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Who Are Eurobike?


In our investigation into the Eurobike road bike, we will first take a look at the Eurobike brand. The Eurobike brand was established in Tianjin, China and specialises in designing quality bikes and components. With over two hundred employees, Eurobike manufactures a wide range of bikes that include road bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, folding bikes, kids bike’s and electric bikes.

All Eurobikes come with a good quality frame set. One of the main benefits of the Eurobike brand is that it allows cycling enthusiasts to purchase quality bikes at affordable prices. To continue looking at the Eurobike road bike, we will now look at the main reasons why you should buy a Eurobike road bike.


Why Should You Buy A Eurobike Road Bike




The cost of owning a car has become increasingly expensive with the increase in cost of petrol, insurance and maintenance. Even the cost of using public transport has become costly, resulting in a lot of people choosing to invest in a road bike. Once you have purchased the Eurobike road bike, it is a relatively cheap and economic way of getting from one location to another.


Built To Last


Eurobike have equipped the Eurobike road bike with lightweight materials that are built to last. Lightweight materials are designed to travel for long distances on the road or flat surfaces. The heavy-duty usage of the Eurobike road bike means that that only the most durable and strong materials are used.


Need For Speed


The Eurobike road bike is designed for to get the rider from one location to another as quick as possible. Eurobike have designed the Eurobike road bike with an aerodynamic frame that allow the rider to easily and comfortable travel long distances. Having an aerodynamic frame allows the rider to increase their riding speed quickly and help them breeze past the unpredictable British weather.  Check out the Pros and Cons of Cycling.

Explore Your Local Surroundings


One of the main benefits of buying the Eurobike road bike is that it allows the rider to explore their local surroundings. An inexpensive way of spending the weekends with a rider’s family and friends . Building up memories that will hopefully last a life time.


Eco Friendly


Commuting on the Eurobike road bike is a brilliant way of reducing an individual’s carbon foot print. Travelling less by car or public transport is a great way of doing their bit for saving the environment. To continue our article on the Eurobike road bike we will look at the best cycling techniques. Read our article on are Eurobikes any good?


Using The Eurobike


Once an individual has decided to buy a new road bike. A rider can dramatically improve their riding skills by following these easily to follow steps. Cycling is exciting, just by setting some simple goals will see a riders cycling satisfaction sky rocket.


Set A Goal


Having a goal in mind or a mild stone you want to achieve is a great way to push a rider riding skill to a different level. Whether that is to achieve their first century or even ride into Liverpool City centre.

Any goal is truly achievable if the rider puts the work in. The first question to ask once the rider has set their mind in purchasing the Eurobike road bike. What do they want to achieve on their brand-new pride and joy? Do they want to ride to Work? Commute into the city or join a local cycling club.

Without a goal the rider is not focused and just cycling aimlessly about. As long as there is a plan any goal, small or big can be achieved.

Maybe, setting a goal of riding in the Tour De France by be too much. Even if it’s just cycling to down to there local shops. Go for it. There is nothing quite liberating than achieving a goal. The main thing is to get what you want out of the Eurobike road bike. SMART-


When setting a goal; it needs to be achievable. Use the acronym SMART.






Time Specific


Some cyclists seem a little embarrassed about writing down their goals as it seems too series. Writing a goal down or in your diary is more likely to come true. Research has shown that individuals that set goals are more likely to stick to what they set out.


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Plan To Go Cycling Not Training


Once you have set your goals on the Eurobike road Bike. A rider does not need to push themselves to an unbreakable position. But plan to cycle on a regular basis. Go on a ride once a week or a couple of times a month, is a brilliant way to improve an individual’s cycling skills and help them reach their set goals.

One of the main benefits of cycling over other forms of exercises, is that if you want to get that perfect beach body. An individual must go the gym and take part in a variety of activities and exercises to achieve their goal. While if the goal is to get better at cycling, an individua can just jump on their bike.


Comfortable Ride



A cyclist shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. One of the best ways for a cyclist to feel comfortable on the Eurobike road bike it to wear the correct cycling apparel. Wearing a pair of padded shorts can make a rider much more comfortable and allow them to ride much longer.

In addition, a good pair of cycling shorts can help a rider cover a further distance. You may like to read our article on are mudddyfox cycling shoes any good? Furthermore, purchasing a pair of good quality sun glasses with help the rider combat any glare from the sun.


Features & Benefits

Eurobike Road Bike XC550


If you’re looking for a new road bike; then the Eurobike road bike has a lot to offer. The XC550 comes with a disc brake system.

One of the main benefits of using a disk brake system is that it allows riders to easily perform a emergency stop at lot quicker and easier.

Eurobike have equipped the Eurobike road bike, with a strong steel frame that gives the rider plenty of stability and strength when riding. Ideal in the event of a minor bump or scrap.

In addition, the Eurobike comes with an impressive twenty-one gears, that allow the rider to change the pace of the Eurobike road bike to the riders riding conditions.

Read the full review of the XC55O.

  • Features – 98%
  • Value For Money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Customer Satisfaction


I purchased the Eurobike road bike after wanting to improve my fitness levels and for using for the commute work. I purchased the XC550 A couple of months ago and I couldn’t be happier.

I use the XC 55O for the commute to and from work. Around six miles; five times a week. The XC55O offers brilliant value for money and allowed me to purchase a road bike with high end features that normally cost twice as much from competing brands.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to buy the XC 55O was to get fitter. I am over the moon with my improved fitness levels. I feel like the commute to work getting much easier.

In addition, my trouser size has also gone down from a 34 inch to a 32 inch. I am hoping to go on my first cycling ride with the Deeside cycling club at the weekend. Read the pros and cons of road bikes.


Common Questions


Does the Eurobike road bike come assembled?


The XC 550 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once assembled the rider should go on a small test ride to make sure they are happy with Eurobike road bike and feel comfortable.

Don’t forget the ABC check. Check the Air in the tires, the brakes are working and the chain has enough lubricant


Would the XC550 be suitable for my nine-year-old son?


No, the G4 would be more suitable.


I am 6” 4, Would the XC 550 be suitable for me? I have 190cm long legs.


No, the XC700 would be more suitable


What is the recommended leg length for the XC550?


The bike is suitable for individuals with a 5” 4 to 9 in height.


What material is the XC550 bike frame?


The Eurobike road comes with a steel frame.


What is the wheel size?


The Wheel size is an impressive 700 x 28C.


Can mudguards be fitted?


Yes, mudguards can be fitted.


My sons’ legs are 80 cm, would the XC550 be suitable.


The CX550 is designed for 165-185.


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