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Electric Bikes


In recent years, the use of electric bikes has been advocated all across the globe and due to this world has witnessed a large-scale production of electric off-road bikes. Read our e bike guide.


An electric bike or simply called an e-bike is essentially an electric powered vehicle comprising of two wheels.

It is preferred over motor vehicles because of its numerous advantages including ease of use, being pocket-friendly and also being eco-friendly because it does not emit pollutants which are produced as a result of combustion of fuels.

The use of e-bikes is also seen to be health promoting because it promotes physical activity at low energy thresholds and can be of great assistance in promoting activity amongst obese individuals.

Similarly, e-bikes have also been preferred in areas where traffic congestion is a major problem and, in these cases, electric bikes have shown to reduce case fatality rate occurring due to road traffic accidents. How fast does a 1000w go


What is a 48 V- and 1000-Watts e-bike?


The most important constituent of every e-bike is its battery because it determines its performance characteristics such as speed, power and range.

The most common battery systems used are the 36 V and 48 V systems. 48 V has more range because it can reserve more voltage.

The other indicator of your e-bike power is how much energy the electric-bike consumes incessantly which is measured in amperes.

A 1000 Watts e-bike is better than an e-bike with 750 watts because it can ride smoothly even in case of bulkier riders and rough terrain which is anticipated by mountain bikers. E bikes good for commuting?


What are the benefits of using a 48 V- and 1000-Watts e-bike?


An electric- bike with a 48 V battery means that you are using the most efficient and powerful e-bike because it has a spacious battery with more cells due to which power output is better.

You can draw maximum current draw of 40 amp-hours as compared to 15 amp-hours in a 36 V battery. 

Moreover, coupling the bike with 1000 watts gives you extra power and mileage to go on rough terrains including mountains without the e-bike overheating.

With a 1000 watts battery you can achieve maximum speed of about 35 mph which is preferred by mountain bikers.


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How to maintain a 48 V and 1000 W e-bike?


One of the advantages of using an 48 V and 1000 W e-bike is its easy maintenance than gas vehicles because majority of e-bikes motors do not demand maintenance.

However, with better power attributes from 48 V and 1000 W e-bike comes a number of responsibilities. Regular visits to the bike shop for primary prevention of problems should be done at least yearly.

Secondly it is a good practice to keep the battery charged at all times because instances where bikers pedaled e-bikes with a dead battery caused harm to the e-bike machinery itself.

The e-biker should always pay considerable attention to manufacturer’s guidelines regarding attachment and detachment of battery.

You should also check the given e-bike manual for optimum battery charging levels and inspect heating levels of the vehicle since this can raise red flags regarding battery damage which can be dangerous if not monitored properly.  

Mountain biking is a thrilling experience; however, special consideration should be given to the wind resistance when going down the terrain because when you are trying to maintain specific speed in gravity assisted position, this can cause battery power drainage.

The other important thing is the tires which actually work as a strut for supporting the complex machinery of your e-bike.

Checking the psi levels and keeping in mind the deflation status of your tires can boost e-bike performance beyond imagination.

Last but not the least, an efficient e-bike needs to have sufficient control over stopping and for this you need to inspect your brakes and chains more often and consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for determining the wear level which prompts the need for brake replacement.

Keeping these few key points in your mind regarding e-bike maintenance can promise qualitative output which you anticipate.


How to use a 48 V and 1000 W e-bike?


With a masterpiece like 48 V and 1000 W e-bike you can explore high terrains with maximized torque. Torque deliverance is dependent on your cadence speed which is highly personalized and varies from one individual to another.

For an average e-biker this can range from about 60+ rpm. It takes time to adjust to the cadence rhythm and experienced riders state that faster cadence is more optimal for battery life and high-terrain biking.

With faster cadence you also need to be vigilant of pedal strikes and for this e-bikes usually come with shorter crank arms.

You need to adjust to this since novice bikers find it uncomfortable to ride with shorter crank arms, however, riding experience becomes more natural after practice.

One of the best ways to adjust to settings of your e-bike is to experiment with different parameters of your e-bike until you become comfortable in controlling them.







GUNAI 1000 W E-Bike 


If your daring instincts challenge you to experience extreme sports such as mountain biking then GUNAI 48 V and 1000 W e-bike is the most relevant option for you in terms of quality, price and durability.


Features & Benefits


The best feature of this e-bike is its compact and attractive design which makes it suitable for people of all genders who want to revitalize their sporting passion on rough terrains.

Along with this you can install a M-series motor easily because of it being user-friendly.

Another remarkable feature of this e-bike is that it is provided with big tires which support the overall frame of the e-bike which itself is made up of aluminum (having a year’s warranty).

Aluminum frames have advantage of being light as compared to conventional frames like carbon and are also non-corrosive and budget friendly.

Light aluminum frames with big wheels provides cohesion to the whole machinery of the e-bike and make it ideal for extreme topographic conditions such as sand, snow or altitude; for which it is designed.

Other than the above-mentioned features, the most striking feature is its battery power which is actually provided lithium battery (with a six months warranty time) which is the gold-standard battery type for an e-bike because of its longevity when compared to other battery types such as nickel and lead batteries.

It only needs an average of 7 hours for full charging. GUNAI has provided its customers with both UK and EU battery plugs for ease of use.

Last, but not the least the most appealing feature of this master-piece by GUNAI is its range of cycling modes which are computer controlled and torque-sensitive. These three modes are pedal assist, pedal only and electric throttle which can be chosen by the rider.

So, grab your own 48 V and 1000 W off-road e-bike from GUNAI and let the adventurous journey of mountain biking begin.


Additional Features


1000 W powerful motor making it the most preferred e-bike in terms of extreme sports such as mountain biking.

6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame, full suspension forks for cushioning effect and 24×4.0-inch fat tires for a comfortable riding experience.

48 48V 17AH LITHIUM BATTERY with which when fully charged you can enjoy an average of 45 km trip in pedal assisted mode.

A variety of cycling modes available keeping in view the user friendliness. These modes are electric throttle, pedal only and pedal assist.

A rear seat which gives definition and comfort to the design of the e-bike.

A user’s manual is provided for detailed instructions on how to assemble the parts on your own.


Get ready if mountains are calling you, if the high terrains and difficult paths are your next choice of adventure sports or if you simply want to experience your pedaling power as an e-bike consumer then GUNAI 48 V and 1000 W e-bike is the best choice for you.

Just imagine yourself in this enthralling experience of e-biking playing your favorite music, getting fresh air and sunlight together with pumping up your calf muscles for the activity that is considered the best for many physiological reasons; I think there is no chance you would like to deny this unique offer of e-biking at such an economical price.




The consumer review video stated that the product assembly was an extremely easy and simple process because you just need to assemble the seat, front wheel, pedals and handlebar and for these instructions have already been provided in the user’s manual.

All the other parts including the electric parts will be assembles before shipping to make the assembly process less complex for the user.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1) Are the tires of this e-bike designed specially for rough terrains or we need to change the tires for different kind of terrains?

Hi, this e-bike is designed specifically for rough terrains so company has provided wide tires(26×04) with a warranty of 6 months. There is no need to worry about changing the tires since this can adjust to different terrains. The only thing you need to worry about is just assembling the front wheel which can even be done by a novice e-biker on seeing the user’s manual.

Q2) Is this e- bike available in colors other than black?

       So far, the company has manufactured this e-bike in black color only and this has been done seeing  the consumer behaviors in past few years since black is the preferred color for most e-bikers.


Final advice



GUNAI 48 V and 1000 W e-bike is the best option for you to respond to your mountaineering and extreme sports calling because it promises best performance since it is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of you and your sport.



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