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There are many of benefits of buying the ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle. Firstly, cycling can be fun and it’s a great way to reclaim your youth as you will have a fresh sense of freedom and adventure as you explore your local community.

By choosing to cycle to work or down to your local shops you will be instantly saving money on a train and bus fares. The cost of an annual ticket can be quite expensive and you will also be saving on any parking fees if you normally drive.

In addition, cycling with your ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle is a low impact exercise and it is a brilliant way of staying fit without really thinking about it.

Apart from the health and physical benefits of cycling. Cycling is a great way of focusing the mind to complete your desired goals as you will get plenty of thinking time.

Furthermore, cycling with your ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle allows you to go at your own pace and enjoy your life. You will get plenty of “me time” as you commute peacefully.

The Ecosmo 26” is specifically designed for the lady commuter. The Hi-tech steel, 7 Speed Shimano gears, town bike tyres and folding mechanism will support the rider in having a comfortable and enjoyable commute.

Most importantly, boosting the women’s confidence in riding a quality ladies bike.


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Benefits/ Features


ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle comes in white and with a set of Shimano gears, giving the rider plenty of options while on their commute.

Designed with the lady commuter in mind, the rider will have a comfortable ride on their low step high ten steel frame. The rider can easily hope on, off the bike and the prop up stand is a brilliant addition.

Comes with a set of size 26-inch town bike thin tyres that will give the rider plenty of grip while travelling over different terrain. Always check the pressure in the bike tyres before every commute. Check the psi level in the instruction Manuel.

Ecosmo have used a set of V type brakes to ensure the rider can ride with confidence and be able to perform emergency stops quickly and safely.

Additional Features:


Rear Rack, Side stand, classic brown seat, handle bar grips and folding pedals.

A rear carrier will give the rider plenty of space to carry their shopping home. The ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle can easily be propped up when you just want to pop to the shops quickly.  A classic brown design with the seat and handle bars will allow the rider to ride in style.

Customer Satisfaction


My Wife loves her new Ecosmo 26” and its Brilliant for those sunny afternoon strolls to the Shops


Folds Away, easily and quickly at home.


Some great added features at no extra cost.


Brilliant Value with a beautiful design.



Common Questions


Does the ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle come assembled?


The Ecosmo bike comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 30 minutes. You will find a helpful instruction manuel. Once assembled it’s always a good idea to go on a little test run to make sure your happy with the bike.


What type of riding is the bike designed for?


Designed specifically for a lady commuter. Ecosmo have designed the bike with a high ten steel, V type brakes and a set of thin town tyres.


What are the dimensions of the Ecosmo 26 when folded?

95 x 30 x 74 cm. Great for were storage is limited or restricted. Can easily be put in the back of the car or when using public transport. Brilliant for commuting.


What is the frame size?

17” approximately 150 – 170 cm height person. A low step frame that rider can easily hop on and off the bike. Great for a trip down to the local shops. Read our review of the Kryptonite bike locks.


City Cycling Safety


A common issue while cycling in the city is being doored. Car doors can open so keep a good distance from parked cars. Always be vigilant on your ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle.

While cycling in the city try not to Kerb crawl. Cycling in the cutter is not a good look and your tyres will be riding over were the debris collects. In addition, cycling close to the kerb gives little time to manoeuvre out of any pot holes or hazards.

When cycling in the city always have a clear exit in mind. An example is while cycling in traffic, try and not get wedged between two cars as some drivers won’t see you as your cycling next to them.

Most notably, while cycling on your ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle try and make eye contact with other road users and keep a good distance from other road users.

Take extra care while riding around large vehicles like bus’s and lorries. Blind spots are bigger when driving bigger vehicles so they may be unaware of any approaching cyclists.

If your cycling in unknown territory always try and plan your journey. There are brilliant mobile phone apps, that will help you navigate in unknown territory. Do not forget about Google Maps.


 Final Verdict


ECOSMO 26″ New Folding Ladies Shopper City Bicycle is very popular and it’s easy to see why as it offers great value and giving you plenty of money left in the budget for a little shopping spree.


Great for Women Commuting


Fold Away mechanism


Thin Town Tyres


Includes great additional features


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