Eurobike Folding Bike

Thinking About Buying A New Mountain Bike. Find Out Why Should Buy A Eurobike

Eurobike Folding Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons To Buy The Eurobike Folding Bike



Dual Disk Brakes

21 Speed Gears

MTB Tyres


Well Known Bike Brand


What Is The G4 Designed For?

Mountain Biking

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Eurobike Folding Bike

You don’t have to wait for your kid to demand a bike, it is better if you would start shopping early to avoid making the purchase decision in a hurry. One of the elements you should consider when shopping for a bike is durability then convenience. The Eurobike folding bike is the best option for these considerations.

Also, you should be well conversant with the size of your kid and consider the growth pattern because he or she can outgrow a bike as soon as you buy, which will be a waste. Safety of your kid is also crucial. Even if it is a teenager and they can take care of themselves, you are still concerned about any harm on your kid.

Bikes define adventure; it can also be used for exercise both for adults, kids, and adolescents. Irrespective of the person Eurobike G4 Mountain you are targeting to gift or you are shopping for your own for whichever reason, the Eurobike G4 Mountain Bike is the best. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city or in the countryside; the debate on mountain bike vs city life is not necessary for this model. It is universal.


Why Should You Buy A Eurobike


Eurobike is designed for children up to 15 years. The distinguishing feature of the kid’s bike is portability. The suspension both on the front and back combined with a high-quality steel frame makes it safe and convenient to travel with the bike.

The folding feature makes it incomparable. The high-quality steel frame ensures your kid is safe irrespective of the terrain. Steep slopes can be scary but also thrilling; with this bike, you don’t have to deny your kid the fun that comes with the thrill. The frame is coupled with double suspension for extra comfort.

The bike is fitted with 21 Shimano Speed both on the front and rear for easy shifting. Shifting the gears is also easy with the bike. A derailleur is an enhancement on the gears and braking system. The braking system is enhanced with dual disc brake pads that guarantee a stop irrespective of the terrain and slope.

The 26-inch wheel attribute to stability and reliability of the braking system. It is also easy to control the bike because of the modern threading patterns. The wheels also have a 3-spoke fashion standard to make it easy and efficient to control.

The Eurobike foldable bike is comfortable. The pedals are also strong and light for easy propelling.



Features & Benefits

The Shimano speed gears are the best in the market; they are probably the reason this bike is ranked highly. Most mountain bikes compromise on wheel size but the Eurobike Folding Bike has proved to be considerate of rider comfort and durability because of the 26” wheel.

The tyres allow you to move fast in uneven terrain; whether you are going for a family adventure in the bush or you are riding to work or school, the tires will be smooth all the way. Braking is also easy on city pavements irrespective of how the slippery the road will be. This means the bike is suitable for all seasons.

No bike beats the Eurobike on portability; the folding aspect ensures you have ultimate fun even when you are traveling miles away from home. Kids can feel home away from home during the summer vacation. The bike is relatively light; your kid won’t be using too much energy in pedalling. When going up a mountain, all energy is channelled to the propulsion of the bike; no effort is wasted on weight of the bike. Read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.




Dual suspension

26-inch wheels

21 Shimano Speed

Rear derailleur

Steel frame


3-spoke fashion wheels

  • features – 92%
  • value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Cant Wait To Take Delivery Of My Eurobike G4 Mountain Bikes And Test It Out On The Offas Dyke Path.” Nick

Customer Satisfaction

Most people cite portability in their reviews as their favourite feature about this bike. The fact that you can fold it and keep it as one of your luggage in a bag is incredible! You need a small space in your car trunk. The reliable braking system also excited most users; the guarantee to stop even on muddy ground is amazing.


It has a great design and is highly portable too. Moreover, it has a reliable braking. It is also built to be lightweight and a sturdy steel frame.




The bike is the best for kids and every customer posts positive reviews. You can hardly come across any comments that show discontent; however, the seta can be uncomfortable on long rides. But this is not a major concern considering it is for adventure and occasional exercises.

The Eurobike Folding Bike is a combination of value, durability, style, and convenience. It is a great option if you are on a budget but not ready to compromise on quality.

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