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Folding Bike Buyer’s Guide


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Why Should You Buy A Folding Bike



Folding Mechanism

Brilliant For Storing In Small Places




Public Transport

Ideal for taking on public transport 


Urban Commute

Great for Commuting 



Do you want to tour the country in lesser time?

Do you want to switch between riding in public conveyance to boarding a train or a flight?

Looking for a compact, portable and a perfect travel buddy.


A FOLDING BIKE is the accurate solution! Lately, a wide range of folding bikes is grabbing eyeballs as they cater to widening a lot of opportunities.

Choosing an out – and – out bike for you might be a bit puzzling and requires a lot of research before you go for one! Take a dive into this folding bike buyer’s guide!

One can use them as and when, they want and can fold it compactly and place them in a cover, or storage cabin or anywhere. Say, you can drive until your bus stop, fold it compactly and get into the bus, get down and unfold the bike and ride until your destination, which can be in walkable distance. A boon saves storage space.

Not just that, it is a great and convenient way of maintaining your health and fitness, as it can be used on a daily basis. Whether you want to go for school, work or college, go for a leisure ride across the city, or go for hiking with friends on the mountains, a foldable bike is that one thing you are going to need!


The demand for foldable bikes are increasing constantly in the market since these bikes are compact and can be easily carried from one place to another . The boost in the market of foldable bikes resulted in large productions of it and caused abundance in the choice of the buyers making it a confusing decision. This guide will help you choose the right foldable bike for yourself.



Let us take a quick sneak peek at the merits it has to offer


  • It is small and compact.
  • It is feasible for both daily usage like college or work transit as well as adventurous trips (depends on the type of bike you get)
  • Versatile for long distance rides.
  • Caters to space constraints.





Foldable bikes are much smaller than the regular bikes. It is a fully functional bike and can be folded up and carried from one place to another easily.

They are the perfect choice if you travel a long distance from home to work every day. Foldable bikes enables you to take your bike with you on a holiday without even needing to fit a bike rack.

The wheels of the foldable bikes are much smaller that the regular bikes that enables them to fold up to a compact size. Most of them are available in one size. are folding biikes good for exercise?

To Make the bike adjustable for people of different sizes these bikes have interminable seat posts and steered tubes attached to the small frame of the bike. The gears and chain of a foldable bike is covered with chain guard to prevent dirt. Read the pros and cons of folding bikes.





 These bikes are foldable but comes with larger tier for faster ride. If you only travel to work this bike would be a perfect choice for you.



 It’s perfect for commuting .It’s smaller in size and fits in a case or a bag . It also has smaller tiers compare to full size foldable bikes.



Commuting is the main reason of getting a foldable bike. Foldable bikes occupies a very small amount of space when folded up.

 Foldable bikes are allowed in most of the public transport even if they do not allow other types. After arriving at work, you can easily keep your foldable bike under your desk and no one will really notice. If you don’t have a garage you can easily keep your foldable bike inside your house.

Foldable bikes don’t clutter the house and can be tucked under the stairs and squeezed into a small Space easily.




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8 things you will know from this folding bike buyer’s guide:


  1. Precise frame size

Lookout for a bike with gear ratios, frame and handlebar stiffness which best suits your needs and requirements.

Accordingly adjust and customise you seat, handle positions and so on, for a decent and comfortable riding experience.

The handle bar stem and the seat post are adjustable to the maximum extent and can help a lot in the steering activity. are folding bikes good for commuting.


Materials used to manufacture the frame:


This folding bike buyer’s guide will provide some basic information you need to know about the frame’s material.

  • Aluminium frame:  It has low weight and is inexpensive. It provides good control. It is the most common frame material used in mid and higher range bikes.
  • Steel: It is the heaviest of the frame materials, and provides good amount of shock absorption and stability.
  • Carbon fibre: It is the lightest of all the frame materials and provides the frame an appreciable amount of shock absorption.
  • Titanium: It is used in manufacturing expensive folding bikes. It has low weight and gives pretty decent shock absorption. It is strong as well.


  1. Precise wheel size

      The size of your foldable bike’s wheel should be opted according to your travel specifications. Folding bikes come with wheel sizes varying from 16”, 20” ,24”, 26”, to 27.5”.

Smaller wheels are stronger, stiffer and more compact and can be used for extensive local transits and for travelling shorter distances.  Larger wheels and wider gears are most preferred to travel longer distances like adventurous trips or long drives.

Our folding bike buyer’s guide would suggest that a 20’’ wheel size would be perfect for giving the best of both- performance as well as folding size. Apart from wheel size, the components used and frame design also play a vital role in the quality of the bike. are folding bikes good for long rides.


  1. Folding technique

 Folding mechanisms vary from model to model and you can choose an apt bike along with its mechanism, according to your preference and requirement.

Some of the folding mechanisms you need to check out, on our folding bike buyer’s guide:

  • Vertical fold: The bike has 2 hinges on the main chain and folds up vertically with the seat in the same position.


  • Swivel fold: Easily foldable in car trunks , subway cars and buses. Perfect for an urban commutator.


  • Triangle hinge fold: the triangle hinge allows the rear triangle and wheel to fold down and flip forward under the mainframe tube. This is meant to set up a bit faster. check out this folding bike guide.


  • Half and middle horizontal fold: Most common folding method. It uses a solid hinge to fold the bike in exactly half way point. It has quick release clamps that enhance the speed of assembling and disassembling. are folding bikes comfortable to ride.


  • Breakaway fold: before folding the frame pieces together, the pivot joint hinges to allow the frame to separate. Here the pivot joint is usually the seat post. They use a diamond frame.


There are few more deciding factors when it comes to folding mechanism, listed out in our folding bike buyer’s guide:

  • Folding size

                The larger the wheel size, the larger is the space occupied by the folded bike, and it would become problematic to carry it around, if you are taking other means to commute to a place .But these kinds of bikes exhibit better performance.

In addition, technically, smaller the wheel size, less complicated and easier to carry it around during frequent local travels.

  • Folding speed

        This depends on how frequent you need to fold and unfold your bike in a day. They range from slowest folding bikes to quickest. They can take 10 seconds to 10 minutes or more to fold and disassemble according to the models.


  1. Performance

          Another salient factor that one needs to contemplate before buying a suitable folding bike is its performance. It depends on the distance you travel everyday on an average and decided by the wheel’s size, gear ratios, frame stiffness, suspension and so on.


  1. Gear ratios

       Check out these specifications of gear ratios from our folding bike buyer’s guide:

  • A low gear of 25 inches is most preferable for an average landscape.
  • A top gear of 70 inches will be sufficient for urban transit.
  •  A gear of more than 100 inches will be a must for high performer folding bikes.

 Few folding bikes use internally geared hub in which the gears are located inside the rear wheel. It makes them less vulnerable to damage.

To ensure a long life to the tyres as well, you can get puncture resistant material for the tyres.


  1. Weight of the bike and the rider

        A common misconception is that a foldable bike is lighter than a full- fledged bike. You heard it right!

A foldable bike is heavier than a regular bike due to its folding system. A folding bike with lesser weight would mean that you ought to shell out those extra bucks!

However, limitation to the weight of the bike would mean limitation to the weight of the rider as well. So lookout for a bike perfect for you!


  1. Price

      An ideal folding bike which has lighter weight ( easier to carry when folded) ,larger wheel size(compatible for longer distances) and gives a higher performance, but as alluded already, good comfort and great features come with a good price tag as well!


  1. Tips suggested by our folding bike buyer’s guide, to make smart and safe purchase

  • Get to know about your dealer’s service expertise.
  • Make sure they stick on to the standards of manufacturing; it would make your bike worth the expenditure.
  • Be well informed about the warranty they grant.
  • Ensure that their service stations are not remote, so that you can contact them regarding any issue at any time with ease.
  • Always test ride the bike once to examine its suitability.



  • Foldable bikes occupies considerably less space compared to the regular Bikes.
  • It can be folded easily and stored inside your house without occupying much space .
  • You can carry your foldable bike without any restriction in any public transportation.
  • If you are among those who require both public transport and bike to reach your workplace foldable bikes are exactly what you need.
  • You do not have to lock your bike since you can fold your bike and take it indoors. It reduces the chance of your bike getting stole. We hope you have enjoyed our folding bike buyer’s guide. 


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