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Cyrusher XF800

Searching For More Information On The XF800. Get The Most Common Questions Answered.

Why Should You Buy The XF800



Aluminium 6061 Frame

750 Watt Motor

Fat Tyres




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Five Star Customer Satisfaction


Common Questions

Forty Eight Plus Common Questions Answered.

Cyrusher XF800


Why Should You Buy The XF800


In our article on the Cyrusher xf800 we will first look at some of the main reasons why you should buy the electric bike.


Faster than the average speed of traffic.


Peak hour congestion in the city can cause cars to move much slower. The onboard motor allows the rider to travel easily at a speed of fifteen miles per hour. The XF800 can take advantage of cycle paths and are not restricted by road blocks.

Commuting with an electric bike will be quicker than a traditional pedal bike and can sometimes be faster than a car in a well built up area such as central London. If the rider spots a congested road they can easily and quickly change their route. are cyrusher bikes any good?


Travel to a Destination with Less Effort


One of the main benefits of the Cyrusher xf800 is that it allows a rider to choose the level of pedal assist. If a rider is feeling tired, they can have a higher level of pedal assist.

On the other hand, if the rider wants a highly intensive work out, they can switch off the pedal assist. The best of both worlds. Having a power assist allows the rider to reach their destination with less effort. are electric bikes good for commuting.


Commute for Longer


The Cyrusher xf800 battery can last for around 25 miles and will allow the rider to commute for longer than on a traditional bike. To further destinations that they would not have the endurance or stamina reach.

Commuting on a traditional pedal bike would mean that A rider would have to cover the full twenty-five miles.

Such a big distance is not easily travelled and may cause the rider to get exhausted or dreading the return journey.

The rider can use the XF800 pedal assist to help assist them in the commute and allowing them to build up their endurance and stamina at their own pace. are electric bikes any good?


Getting Fit Without Even Thinking About It


Regularly commuting on the Cyrusher XF800 will allow the rider to burn off some extra calories without even thinking about it.

After a long day in work many individuals lack the motivation to go to the gym after work. Exercise is not only good to help an individual improve their physical health but can help an individual’s mental health.

Commuting on the Cyrusher XF800 is a brilliant way to relieve some stress. Allowing the rider, the opportunity to forget about some of the natural stress’s life can sometimes bring. electric bike guide.

Maintaining the xf800


The Cyrusher XF800 requires regular maintenance like any ordinary pedal bike. Regular maintenance will allow a rider to spot any minor wear and tear. Before it turns into A more serious issue.




The XF800 motor is sealed and there is no practical maintenance needed. An electric bikes battery should be checked by an electric bike specialist every six months. pros and cons of electric bikes.




The battery should be kept out of any extreme fluctuations in hot and cold temperatures. Removing the battery and keeping it indoors.

Charging the battery after every commute. The battery should never be allowed to be run dry were possible. Once charged, the battery will cut off once charged. are electric bikes good in the rain?


Tyre Pressure


Commuting with flat tyres can make the rider and XF800 to work much harder. The tyre pressure should be checked before every commute and can be taken from the instruction manuel.

An under inflated tear will cause the electric bike to work harder and would impact on the performance.

Getting into a good habit of regularly checking the air in the tyres before every commute will help keep the XF800 in good working order.

If an individual is considering cycling on a regular basis it may be worth learning how to change a flat tyre. There are some easy to follow videos on you tube. Cycling at night.




The brakes need to be checked on a regular basis. Gently apply pressure to the brake levers and push the XF­800 back and forth.

If the brake pads show any wear and tear. Get them replaced immediately. Inspect the brake lever cables as they can get damaged.



XF800 Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**



Cyrusher are a professional bike manufacturer who pride themselves on building quality electric bikes using the most up to innovative processes and technology.

The Cyrusher xf800 offers brilliant value for money. An electric bike from a competing brand with the same set of high-end features would cost significantly more. Here are the main features of the XF800.




Cyrusher have equipped the XF800 with a pair of high-quality fat tires. The main benefit of fat tires is that it can be used in a variety of terrain from road, off road, snow and even on the beach. Offering the rider, the ability to use the electric bike for a variety of purposes.



The XF800 has a speed range of 0-35 mph and can cover a distance of 0-25 miles on full electric power, or 25-50 miles with pedal assist.

Having a long range allows riders to commute to destinations that they would not be able to travel to on an ordinary pedal bike. Ideal for entry level cyclists, people who have had a break from fitness and want to build up their fitness levels at their own pace.



The upgraded VF800 comes with a powerful 750-watt Motor. A seven-speed system that allows the rider to quickly change the pace of the commute.

Having an onboard motor allows the rider to easily tackle inclines, commute for longer and cover distances with more ease while taking in the views. To continue our article on the Cyrusher XF800, we will look at some of the most common questions.


  • Features – 92%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 97%

Cleaning the Cyrusher XF800


Cleaning the XF800 on a regular basis will help an individual notice any wear and tear before it becomes more serious problem. Getting into a good habit of cleaning the electric bike every couple of weeks.

A simple sponge and some hot soap water is ideal for washing the grime off the electric bike. A jet wash should not be used as the high pressure can get water in the sealed electric parts and remove essential grease from the bearings.


Pre Ride Check


Before every commute, a pre ride check should be done. Performing the ABC check. Check the air in the tires, test the brakes are working, the chain is working efficiently and has enough lubricant. You may like to read our article on are electric bikes any good?


Riding The XF800


The Cyrusher XF800 is a powerful machine and an individual should spend time to familiarise themselves with the special features and how to handle the electric bike safely and efficiently.

Entry level electric bike cyclists should ride the e bike at a lower speed and get comfortable manoeuvring the bike.

Braking on the electric bike is different to braking on a traditional bike. The increased speed of an electric bike means that braking should be done gently and smoothly.

Practising on an open stretch with no hazardous objects will help an individual get used to how much braking power is needed.

To minimise the braking distance, the front and back brake should be used simultaneous. Weather conditions can also impact braking distance.

Especially riding with the unpredictable British weather. Riding on wet, snowy or uneven terrain can increase braking distance. Check out our article on the pros and cons electric bikes.


Looking Straight ahead


When commuting on the Cyrusher XF800 the rider should try and keep an upright ridding position while looking straight ahead. A common mistake by entry level cyclists is to become fixated at the front tire.

The rider should aim to look at where the want to go rather than obstacles they want to manoeuvre as cyclists tend to travel in the direction they are concentrating on.

Having a good visibility while riding will allow the rider to quickly and safely change the pace of the electric bike to miss any hazardous objects.

To continue are article on the Cyrusher XF800 we will now take a closer look at some of the main features and benefits off the electric bike.

Common Questions


How heavy is the XF800?


Weights 32 KG


What material is the frame made out of?


The frame is made from aluminium. Aluminium 6061 is A light weight material that is strong and durable that can withstand the odd pump or scrap.


Does the electric bike come with hydraulic brakes?


Yeah, the XF800 comes with a pair of hydraulic brakes. The main benefit of hydraulic brakes is that it allows rider to control the speed of the electric bike much ore easier and more efficiently.


What size is the frame?


The XF800 comes with a 26 inch frame.


Are accessories included?


Mudguards are included and a rear rack.


We hope you have enjoyed our article on XF800 and found it helpful and informative. Please support our website and share the article on your social media.




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