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  Focus Izalco Max

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Ultegra Di2 Gear Set

Carbon Frame

Shimano Ultegra R8070 Brakes


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Who Is The Izalco Max For?

Road Cyclists

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   Focus Izalco Max

If you are a mountain bike enthusiast and want a lightweight mountain bike for a range of uses, the Focus Izalco Max is a great solution. It has all the features that make a bike relevant to the widest variety of riders. Most importantly, the candy red color is attractive and makes it stand out of the rest of its bikes as a beautiful bike.

You definitely want to be seen on this bike and test its capabilities. With a lightweight Max technology carob disc frame, it offers ease of handling and control. Thanks to the ingenuity employed in the internal brake cable routing, the bike offers great braking to make it vital in a city set up. It is therefore, a multipurpose mountain bike to take out to different activities (unlike some which are limited to the woods).


Why You Should Choose Focus


Engineers of the Focus Izalco Max did not spare their ideas in producing an attractive and function mountain bike for the young generation. The frame is made of hollow lightweight discs, while the wheelset is made of Shimano renowned tires.

There are three range of colours for the user’s preference, big tires for ease of manoeuvring even when on a speedy declining trail. The overall design is good for racing in the wild woods and can sustain enough comfort to keep the rider on the seat for the longest time possible

Features & Benefits

Most customers praise the sturdiness of the Focus Izalco Max and its ability to hold on for a long time. It is durable and outside its attractive colour, it can sustain the widest range of terrains. It is speedy and can allow the rider to make manoeuvres. The bike will be loved for a long time because it can also be used by both women and men, according to most of the reviews. Find out the Pros and Cons of Road Bikes.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The Focus Izalco Max has great traction to keep you on the track and avoid spills. With a reliable break, you can make sudden stops and avoid minor and major accidents. It works well both in rugged terrains and within smooth tracks in the neighbourhood streets.

The Focus Izalco Max is loved by both girls and boys alike;   because it easy to handle and manoeuvre. Kids love it because of the lightweight mostly.

The saddle is somewhat uncomfortable, according to many customer reviews. You will, therefore, not use it for long. Instead, you will have to ride while standing on the bike for quite a long time. Many mountain bikers have experienced this too.

Moreover, the Focus Izalco Max does not allow you to make jumps and retain control. It will not allow you to make a lot of theatrics because it is rigid. This second issue is not considered much because not many people are planning to make serious jumps or backflips.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  My Friends Are Going To Be So Jealous When The See My Brand New Focus Izalco Max.” Paul

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what makes the company a known enterprise. The feedback from the people helps to make the product more comfortable for the clients as much as possible. This is a very highly demanded product.

Loved by the entire customers who bought this product. With comfortable seats, and very safe brakes makes this product praised more as compared to other products in the market. All love this red colour because of its prominent yet unique pattern of colour.


Advantages Of This Bike


Atala SLR 200 Aluminium 10 V Anthracite/Red is a unique type of bike as compared to others in the market. With the kind of tires this bike provides, it will ensure you a very smooth ride.

These type of tires allow the most stable and fast bike ride as compared to other models available in the market. The steering is very rigid, and with the comfortable handlebar, it makes it very easy to use for a long time without worrying about sweat at all.

The aluminum forks ensure you to have dominant control of the bike without having any problem to turn or ride the bike. The brakes of the bike will ensure that they stop accurately and providing substantial support to the rider without any problem at all. So that you know, the brakes on this bike are considered to be one of the best brakes in terms of responsiveness.

Common Questions

Can I Use the Focus Izalco Max to Commute to School?

The bike handles various terrains well so it is appropriate for school too.

Is the bike durable?

This bike is built to handle rugged landscapes so it can outlive most users


Final Comments


If you want an affordable bike to enjoy the wide variety of features, this is the option to take. It has varied benefits and will not disappoint you either in the wild rocky terrains or smooth tarmacked pavements of your neighbourhood. If you are looking for a gift for your boy, find the bike and they will appreciate for a long time.

The designers achieved their purpose for the target group with a good bike solution for all mountain bike lovers. This is the most all-round bike if you have been keen on testing bikes over the years. Both experienced riders and amateurs can attest to its stability and service.

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