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Elife Electric Bike


Should You buy the Elife Electric bike. Lets Find Out

Why You Should Buy The Elife Air


Hills- One of the biggest drawbacks of riding a standard pedal bike is when you are faced with commuting up a hill. However, the elife air electric bike is designed to carry heavy loads across a long distance.

Fresh – A second drawback of a standard pedal bike is that the rider can become sweaty and tired. However, riders commuting on an electric bikes will reach the office feeling much more relaxed and fresh.

Cycing More- Research by the Transport Research Laboratory has shown that owners one in three of electric bkes are used once a day and over eighty percent use their electric bikes once a week. In comparison a traditional pedal bike is used twenty five times a year and forty six percent use there bike one once or twice a year.

Saving – the average costs between five and eight pence per mile. In comparison, commuting by car can cost around forty pence per mile. No one has to be a mathematic genius to work out the massive savings.

Fun- You Will have so much fun. You friends will be so jealous.



Elife Air Electric bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the elife air electric bike



Nine Power Modes

Single Speed

On Board Motor

Customer Rating

Five Star Customer Rating


Frequently Asked Questions

Five Common Questions Answered.

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Elife Air Electric Bike

Whether you need an electric bike for your daily commute or want to gift someone special to you, choosing the right model can be tough. 

Elife air electric bike 20 inch Wheel is currently the best model by Elife Air, especially in terms of its lightweight, compact and sturdy built.

This Air cycle has some of the best features that are not present in any other models by the maker.

It provides the riders with a lot of benefits, thanks to the unique features it comes with.

The ingenious alloy used for the frame helps to maintain its lightweight feature.

This is an added benefit to enjoy for easy folding features for ease of storage and transportation.

The discrete location of the battery helps to protect it even under bad weather conditions.

It is great to support your pedalling. All you need is to thumb press a button.

The onboard computer and built-in light is quite extraordinary in comparison to the other bikes in the market.


Why Go Electric


If Your  buying your first electric bike and need more information on why buying an electric bike is a great choice.

An electric bike Is a worth while investment as they are brilliant in tackling those dreaded hills and having an onboard motor will help you get out of any sticky situations.

elife air electric bike is designed especially for urban commuting and will help the rider commute from one destination to another quicker than a pedal bike.

Having an on-board motor will help individuals that are trying to increase their fitness levels and may have had a little time off working out.

The Elife Air has an amazing five-star customer satisfaction and the lightweight frame is ideal for using on public transport where space is limited.

Elife have equipped the electric bike with nine power modes that allow the rider to change the pace of the electric bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider.

Elife Air has been designed and manufactured the electric bike with the all the state of art materials and components.

An onboard computer will display the speed, time, distance and battery level.

You will be sure to be known as the cool guy in the office when you show up at the office on your brand New Elife Air.

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Reason to Buy An Electric Bike


Improve your fitness and health

Don’t spend as much time in your car

Cycle longer without getting tired

Save money on fuel costs and parking fees.

Great for shopping as you can buy more bargains


Riding An Electric Bike


Having an onboard motor, it’s important to always keep it charged as you don’t want to find yourself half way up a hill and seeing a flashing light for a low battery.

Although cycling is a low form of exercise don’t forget to consider your clothing apparel and make sure your wearing comfortable clothing and wear clothes that can easily be visible, so you can clearly be seen by other road users.

An added benefit of riding the elife air electric bike is that is brilliant way of exploring your local community and taking in all the scenery your local community has to offer in a relaxing manner.

Don’t be surprised if some of your friends ask where you bought your electric bike from. They will be so jealous.

Main Benefits & Features Of The Elife Air 36v

The classic looks complement the contemporary features very well.

You can now charge your phone while riding.

The saddle is extremely comfortable and lets you enjoy your ride to the best extents.

You can fold and store it easily, thanks to the clips and latches provided to the frame.

If you want to go up for a ride you can pedal all by yourself.

But if you want to push it a little further, the assistance button can be really handy.

The 36-volt lithium-ion battery is the best in the range and requires minimal effort for charging or removing it.

You do not need professional assistance for the purpose.

Reaching up to 6 kilometres per hour as soon as you start your ride is very easy, thanks to the pedal assistant.




Extremely lightweight and weighs hardly around 16 kg at maximum

Sturdy alloy frame

The battery has been built and hidden well inside the frame, thus maintaining its electric assistance a secret

9 distinguished power assistance modes despite a single gear speed chain

Single button to enjoy any mode that suits your purpose

A unique feature that allows riders to charge the phone using the USB port

Prominent display screen to show the ongoing speed, distance travelled, and battery levels

Comes with an easy manual, battery and keys, charger and a toolkit for easy adjustments (if required)

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  The Elife air electric bike Is Good For The Commute Through Westminster.” Anthoney


Customer Satisfaction

Customers love the sturdy yet compact bike. Many choose it as a gift for their loved ones.

They are even satisfied with the assistance that they can enjoy with the motor.

The distance range it can cover is also praiseworthy and is most helpful in cases of ‘help mileage’.

They are also satisfied in terms of style and suitability for daily requirements.

Its foldable feature further makes it a top option for buyers. Its ultra-lightweight makes it more efficient.

They can store and carry it without any difficulty.


Advantages or Disadvantages


The best part of this cycle is the hidden battery installed within the frame that lets you enjoy the discretion of enjoying electric assistance without anyone even noticing it.

The built-in computer and the onboard charging facility is something that is not common among the other bikes.

With this, you will never be running out of charge during your long rides.

You can also keep a check on the time spent on your ride alongside checking the left battery life.

The bike has minimal disadvantages except for the initial adjustments that it needs to confirm smooth working of all the features.

You can do it all by yourself or just hire a repairman to be extra sure of its road safety.

Common Questions

Some of the common doubts that buyers like to clarify before purchasing a mountain bike include:


What is the maximum weight that the bike can withstand?


There is no limit specified for the bike. But users with over 65 kg body weight have no issues while riding the bike.


What is the maximum speed that you can get with this bike?


If you are depending on the pedal assistance system only, then going up to 15 km per hour is very simple.

If you are using your own pedal power, you can go up even further.


What attachments can you fix this model?


To begin with, baskets are the most common attachments that many riders prefer for commuting on a daily basis.

You can also attach a pannier carrier if you really need it. But keeping it free lets you enjoy the ride to better extents.

You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Final Comments


Overall, the bike is one of the BIG contenders in the market. It is suitable for any range of activity you need to carry out on a daily basis or just for a recreational ride out in the open.

It is super comfortable and the 9 power assistance modes make pedalling a lot easy.

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