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Eurobike XC7000

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Eurobike XC7000

Here are the top 3 reasons the Eurobike XC7000



Aluminium Frame

Road Tyres

Shimano Gears


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What Is The XC7000 Designed For?

Specifically For Road Cycling Enthusiast

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Eurobike Road Bike

When choosing a road bike, you should not be in any hurry. Instead, you should try as much as possible to make sure you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision. You need to consider a number of factors ranging from your weight, the terrain you need to use and other features such as the comfort of the saddle to take you longer rides.

For this reason, we present to you the Eurobike XC7000, which is has already received massive praise and recognition among experts. For example, it is recommended for exercise in the wild terrains and can comfortably carry 300 pounds or riders.


Why Should You Buy A Eurobike


If you are planning on taking a good time in mountain trailing, you need a durable and strong bike. This 14 Speed Light Aluminium Frame 700C Road Bicycle is an amazing alternative to mountain biking in the wild.

Eurobike Road Bike is lightweight and easy to control so there is no risk of getting out of control. It is designed to keep your safety intact. This is the alternative you need to get out and have a good time in the mountainous areas. I

t comes with 20-inch alloy rims to keep it tough and resilient in the roughest and most rugged terrains. This bike will give you the ultimate riding experience in the wild. Check out the Eurobike Road Bike.



Features & Benefits

Several features make the Eurobike Road Bike stand out from its competition as a master of the wild terrain. The tires are built a smooth ride even in the bumpiest rocky places you meet. The aluminium makes the bike lightweight and easy to control without necessarily enforcing muscle strength.

The design also ensures that it is easy to propel the bike forward rather than take the weight. This design was arrived at after a lot of scientific research, where the engineers focused on making it an-easy-to ride bike. It is loved both by amateurs and expert alike. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of Road bikes




The Eurobike Road Bike comes 85% assembled so you only need to make a few customized changes by yourself. For example, you will install the handlebar, front wheel, pedals, and seat before you choose your own additions. Remember to pump up the tires.

Eurobike Road Bike comes with instructions included in the package so ensure have everything done right and consult for any questions and queries.

You will notice that this version has its pedal threads different from left and right side. The L / R signs are marked on the axle to ensure that you will be accurately assembling them.

Remember that the when riding, the left pedal is on its prescribed location and the other one your right hand. You will notice further that the right side pedal comes with a right-hand thread, which comes off counter clockwise, and installs clockwise.




Eurobike Road Bike is the same case with the left side pedal, which has a left-hand thread with similar instructions. You need to fully tighten these pedals with the wrench, which will be in the package. In case the pedals are not tightened properly, it may get loose and risk damaging the threads.

It comes with three colour options (blue, red and silver) for your own preference. People with a 6 inch height weighing up to 300 pounds can have the best time on the Eurobike.

You will have all tools are included within the package when you get the delivery, there are no extra tools.




It is recommended for users with a height of 5’5″-6’0″.

The maximum weight on the Eurobike is 300lbs

Dual Aluminium caliper brake makes your cycling more safety.

Lightweight aluminium fashion rims have the perfect design

14 Speed Shimano Shifter makes it easy for your shifting and manoeuvres.


  • features – 94%
  • value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I Am So Excited To Show Off My Brand New Eurobike XC7000 With My Friends On Sunday.” Bobby

Customer Satisfaction

Both experts and amateurs love the Eurobike Road Bike, as it is designed for a varied landscape and can make manoeuvres while remaining in control. It takes jumps superbly and can be befitting for a flat smooth pavement in the neighbourhood as well. The only complaint made is about the saddle, which can be tiring to use after a long ride. It also comes loose easily.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The Eurobike is lightweight but strong enough to support 300 pounds of weight. It is comfortable and can withstand rough terrains to provide a smooth ride while keeping control. Perhaps the easy to keep control is the most loved characteristic associated with the Eurobike. On the downside, the saddle is quite small and delicate, you may not be sitting for a long time and most riders make almost half the ride on their feet.

Common Questions

 Can I get it online and shipped?

The Eurobike is available on Amazon as well as the official Eurobike website for purchase and shipping options.


Is there one for kids?

The XC7000 is only meant for an adult


How many colours do they have?

There are three colour options; red, blue, and silver


Final Comments


This Eurobike Road Bike comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on frames to prove the manufacturer’s confidence in its performance. It also comes with another one-year warranty on components from the manufacturer regardless of where you purchase it as long as you can prove it.

This means you can gain confidence knowing that you are covered as you ride those rugged terrains. Only remember that to activate the warranty and benefit from new parts, you need professional assembly.


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