the Haro brand. The Haro company was established by Bob Haro in 1980 when he started designing number plates for BMX bikes.

The popularity of Haros designs quickly grew and a head quarters was established in Torrance California.

Haro was well known within the BMX community as the “Farther of Freestyle” for demonstrating tricks across America that no one had ever seen. Haro helped popularise Freestyle BMX and bring it into the main stream. are mongoose bmx bikes any good?

In the 1980s, demand increased, allowing Haro to expand its production line and developing national and international distribution.

Haro started gaining a reputation for designing and manufacturing the most innovative BMX and free style bikes and accessories. One of the most popular Haro BMXS was the Master and Sport.  are muddyfox bmx bikes any good?

Freestyle bikes 1983


The success of the Master and Sport allowed the Haro to expand and the BMX community started at looking at Haro for the next must have BMX. Competitor companies such as GT, Schwinn, Schwinn and many more started to bring out their own version of Haro BMX. Resulting in Haros profits declining.

Haro added the FST to its BMX portfolio, that allowed entry level BMX riders with lower budgets to join the BMX community and benefit from the main benefits of riding a BMX on a regular basis.

The Haro Freestyle BMX dominated the 80’s, 90’s and 2000s. Wining the majority of BMX competitions and BMX legends such as Mike Dominguez, Bryan Blyther and Matt Hoffman rIde Haro BMXS. In answering, are Haro bikes any good? we will continue to look at Haros History.




Bob Haro decided to sell the company in 1988 and agreed to stay on as a consultant for five year. Bob continued to help with designing innovative products and helping to maintain the company’s image within the BMX community.

Fast forward 1993, Haro was sold again to a group of investors that was leady by Jim Ford who was vice President at Harro Bikes in 1981. Ford started to focus on Bob Haros original vision for the company and helped stream line some of the processes.

Bob left the company to start a graphic design company. Haros popularity within the BMX community started to increase with Haro signing Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist.

By 1999, the Haro brand started to explode and recognised as the go to brand if you’re thinking about buying a new BMX. Haro riders had won over ten medals in the X games since it had started. More than any other team. In finding out are Haro bikes any good? we must look at some of the benefits of BMX riding.

Haro Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**



Haro DLX



If you’re looking for a good quality BMX from a reputable BMX brand that is well known throughout the BMX community then the search is certainly over. The Haro DLX BMX offers brilliant value for money.




The Haro DLX comes with a Chrome frame that offers the rider plenty of support while riding. Having a good quality frame will definitely help an entry level BMX rider to the next level. where are haro bikes made?




A pair of Haro La Mesa tires that will give the rider plenty of grip while they hit the local skatepark. La Messa tires are specially designed for BMX riding.




Haro have equipped the DLX with the 990 U Brake that will give the rider plenty of stopping power. Ideal for performing an emergency stop and getting out of any sticky situations. We hope you have enjoyed our article on are Haro any bikes good? and found it helpful and informative.



  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95%

Why Should You Ride A BMX


To find our are Haro bikes any good? we will look at some of the main reasons why you should ride a BMX. The popularity of BMX riding has grown over the year and has seen skate parts pop up in many towns and cities. Bmx riding has even been incorporated into the Olympics.

Riding a BMX on a regular basis is a brilliant aerobic workout and is a fun way of improving a rider’s health without even thinking about it. Brilliant for a better health heart and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Here are some of the main benefits of riding a BMX. Read about the pros and cons of bmx bikes.


Tone your muscles


One of the main benefits of BMX riding is that it helps tone your muscles. Individuals with joint pains and disease will appreciate BMX riding as it’s a low form of exercise that does not put much strain on the joints. BMX riding is similar to going to the gym. A bunny hope could be considered as a dead lift. Pedalling is like going on a stationary bike.


Losing Weight


A second benefit of BMX riding is that it helps individuals lose weight. If an individual is over weight, BMX riding allows an individual to build up their stamina at their own pace. Choosing the intensity will help the rider not to burn out too easily.


Mental Well being


Regular exercise has not only been known to improve an individual’s physical health but mental health too. Exercising realises happy endorphins that help an individual’s wellbeing. Going out for a ride can help a rider forget about the natural stress life can sometimes bring. A really good stress buster. Read about the pros and cons of cycling.

BMX Community


BMX riding was introduced in the Olympics in 2008 and has massively increased its popularity. Riding A BMX is a really good way of an individual making friends who share their passion for BMX riding.

Local skate parks can be found in many towns and cities and an individual from different ages and backgrounds share a passion for BMX riding. BMX riding offers an individual a great way of making new friends.

Apart from the BMX community, BMX riding will allow a rider to become a better rider and improve their confidence levels.

Good Posture


BMX riding is really good for posture. A rider does not slouch while riding, allowing the riders back muscles to strengthen over time. Good health is an important part of happiness and wellbeing. To continue article into are Haro bikes any good? we will take a look at BMX maintenance.



Maintaining A Haro Bike


In answering, are Haro bikes any good? we will take a look at how to maintain a Haro bike. Any BMX rider knows that practise is the only way to become an amazing bmx rider. However, a BMX rider can’t practise if their bmx is broken.

Like any regular bike, a BMX requires regular maintenance. BMX’s take a little more wear and tear. Getting into a good habit of checking the BMX every couple of weeks will help a rider spot any wear and tear and fix it before it becomes a more serious problem.


Nuts & bolts


A BMX rider should make sure that all the nuts and bolts are fastened to the BMX. Check the connection points on the top tube and the chain stays.




A chain coverts power to the bike. The pedal power from the leg’s transfers power to the pedals that make the heels tun. With the chain being close to the ground, it will collect dirt and grime.

A chain should be lubricated. Lubricating the chain will help keep the chain run a lot smoothly. Get an only rag and clean any dirt from the rings. An old rag, soapy water and a bit of elbow grease will work wonders.



Brakes need to be maintained too. Brakes need lubrication too; the dirt and grit can get stuck in between and cause wear and tear. Using lubrication on the pivot points and some oil on the brake levers.

Getting into a good habit of inspecting the pads on a regular basis for any wear and tear. Test the brakes by gently applying the brake levers and rocking the bike back and forth.


Brakes need lubrication, specifically the pivot points because these are vulnerable to dirt and grit. The cables can also get rusty or seize from a lack of lubrication. Similarly, the brake levers can use the occasional drop or two of oil.


Tire Pressure


Having proper inflated tires will make pedalling a lot easier. Protect your rims from damage and help pro long the life span of the BMX tire.

Flat tires cause the BMX to work a lot harder. The required PSI level can be taken from the instruction manuel. In exploring are Haro bikes any good? we will look at the popular Hard BMX.

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