Fuji Nevada 1.7 Mountain Bike

Looking For The Perfect Mountain Bike Brand. We Take A Look At The Fuji Brand. 

Why Should You Buy The Nevada

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the SAVA E0 14”




WTB Ranger Comp Tyres

Tektro M280, Mechanical Disc Brakes

Aluminium Drame 


Good Quality Brand


Strong & Durable

The Nevada Is Built To Last 

Fuji Brand


When we think about mountain bikes, we imagine a bike that is well built and can handle rough terrains without causing any discomfort to us.

Well, that’s the thing about mountain bikes, they are built specifically for rough terrains. If you have decided to buy a mountain bike, you should know everything about a mountain bike to make a smart purchase. is fuji a good mountain bike. 

There is a bike brand that has been manufacturing bikes for over a century and I think you should know about its mountain bikes. Mtb beginer guide.


Fuji bikes


Fuji bikes is one of the oldest bike brands, having been founded in 1899 in Japan as “Nichibei Fuji.” Nichibei translates to “Japanese American.”

The company at first started importing American and English bikes and within 20 years, it started manufacturing its own bikes. The company was named after one of the most iconic peaks, Mount Fuji.

The fuji bikes manufacture bikes that are excellent in quality and promises a very good experience than the departmental store bikes.

That is why most professional bikers use Fuji bikes for their purpose. If we see the standards of Fuji bikes, we can see why it is popular among professional bikers and why it delivers world-class performance.

Fuji bikes believe in providing a world-class experience to their customers. They deliver adventure and joy with leading age technology accessible to every cyclist.

Fuji bikes manufacture one of the best mountain bikes. They are tough and stylish.


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Why should you buy a Mountain Bike?


If you want to go off-road riding and have some fun-filled adventures, then you should have a proper bike for it.

Most people think that buying a mountain bike is a waste of money and standard bikes fulfil this purpose too. Well, here they are absolutely wrong.

A road/standard bike is designed and manufactured simply for riding on roads. Their gears, saddles, and tyres are made that way. But a mountain bike is used while riding on rough terrains other than the road.

So, the saddle, gears, brakes, and tyres are a little different. If you are looking for a good time and a comfortable experience then you should not compromise here.


Benefits of Buying a Mountain bike 


A mountain bike serves many purposes. It is not only useful in off-road cycling it also helps in maintaining good health. Let’s see in detail what a mountain bike and mountain biking has to offer:



Improves balance and coordination

Off-road biking includes adjusting to the changing terrain, pitch, and elevation regularly. It gives exercise to the brain, muscles, and nervous system. It can prevent you from falling in future because you have balance and coordination over your body.



Better sleep

After off-road biking, you may feel exhausted. It will lead to better sleep at night. While riding a bike, cortisol, a hormone that keeps us awake decreases that causes us to sleep better. Disadvantages of mountain biking.


Alternative use

A mountain bike can be used on-road too. So when you are not planning to go off-road, you can still use the mountain bike.

So buying a mountain bike is not a waste of money. You will get a lot of health benefits by riding it and it promises a comfortable and pleasant adventur. Pros and cons of mountain bikes. 

Fuji Nevada 27.5″ 1.7 Hardtail Mountain Bike


This Fuji mountain bike is a high-quality mountain bike with an attractive design. This bike does not only look good but it also offers excellent performance. The bike has the following features:


Frame material


The Nevada has an A2 aluminum frame featuring updated geometry to meet today’s standards. Aluminum is lightweight and it is a widely available material used for bikes. Aluminum does not rust and it can be repaired with ease. So having a bike with an aluminum frame can turn out to be very good.


Brake style


The Fuji bike has Tektro HD-M280 mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors. These brakes offer a good stopping power because the disc is more readily cooled.


Disc brakes are less complex. It provides better efficiency and works well on wet surfaces too. These brakes provide a lot of benefits while biking off-road. You will have total control over the bike and you can prevent accidents and injuries. 




The bike weighs 15.52 kilograms. The average weight of a mountain bike is 13.2 kilograms. If the weight exceeds a little, it will not cause any negative impact on the biking experience.


As long as you can control the bike comfortably, nothing seems to be a problem. So, the weight of the bike would not be a problem.




The Nevada has a Shimano Tourney 3×7 speed drivetrain. Shimano Tourney is found in most bikes whether they are road. MTB, or hybrids.


It offers a 3×7 speed to the biker. The speed can be changed easily without taking much time and effort from the biker. It makes it easy for them to ride without having to worry about changing speeds.




The Fuji has a WTB SX19 wheelset with WTB Ranger Comp, 27.5×2.25″ tyres. The 27.5 tyres are a little nimble because there is less rotating mass to move around. The wheels provide better traction. They are good for most purposes. They are lightweight and offer faster acceleration. It has better maneuverability. These tyres will contribute to a memorable and pleasant biking experience.




The bike has an SR Suntour front suspension fork with 100mm of travel. Suspension forks provide the travel to the front wheel that is ideal in rough trails as it makes it easy and comfortable to get through. It also increases a rider’s control over the bike on rough terrains where it is needed the most.


Handle type


This Fuji MTB has a riser bar handlebar. It is wider than the flat handlebar and rises from the central clamp area.


These handlebars are most frequently used in off-road biking because it allows the rider to be more upright. The upright position does not put much strain on hands and wrists thus ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.


Some other features of this bike are:


It has a Fuji Performance Saddle.

It has resin platform pedals.

It has a KMC HV500 chain.

It has an all-new frame with updated geometry for 2021.

The bike ensures reliability and comfort


  • Features – 96%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 93%

Tips For Using Nevada


As seen above, the bike has so many features. All these features make it possible for a mountain bike to fulfil its purpose, that is to offer a comfortable ride off-road without causing a nuisance to the rider.

While the bike has so many features, it is always recommended to have everything under control. Mountain biking may seem easy but there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Let’s have a look at some tips while riding this bike off-road. How to corner on a mountain bike. 

Check all the parts of the bike.

Adjust saddle and brakes as per your convenience

Make sure to check the air pressure of tyres before commencing your adventure.

Always wear safety gears.

Use all the speeds.

Check regularly for maintenance

Keep yourself hydrated


Fuji manufactures good quality mountain bikes. So if you are still thinking “Is Fuji a good mountain bike brand?” It is absolutely one of the best.


The bikes are of top quality and every part used in this bike has its own features that make it more valuable. It is an all-around fun bike for the city or country.

The bike can be used on the road too. The main purpose of this bike is to serve your needs. Mountain bikes are built tough so it can be said that this bike is durable, reliable, and comfortable.

Just buy the bike that fits you and you will be amazed by the experience that this bike has to offer. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional, this bike is good for trail riding and commuting.


What to look for while buying a mountain bike?


If you are looking to hit the dirt and experience biking on the next level, you must have a proper bike for that. Buying a mountain bike can be daunting but if you know what you are looking for, then things might get a little simpler. So keep these things in mind when buying a mountain bike:


Make sure that the bike fits you. Buy the right size.

Buy the type of mountain bike that is suitable for you.

While going for suspension, go for quality, not quantity.

The frame material of bikes comes in different types. You can choose whatever you think would be best for you.

Fuji bike is an amazing mountain bike brand. A lot of their bikes are used by professionals for their off-road biking. One of those bikes is Fuji Nevada 27.5″ 1.9 Hardtail Mountain Bike 2021 Dark Teal 19″.

 So, if you liked our article on is Fuji a good mountain bike? Please let us know if you find this article helpful. Your feedback means a lot to us.


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