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 GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2

Looking For A Road Bike From A Top Bike Brand, Designed & Manufactured To Meet The Needs Of A Modern Road Cyclist.

   GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2




Aero System Shaping

Rim Brake Technology

Increased Frame Stiffness





Why Should You Buy?

Giant Are Well Known For Only Manufacturing Quality Road Bikes


Who Is The Pro 2 Designed For?

Designed For Road Cyclists

GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2 Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

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  GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2

If you are a professional road racer or triathlon competitor and you are in search of the perfect bike to enable you to achieve success in a forthcoming competition, then you shouldn’t look too far as I will recommend you get the Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 bike. Not only is it versatile, but it also guarantees a mind-blowing pace.

The Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 bike gives an 11-speed Shimano drive train which guarantees outstanding reliability and terrific drifting performance.

Taking cognizance of the brakes, the bike features disc brakes which give its riders huge control on their acceleration. I recommend this bike for not just athletes alone, but for anyone who wishes to own and ride a perfect looking and superb feature guaranteed bike.

Features & Benefits

The Grand Propel Advanced Pro 2 Bike was built with a technology known as aero system shaping, with expert knowledge of the movement of wind to enable aerodynamic efficiency. Every tube of the bike is shaped with computational fluid dynamics to ensure it attains maximum capability.

The addition of modified disc brakes gives the riders great control on their speed. With new integrated rim brake technology, riders are guaranteed of terrific braking power in both certain and uncertain conditions while riding.

It also features integrated giant wheel systems with 65mm deep rear rim with extra 42mm shallower front rim all these enhance control enabling the rider to perform brilliantly through the wind.

Included in its feature is an integrated stem and handlebar enhances stiffness and balance. This enables the rider to accelerate at high speed using little effort. This particular feature makes the Grand Propel Advanced Pro 2 Bike unrivalled and second to none in terms of efficiency.

The body parts of the bike are made of advanced technology and high grade performing raw materials. It features oversized fork steerer tube technology made to enhance direct front-end steering performance, with an oversized headset bearing and narrow steerer tube which works in conjunction to give maximum steering stiffness.

The complete design of this bike with its lightweight and aerodynamics features which gives an advantage over wind movement, no doubt assures you of perfect road riding performance.   You may like to read our article on the Pros and Cons of Road Bikes.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  My Friends Are Going To Be So Jealous When See My GIANT Propel Advanced Pro 2.” Dean

Customer Satisfaction

The Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 Bike is absolutely a great and recommendable bike for everyone and not just professional racers. Amateur racers will find it very useful as well. It is top class, beautifully designed and fits into any occasion whether racing, recreation etc.

It’s aerodynamics feature which gives you an advantage over the wind as well as the disc brakes giving maximum control to the riders. Not forgetting to mention its durability which guarantees long term use as well.

So if you are a bike racer, triathlon competitor or bike lover and you are contemplating on the bike to get, I recommend the Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 Bike.


Final Verdict


This bike has everything a racer needs, speed, good control of brake, mind control etc. Also for nonroad racers or triathlon competitor, this bike is also recommendable for its durability, beauty, and sharpness.

This bike has great utility and can fit into any activity so desired.

Considering all the aforementioned features, getting this bike will be worth the money spent on it.

I will strongly advise that before you put the bike on the road endeavour to check it properly to ensure it’s in perfect shape and your good go. Please carry out a proper check on tires especially to ensure they aren’t deflated in order to avoid any casualty of some sort.

If you notice anything strange with the bike on and after delivery, please do well to contact the company and discontinue the use of it until it is properly checked and fixed. Enjoy your ride.

Common Questions

Is the bike only for Road Racers?

Though, The Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 Bike is of great advantage to road racers because of its tremendous features. However, it is very much useful to any and everyone who wants to get a bike for other purposes. You could equally use it for exercise, transportation and pretty much any recreational activity you want and it will fit in.

What can I do if my bike gets spoilt?

Like every other machine, bikes also could get spoilt and things have been put in place to check such challenges. If your bike gets spoilt, no need for panic. Simply call the delivery company or the main office and they will take your complaint seriously. There are professionals who can get the job done and get your bike fixed in no time.

Does it come with safety equipment?

Safety equipment that includes, helmets, knee guards etc don’t come with the purchase of the bike. However, if you need them you will have to purchase them and they will be delivered together with the bike.

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