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Ford B-Max Unisex Folding Bike

Searching For A Great Value Folding Bike From A World Renowned Bike Brand

Ford B-Max Unisex Folding Bike

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Fitted Mudguards

Aluminium Rims

Single Speed



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Ford B-Max Unisex Folding Bike

Are you aware of all benefits that riding bike has? Well if you didn’t think about it, you should. Here are just few benefits of riding bike every day. Riding bike on daily basis will reduce heart disease and cancer risk. It is direct consequence of raising heart rate during bike riding.

Because if that riding a bike is recommended by many different experts from branch of medicine. Many years ago, scientists done research over 260 000 people who was riding bike daily, and it was proven that it reduce risk of getting cancer and heart disease.

Another obvious benefit of cycling is saving time and here comes our Ford B-max folding bike. Put yourself in following situations: you want to get to work and you chose to go by bus, you first need to get to bus top, then you need to wait the bus and there is possibility that bus is late, then you have to pay it and who knows how much time it will take to bus to arrive on its destination, second scenario is to go with car, to pay for fuel, to pay for park and to spend your nerves in traffic. Now imagine that you have one of Ford-B Max Folding Bikes, just past traffic and fold bike when you arrive and you will save your time, nerves and money.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Ford B-Max Unisex Folding Bike


  • Color – Gloss red
  • Brake type – mechanical rim
  • Size – medium
  • Frame material – steel
  • Frame size – 11
  • Material type – steel
  • Number of speeds – 1
  • Suspension – rigid
  • Wheel size – 16 cm
  • Dimensions – 88 x 37 x 65 cm
  • Weight – 13,5 kg
  • Shipping weight – 17,1 kg
  • Grips – dual density comfort grips
  • Brake types – Alloy V brakes and finger levers
  • Handlebar and stem – low rise folding bar and stem
  • Chain set and pedals – 40t chain ring with 140 mm cranks and right side folding pedal
  • Chain cover – double disc guard
  • Saddle and post – comfort saddle with 500 mm x 28.6 mm seat post
  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 91%

” The Ford B-Max Unisex Folding Bike Is Brilliant For Public Transport.” Tony


Customer Satisfaction

Buyers of this product are so satisfied with performance they got. Any bad feedback is about some minor things that could definitely be better, but generally this is one of the best choices when it comes to folding bikes, and all its users will confirm that for you. Users of this bike are very pleased with possibility of fast folding and with practicality of the bike.


Advantages and Disadvantages


This bike will perfectly do whatever it is designed for. We can say that it justify its purpose in right way. Also another huge advantage of this bike is that it provides you great value for relatively small price. Another positive side of Ford B-Max Folding Bike is that it can be lifted by almost anyone. In other hand you can’t find too many disadvantages, but there is one that can be problematic for some people. Ford-B Max is mostly good for flat surfaces only. So if you want to ride up to hill, maybe this is not best choice for you, but it is indeed one of the best choices of folding bikes.

Final Verdict

This bike will give you what you want. It is strong enough to carry even people with overweight problems. It folds so easy and fast. It is indeed heavy 17 kg but it is easy for lifting it, even less strong people can lift this bike with almost no problem. The packaging is very decent and it will please you.

It is very cheap and cost effective. You will get so much for giving so little. It will lead you to your work office, school or any other destination with no problems at all. It has high-quality parts and it is very reliable. Its option of folding is very convenient for occasions such as everyday use, or going on camping. It gives you possibility of easily opening it up for quick use and folding it up for storage.

Its 16 cm wheels are perfect for a nimble but stable ride. Mudguards on its wheels are going to give you protection and it will help you to keep dirt off you. Ford B-Max has very comfortable saddle and ergonomically shaped grip.

Quality performance of braking is provided by linear pull V brakes. Its strong frame will provide you safety. It also has luggage carrier which can give you couple more options for use. Pedals are perfectly designed in order to make riding easy and smoothly for you.

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