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Electric Bike Guide

Get Your Question Regarding Buying An Electric Bike Answered. 

Why Should You Buy An Electric Bike



Travel Further

Having An Onboard Motor Will Help You Travel Further





Travel up hills with ease 


Fitness levels

Perfect For Individials that are worried about their fitness levels. 

E Bikes



An Electric Vehicle (EV) is a type of vehicle that operates on an electric motor instead of using any combustion or internal power mix of fuels and gases.


Now at present time the electric vehicles are advancing so much the driving a traditional gas-powered car, bikes and bicycle may soon seem absolute. Read our beginner guide to hybrid bikes.


This type of vehicles always charged from the flow of electric currents through grids, they store electrical rechargeable batteries that power an electric vehicle and made it run.  Our electric bike guide will look at why you should buy an electric bike. Read about the pros and cons of electric bikes.


Why you want to buy an electric bike?


They will help you go further, faster and longer.


Electric bicycles offer many of the same benefits that regular cycling does but because you have got an added bit of oomph on board. Read our folding bike guide?


They also allow you to go faster than most cyclist and in some cases cars. Although modern motors can travel at 50 times faster than cars of 100 years ago, gridlocked roads means that the average car speed in traffic has not increased at all. Read our beginners guide to mountain biking.


They get you riding more


According to a recent research report by the Transport Research Laboratory, regular bikes make it out of the shed fewer than 25 times a year, with 46% percent’s being used just once or twice a week. In comparison, 30% of people with electric bikes and bicycle use them one a day.  The electric bike guide will look at the advantages of electric bikes. are electric bikes any good?


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Advantages of Electric Bikes


Assisted biking:

There are electronic bicycle that have specific boosting technology that can assist you to conquer hills and inclines, so you don’t have to worry about any challenging terrain. People of all ages and health can ride flawlessly and for much longer with an electronic bicycle.


Fast and flexible

The electric bikes and bicycle have been developed over the years and now look almost like a normal bike frame, with only the subtle ‘hum’ giving them away. Take advantage of the lithe form and durability of an Electric Bicycle.


Improves fitness

According to a research scientist found that bicycle is just as good as regular bikes for improving your fitness. Although cycling with an electric bicycle is assisted, it’s still an exercise after all and there for good for your health both mentally and physically.




Climate changes and global warming are serious issues and we all need to play our part. We might facing our last stand to save our dying earth, and we can all contribute to this is using electric bikes and avoid to driving bikes that uses fossil fuels like patrols and natural gas in the form of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas).


Easy to get


These electric bikes are very easy to get all over the world and this type of bicycle you can found in your local area like near your hometown and any cities. The electric bike guide will look at the disadvantages of electric bikes.  are electric bikes good for commuting?               


Disadvantages of Electric bikes




The motor and additional parts add a lot of weight to an electric bicycle. The electric bicycle can be carried easily with carrying it comfortable than common bicycle. An E-Bicycle can weight up to 15 pounds.


Ecological issues


There’s no getting around it an electric bicycle does more damage to the environment than a standard bicycle. Although electricity is a relatively clear source of energy, that charge has to come from somewhere, which means it still some environmental concerns.


Daily Charging


The major problem of electric bikes like cars, bikes and bicycles is that during charging it takes a lot of time if you have to charge a car it will take about 5 to 6 hours, a bike takes 3 to 5 hours while bicycle takes 1 to 3 hours for charging of electric bikes. However, there is a good point that you can charge your electric vehicle during driving.  Next, the electric bike guide will look at common questions when buying an electric bike.



Common questions when buying an electric bike


  1. How does it works?



Electric vehicle (car, bikes or cycle) functions by plugging into the charge point and taking the electricity from the grid.


Now at present time the electric bikes are advancing so much the driving a traditional gas-powered car, bikes and bicycle may soon seem absolute.


Aside from the large battery pack, electric cars have one or more electric motors and an inverters. If we talk about the bike or bicycle these bikes also have two battery but these batteries is smaller in size.

The electric motor derices the wheels and acts as a generator because when your foot off the accelerator pedal or you press the brakes then it sends power back to the car. The electric bike guide will look at how electric bike works.


  1. How does and electric bicycle works?


Electrical bikes works in the same like the other vehicle works but the difference is that the time taken by other bikes in comparison with cycle is less. Electric bicycle us rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 10 to 15 km/h. Much faster than the common cycles, getting you to your destination quicker ad in better way.


  1. Do electric Cars and Bicycle have les parts?


If we see an electric car we will realize and come to know that the electric cars have less parts this is because if a car will have some less parts then the load on electric batteries, investors and solar panels will be lesser, and the electric vehicle will run very smoothly and will travel along a distance. While on other hand if we talks about a bicycle then there is not less part a bicycle contains. 


  1. Do electric bikes charge while driving?


Most of us have this similar question in our mind that can we charge our bicycle, bike or car while driving then I would like to say that if we see the current situation then we can proudly say that we can charge an electric vehicle while driving because the technology is growing.


Most of companies like Tesla a renowned company also working on this projects.

So, running down a kilometer-long stretched a bus lane and an electric rails are connected with an attachment that can be built into any vehicle, making it possible to charge while driving. The electric bike guide will look how long an electric bike lasts for. Read our road cycling beginners guide.


  1. How long electric vehicle will lasts?


According to me, most of manufacturers have a 4 to 5 year warranty on the batteries. However, seeing the current increase in the technology we can assume that with the increasing of technology the battery life will also increase. So, if you have warranty of 5 year then that battery must work at least for 8 to 9 year.

The most important factor that effects the life battery is taking care of battery, here its mean that you should keep in mind that you should avoid washing batteries with water.


  1. Do electrical bikes need oil?


Electrical vehicle don’t need motor oil unless that vehicle has the conventional internal combustion engines with all the moving parts. If your vehicle have this type of motor engine then oil is needed for your vehicle but if you don’t have this type of engine then avoid oiling your electrical vehicle. In most cases when we oil electric vehicle then the percentage of battery damage increases.

If you feel like oiling your electric vehicle then you need to contact your service provider and gain full information clearly. But mostly you don’t need to oil your electric vehicle which could be a car, bike or a bicycle. We hope you have enjoyed our electric bike guide.


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