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Five Mountain Biking Maintenance Tips



What you need to know about mountain bike maintenance If you are a mountain bike owner like me,

To avoid these one-time repair costs, it is important for every bike owner to adopt regular bike cleaning and maintenance habits.



Proper mountain bike management not only makes your cycling extremely safe but also improves your riding experience.

In general, mountain bike owners love to take their bikes into the woods – it can be quite exciting and thrilling until the bike becomes muddy and the moving parts wear out.

Cleaning your mountain bike can be a daunting task, especially after a muddy or wet ride and is usually tempting to store that bike in the garage (you see).


So, follow these tips and make your mountain bike more trial-worth every minute!


Check your tire pressure


Your tires are porous and lose stress over time.

Check your tire pressure at least every 7 days.

The first step to tire pressure “ABC” safety inspection is air!


Lube Your Chain


To keep things running smoothly, it is important to keep your chain clean with a degreaser and lubricate from the lube.

lube When it comes down to it, not much better.

If you have more lube on your chain, it can attract more dust, dirt, and grime and actually wear the chain (and the rest of your drivetrain) much faster.

After applying lube, wipe off any excess with a dry cloth.


Do not touch your disc brake rotor


If you touch your rotors (or get chain lube or any other contamination on them), your brakes may squeak and not work!

If you accidentally touch your rotors, clean them with isopropyl alcohol or soap and water before riding.


Do not squeeze your brakes with the wheel off


If you have hydraulic disc brakes and need to remove your wheels for any reason, be careful not to squeeze the brake lever.

Without a rotor, the calipers push the pads against each other by squeezing the lever between the brake pads.

You can’t put your wheel back! If so, you can use a brake pad separator tool or a clean flathead screwdriver to separate the pads.


Offer your suspension


Like your other bikes, your suspension needs maintenance.

Maintaining this maintenance is very important to make sure your bike parts work and last long.

How often you service your forks and shocks depends on the amount of riding you do.

Your suspension manufacturer (Fox, RockShox, DVO, etc.) has recommendations for service breaks for both your forks and shocks.

Generally, basic service such as changing the oil, cleaning the seals and / or replacing the dust wipers and O-rings should be done every 30-50 hours.

A quick trip to the bike shop will give you a new feel on the suspension! How to set up your mountain bike


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What regular maintenance should be done on a mountain bike?


Headset, hub, crank


Affects the headset steering.

The hubs affect your wheels and the cranks change the chain.

These parts are important but easy to ignore. Make sure everything is running tight and smooth and if not adjust them carefully. They may also need grease.




If you have disc brakes or calipers, you should clean and service them regularly to make sure you can turn off your bike when needed. Be sure to follow these four:

Defective rotor braking is impossible and it is easy to ignore.

Caliper brakes are much easier. Look at the pads for wear, and then turn the wheel when you lift the bike and make sure it rotates and stops freely when the brake is used.


Moving chains and cables


Shifters are similar to brake levers; Make the moving areas smooth and you are usually set.

Shifter cables can also be worn and worn out and may need to be replaced.


Bike wheels and tires


Your mountain bike wheels should rotate freely around the hub without rubbing, touching or hitting anything.

If the wheels do not spin properly, they will need to be serviced in the correct circle.

Problems include damaged spokes, broken or loose, worn hubs and possibly fringe.




Clipless pedals should be cleaned and lightly greased, especially the contact points where your cleats connect and any internal bearings or moving parts.

Flat pedals do not need external grease, but they should be greased clean and smooth wherever they rotate around the crank.


Should we cleanse our mountain bike after every ride?


You should do a quick clean and lube after each hard ride or two. If you go through rain or mud you need to wash more deeply.

Keeping your MTB clean (especially drivetrain) is the most important preventive maintenance you can do for your mountain bike.


How often should I maintenance my mountain bike?


Ideally, you should do a quick clean and lube again after each hard ride or two. If you go through rain or mud you need to wash more deeply.

  • Clean your mountain bike (after each hard ride or two)
  • Dry it (well)
  • Then lubricate the chain (correctly)


If you do not want to wash your bike often, at least clean your chain after each ride.

  • Hold your chain with a cloth
  • Rotate the crank backwards for at least 30 seconds
  • Lubricate chain
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a clean rag to get rid of excess lube.


How can I make my mountain bike last longer?


Lifetime guarantee is the idea behind the bike-company marketing “suits” that are usually trying to sell you in new technology.

He hopes the built-in-lost-a-lifetime hype will boost pre-receiver confidence in new technologies and persuade riders to pull out old wallets.

However, we know some tricks to live longer from your bike.

Mountain bikers die, but they don’t have to die at a young age

Mountain bikes don’t last a lifetime, but there are a lot of tried and true ways to extend your horse’s life. Frames and parts must be printed with an expiration date or if best used, a date.

Unfortunately, this is not easy, because there are many factors that can affect the longevity of your bike.

The environment in which you ride, how hard you ride, how often you ride, your riding style, your physical dimensions, and how religious you are in preventive maintenance all determine each component but how long the fuse is.

Yes, and do not forget the destructive behaviour.

Crashing can have a detrimental effect on longevity (both you and your bike). Even if you did not snap, lube, dent or twist in your previous accident, you have shortened its lifespan.

These are things we have learned that can extend the lifespan of important parts of your bike.


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Attaching the battery to the bike frame, the sleek design along with the Swifty colorway attracts attention.

The Swifty Electric Mountain Bike is an entry-level bike designed for power-assisted cycling.

The Swifty Electric Mountain Bike is currently available in two colors and is well crafted into the frame of the Panasonic 36v 9.6Ah Lithium-Ion Battery Bike.

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Key Features


  • Controller- The controller has 3 levels of auxiliary setting, with an additional gait mode that connects the motor to stand up to 5 mph.


  • This Swift ebike offers 3 assisted cycling modes and low-speed walking assisted mode. Cycling brands Shimano, KMC and CST have established bike parts, ensuring that the electric bike is well made.


  • Disc brakes- The front and rear disc brakes provide more stopping power both on and off road.


  • Alloy – The lightweight alloy frame provides strength, durability and easy maintenance over all terrain.


  • The world’s leading Shimano 7-speed gears, zoom forks, disc brakes, double-wall rims and 27.5 ST CST tires provide an impressive and durable specification regardless of ‘electric’ content.


  • Shimano gears- 7 Speed ​​Shimano gears. Shimano is a trusted brand in bicycle gearing technology.


It is a 36 volt Panasonic battery with a capacity of 9.6ah (ampere-hour). It takes 3 hours to fully charge and provides 35 miles of cycling power.


The world’s leading Shimano 7-speed gears, zoom forks, disc brakes, double-wall rims and 27.5 ST CST tires provide an impressive and durable specification regardless of ‘electric’ content.


  • Frame- It includes all components except tires and inner tubes. Swifty provides a dedicated customer care helpline for its customers if they have any issues.


  • Walking Mode – Stands up to push the bike easily and is engaged from the start. There is also a ‘0%’ mode where the motor provides no assistance and you can cycle like a normal bike.





  • powerful electric motor with a range of 30 miles
  • 3 driving modes
  • Panasonic battery with quick charging time
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Front suspension
  • All-Terrain 27.5-inch wheels and tires









  1. Why would I use an e-bike over a regular bike?


Depend on how you choose to ride, you can travel on an electric-bike without an effort. You can’t do that on a regular bike.


  1. Do I need a license?


No, there is no need for a license to drive it.


3.Are Electric Bikes heavy?


The truth is e-bikes are typically heavier than regular bikes. There is provision of electric assist in most electric-bikes which helps to make up for the extra weight felt upon steep regions.


  1. Where can I ride my E-Bike


– Any bike lane on the street

– Shared used paths reserved for bicycles and pedestrians

– Riding on paved trails that allow bicycles, especially in state parks.





Swifty electric mountain bikes or ebikes are motorized and battery powered bicycles.

These help power the bike, giving you power-assisted pedalling, which makes pedalling easier.

With an electric bike, you can still pedal normally but adding a motor will give you some help, which is especially useful for those looking to climb hills and increase their fitness level. #

Our article on how electric bikes help with fitness provides more information about this as our ultimate guide to electric bikes.

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