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Gunai Electric off road bike


We take A Look At this LITTLE BEAST. Is it worth your hard earned pennies?

Why Buy The MX02


Suppose you’re looking for a monstrous beauty that gives you a ton of fun and perfect for commuting on the street or ripping up hills and off-road.

The Gunai MX02 E-bike stands on top as an Off-roader beast with sheer raw, brutal, elegant power to match. are mountain bikes good for commting?

What if you could ride an eco-friendly bike that handles with smooth vibrancy on the tarmac, and on the toughest of terrain?

Enter the Gunai MX02 off-roading e-bike. can you use a mountain bike in the snow

The bike stands out at maximizing the power to the motor, full-speed burst, maximum torque, and traction on different terrain, in short.

Gunai MX02 e-bike turns on and off-road tracking an exhilarating experience. In considering “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?” we will look at the performance of the MX02. Disadvantages of mountain bikes.

  • Acceleration – it crushes standstill/starts and accelerates to its highest speed.
  • Braking – shortest distance required to stop from top throttle speed.
  • Unassisted Hill Climb/Cruising – easily cruises to its highest speed without pedal assistance or throttle, based on the lowest gear ratio available (flat/inclined surface)
  • Handling – the bike quickly disengages assistance when the rider stops pedalling (an important safety feature). are electric bikes any good.



This is a versatile e-bike, with excellent terrain adaptability and fat tyre fit.

The Gunai MX02 will plough across anything you throw at it whether you are on casual riding, working out, adventure trails or sport tracking across. “


Why Should You Buy The MX02

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the SAVA E0 14”




26 x 4.0 inch snow tires

Hydraulic Brakes


Great Value

The Mx02 offers brilliant value for money


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Whilst there are many bottom bracket (mid-mounted), motor-driven bikes with plenty of power and torque their aesthetic is unappealing and hefty in weight.

The MX02 bike represents the pinnacle in electric bike versatility and performance. The super powerful and reliable 1000w motor and 16Ah lithium-ion battery whips more power and range to last you longer distances.

This is complemented by high-quality build components for the suspension to the 21-speed rapid shifter, ensuring that no terrain is out of reach.

The specification confirms nothing was left to change from nose to tail: a 1x drivetrain that mixes Dura-Ace Di2 with a long cage Shimano XTR rear mech, top-of-the-range carbon wheels with an advanced aero profile.

The Promax made bar/stem/seat post and saddle all make for a complete mountain bike.







25 kg / 50Lbs

Battery Type 

48v 16ah Lithium-Ion


Mid-Drive Motor 1000w 48v

Digital Display

C965 Multi-Function Digital Screen (Distance, Battery Level, Power, And Spread)


Aluminium Alloy-6061 44T Crank, 170mm With Outer Guard


70-90km (pedal assist mode) and 40km (pure power mode).

Maximum Speed



120nm torque


21-speed + wide gear ratio


3 phase – thumb throttle settings

Freewheel / Cassette

Shimano altus cs-hg31 8 speed casette 11-32t


Logan hd-e500 2 piston hydraulic 180mm

Brake Lever

Tektro Auriga


Cst bft: anti-puncture 26″ x 4.0


Neco alloy

Front Suspension

a5re-air shock C.N.C. alloy


Double-wall w/o holes 80mm wide


Promax aluminium alloy 31.8mm*22.2mm*620mm, 9 degree


Promax ma-50

Seat Post

Promax sp-252 aluminium 6061 alloys, 27.2mm*350mm


6061 aluminium alloy


Selle royal xh-g03

Max Weight Support:

180 kg.


Features & Benefits




It rides like a standard mountain bike thanks to its small size that allows it to be built on the same frame geometry.

Its low profile with durable protective cover is designed to handle daily on and off-road riding rigours while clearing protruding roots and rocks and sand. The article on  “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?” will look at the motor on the MX02.

  • 500-watt motor peaks at 1000 watts for a massive burst in power.
  • Natural riding feel riding on either paddle or throttle power due to Narrow Q-Factor
  • Reliable power transfer from rigid build design
  • Inline motor mounting providing near-silent ride quality and low vibrations.





The MXO2 packs a punch in terms of torque vectoring and battery efficiency. It has impressive figures to back it up.

  • 120NM torque topping at 45kph
  • 70-90km (pedal assist mode) and 40km (pure power mode).
  • The smooth gearshift sensor momentarily cuts motor power when shifting. It mounts in line with the shifter cable and detects the cable movement.




Running out of battery mid-ride can be one of the biggest concerns for e-bike users. The Gunai bike is backed up by an ultra-durable, powerful, long-lasting Li-ion battery designed for maximum distance and torque, whether daily commutes blasting across off-road adventures.

  • High-quality 500/Wh battery lithium-ion battery to go the distance.
  • Quick charging recharge time and up to 500 charge cycles with no significant power loss
  • Mileage up to 60-90 km on one charge. The range extender adds 40km from its 160W/h battery, for a total 480W/h capacity and 130km/1miles.




Truth be told, there are quite some stunning heads-up info displays in the market, but what distinguishes this bike is a robust lightweight, low profile display designed for off-road riding.

  • 4 cm (1.39 in) LCD colour display with a handlebar mount.
  • Display functions include time, lights on/off mode, assist mode, battery charge level, speed, distance, total mileage, riding time, estimated range, cadence, error messages.
  • 80-lumen centre beam and a unique L.E.D. flashing light (front and back) In exploring “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?” we will look at the drive train.




Taking on steep climbs and challenging trails in full confidence with 85Nm increased torque is fun. Gunai MX02 delivers smooth, direct power to ensure you are always in complete control while experiencing a natural ride feel.

  • Lightweight drivetrain for increased responsiveness
  • Low profile for off-road riding
  • Crank length options: 170 mm, 175 mm
  • L.D.: 142 mm and Lightweight for better handling (25kg)


  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 96%



When you are doing e-bike maintenance, it’s important to remember that mechanical and electrical elements need your attention.  Our article on “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?” will look at how to maintain the MX02.

  • Ideally, conventional wisdom suggestions keep the e-bike out of direct sunlight and stored in a place preferably lower than 20°c (68°F)


  • Ideally, when storing the battery for an extended period, ensure it charges between about 80% and 40% of a full charge.


  • The chemistry makes up of Lithium batteries is such that they don’t have a memory effect. If consistently doing short rides


  • it’advisable to charge after every few rides than after each outing.


  • Check the The Gunai MX02 has disc brakes and pump up your tyres regularly. An e-bike is heavier than a regular bike and puts more pressure on your tires.


  • Keep your Cassette and Derailleur clean and lubed for efficient transmission and ride.


  • A tune-up every two months is encouraged. Next, the article “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?”will look at some techniques to get the maximum out of the MX02.




1000W of power is just insane to experience, and those fat tires helping put the power down!

The Gunai MX02 is sturdy and robust step-thru cruiser electric bike that is beautifully spec’d for ambitious all-mountain adventures and aggressive trail and climbing prowess.

It boasts of a class-leading mid-drive motor producing 120 N.m. of torque. If you are after bold, brash, and assertive.

This is your bike! It is an excellent value premium bike that is cost capped and affordable?

It is not just an eye-grabbing fat tire electric bike but something which packs all the best parts to provide a superb ride on almost any terrain. Finally, the article on “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?” will summarise our findings.




Higher wattage correlates with higher power consumption, so using a higher wattage motor means you will need a bigger battery to go the same distance.

What is also critical to note about high wattage e-bikes is the speed limiters.

This is in part due to regulations to cap top speeds on electric bike to between 20 mph and 28mph.

This however can be surpassed if in pedal mode to complement the motorised top speed.

We hope you enjoyed our article on “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?” and found it helpful.






Electric bikes are deceptively fast and being adequately geared up is a no brainer. This will look at handling and riding skills to get optimal bike performance, greater battery life and safety. So Always wear a helmet.

  • Tip #1: Avoid Using the Throttle as Much

The throttle is helpful if you have a rough patch or want to get back up to 20 M.P.H. quickly but avoid using it as much as possible if you hope to maximize your riding range.

  • Tip #2: Learn to Coast Effectively

Ride behind other bikers and vehicles to lower your riding position and minimize air resistance, while raising your position to slow down and come to a quicker, smoother stop.

  • Tip #3: Use a Lower Pedal Assist Mode

Many eBikes have multiple speed settings, allowing you to choose how the motor provides power assistance while you pedal. A significant drawback of using the higher pedal assist settings is that it will drain your battery quicker.

  • Tip #4: Avoid random movement.

Riding on slippery paths requires different handling of the bike. It requires riding slower with pedal option and gentler braking. Quickstarts and stops mean the tires are exerted more pressure and increases skidding risk.

  • Tip #5: Adaptive Gear Shifting

In the moments where you need to pedal through a rock patch, time your pedal rock strikes. It’s essential to keep weight on the pedals instead of the saddle, so you don’t get stuck in the terrain.

  • Tip #6: Plant in the seat

On steep inclines, loose materials, and technical obstacles, it is tempting enough for most to get out of the saddle to shift body weight into pedals. You’re better off doing the reverse, staying seated. Standing means increasing the risk of spinning or slipping as weight is unevenly distributed across the wheels meaning less grip and traction. To look at “How fast does a 1000w e bike go? We will look at the benefits of the MX02.

Key Advantages and Benefits of Gunai MX02

·         Powered Sensory Control Unit

·         Great Front & Back suspension

·         The sleek design integrates battery into the down tube

·         Lightweight and Durable

·         Dual Gear Shifter

·         Pedal Assist (Power Boost)

·         Big tire bikes for all-terrain

·         Incredibly durable/mud resistant for all weather conditions


This is a versatile hardtail electric mountain bike with quality fenders and lights. It’s functional in urban and off-road environments.

The extra-large tires easily cruise through the most challenging terrain while softening the ride over roots and rocks while delivering the traction to climb the steep terrain.

This aids in better traction and the freedom to leave the pavement with little fear. For its value, build quality and performance, this is a must-have if you are looking for a powered all-terrain electric bike. To conclude, our article on “How fast does a 1000w e bike go?” we will give our final thoughts.

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