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GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle

Searching For A Lightweight Electric Mountain Bike That Is Designed Specifically For Cycling Enthusiasts That Love Mountain Biking.

GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle



Aluminium Frame

Brushless Motor

Folding Mechanism

Why Should You Buy?

You Will Absolutely Love Having An On Board Motor. You Wont Dread Going Up Hills Again



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GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle Metrics

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GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle

If you are considering buying a new mountain bike for yourself or gifting your loved one, then the number of choices that you can come across is immense. The GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle Adult Bicycle – 26\”-90km Life, Black-48V10AH is working to give an un parallel competition to most of the other mountain bike options in the market.

This GTYW folding bicycle is a top choice whether you love riding on harsh adventure terrains or just want a bike for your daily commute. Not only this bike has been tested for its safety features under strict conditions but also has been provided with features for helping the riders get an amazing riding experience. 

Main Benefits/ Features Of The GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle

The bike has been tested with both vertical and horizontal fatigue force of 20 watts along with a 10-watt vibration test. The fork has also passed a torque test and a fatigue test of 5-watt power. Further, a 10-watt fatigue test on the treadmill works to certify its safety and reliability.

The LCD display goniometer along with the 7-phase battery powered PAS speed ensures better riding at all terrains. The best part about the bike is its battery that can provide you a pure electric life with constant speed support for up to 40 km or more.

It is super easy to charge and release the battery. It has three separate models to suit it for your everyday uses – PAS, throttle reverse and pedal. The cycle is very eco-friendly. All the electrical components will be preassembled by the maker to make things easier for you. Pros and cons of electric bikes.


The main features contributing to making the GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle Adult Bicycle – 26\”-90km Life, Black-48V10AH a top choice in the market include:

Sturdy 6061T6 frame made of aluminum alloy

Provided with a hydraulic fork that can be easily locked

Comes with easy speed variation principle due to the Shimano 7 speed technology

It comes with a 48-volt battery with 10 AH strength

The brushless 240-volt motor makes riding easier

Capable of withstanding up to 120 kg load

It provides a 52.4 torque

Each wheel is made with three knife magnesium alloy rims

Charging time can vary anywhere between 6 to 12 hours depending on usage

Lightweight make with a total weight of just 23 kg

Provides a full mileage of 60 km and a help mileage up to 90 km

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Absolutely Love Using The GTYW Electric Folding Bicycle Mountain Bicycle Exploring My Local Mountain Bike Trails.” Jerome


Customer Satisfaction

Those who have purchased this mountain bike have developed more than a regular dependency on it. It can be used for daily commuting as well as for a sports ride out in the adventurous routes.

It has been tested for safety and reliability as well as for its contribution to a greener earth. The battery life also contributes to making it impossible for the buyers to stop praising the product. are electric bikes any good?


Advantages and Disadvantages


The superior battery and the brushless motors work to supply you with a torque high enough to conquer any path you want to go through. It is comfortable and sturdy. The pedals, seats, and handlebars have been carefully designed to add to the comfort scales. Its foldable features further make it a more preferred choice for easy storage and transport despite its strong features. are electric bikes good for commuting?

While most of the cycle has already been assembled before package, hiring a professional repairman is the best option to consider for your on and off-road safety. Pros and cons of cycling.

Common Questions

Below mentioned are the most common doubts among buyers.

Is it easy to store and carry the product?

Yes. As it can be folded, it takes hardly a minute to fold it up and store in a single box for easy storage or transport.

Do I need to hire a cycle repairer for the assembly of the leftover parts?

If you have experience, you can do it all by yourself. But hiring a professional can help you to ensure safety for your rides. Also, they will know of all the adjustments required to make it more suitable for your life.

Is it durable?

In terms of durability, it is one of the best options to consider. It is further reinforced by the alloy frame and rims that contribute to its sturdy make.

How strong is the battery?

It can provide a constant speed for up to 90 kilometers depending on how you will the bike and the terrain you are riding it on. The brushless motor works to reinforce the strength of the battery even on the toughest terrains.


Final Verdict


Once you receive the product, make sure you charge it for at least 8 to 10 hours before going out for your first ride. The foldable feature is one of the rarest features that lets you carry and store it without any difficulty.

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