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Cyrusher XF650

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Why Should You Buy The XF 650

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the SAVA E0 14”




1000W Motor

Aluminium Alloy Frame

Fat Tires

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 XF650 Electric Bike




This advance E- bike featured with sharp speedometer which displays and measures the instantaneous speed of the vehicle. are cyrusher bikes any good?


Mechanism of speedometer is develop such that when a vehicle is in motion speedometer gear assembly turns a speedometer cable, which them turns speedometer mechanism itself. Read our electric bike guide.


Disc brakes


The Cyrusher XF650 featured with zoom hybrid hydraulic disc brakes having 180 mm rotors.


This hydraulic brake generates far more braking power than a standard rim brakes which provide a faster ride to a rider and feel adventures as rider will have more trust and breaking power on disc they can break functionally later than if they were using a rim break. Pros and cons of electric bikes.


LCD display


The LCD display is aided to track and just about everything you need to know when riding your E- bike. The default screen of LCD display will measure current speed, battery level, motor power output, assistance level, speed unit.


When you move towards new unit and releasing the “M” button the information will remain on the screen for 2 seconds before switching back to the default. are electric bikes any good?


There are some additional features added to it when you browsing the display unit using the MODE button you will find the information such as – trip distance, trip time, average speed, maximum speed.

Research  Metrics


Because bikers like metrics

Articles Viewed

Hours Spent

Experts Consulted




At first glance, we seem that electrical bicycles are easy to ride. You just have to sit on it, start a throttle and zip off into the distance with a super smile on your face. But behind that there’s actually some pretty important physics going on that affect how your E – bike works.

Most of the peoples are oblivious to all the energy conversions and power consumption happening during a ride on your E- bike.

A wattmeter is actually can work like a fuel gauge to your battery. A wattmeter can exactly know and tell you down to the decimal exactly how much of your battery capacity you have used. The main function of wattmeter is that it constantly monitors the current flowing between your battery and controller to count amp – hours [AH], which you have used since your last reset. are electric bikes good for commuting?


 Battery gauge



Battery gauge is nothing a pack of batteries and a pack is made up of number of smaller battery cells all stacked in a specific way to deliver the required power that your E – bike system needs to function. For a typical 36v E- bike needs a battery that delivers power between 42v to 30v. 30v can be shut down and stop giving power and may be caused permanent damage to the system but 36v pack and 40v are holding much energy and giving an ultra-power. how fast does a 1000w e bike go



PAS level indicator



The full form of PAS is pedal assist system. The main benefit of PAS is that without using throttle can get assist to the power.


It is really suspicious that use of throttle becomes a big issue, but no long trips or even regular commute it can become somewhat tiring to always modulate throttles of your desire power.


For a PAS controlled E- bike will usually have a control button on the handle bars to set the assist level, so you can still increase or decrease the motor power while riding as per your interest.


Pedal assist system can be broadly classified into two different categories, which are basic PAS sensor, and another one is torque sensors. Basic PAS sensor just which detect just the speed at which the cranks are turning and on the other hand torque sensor which also sense how hard the rider is pushing on the pedals.



Features & Benefits




Bicycles are one of the greenest mode of transportation among all modes of transportation, but in some cases you need more than just the bike and sometimes you need to be able to track your ride, so that’s where bicycle odometer.


Odometers of E- bike can commonly referred to as cycle computer and there are some astonishing features that the standard vehicle odometer.


The basic function of odometer is to measure speed and traveled distance. Odometer has the ability that it can be calculate everything about your trip and your life on bicycle.


If you are going to a better odometer then it have some advance features in it such as how dehydrated you are, trip time and measuring your recommended daily distance for your BMI against the amount you have gone through a day, trip and all time.



Trip meter



All E- bikes consist of these two equipment trip meter and odometer. When you stop your E – bike in wrong gear and you suppose to star it then it will fill trip in battery which consumes a little bit more voltage.


The distance accumulated per trip is known as trip distance. In the advance display mode we can reset it by just holding assist button and power button together for 3 seconds. While the advance display mode is activated by holding the assist button and power button together for 1 second.


The main purpose of trip meter, as the name suggests, are used to calculate distance of any trip which you might take and can be reset any time as your wish.


  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 96%

How to reset the trip meter in the E- bike


Trip meter can be reset by using left hand stalk switch. You can reset all the information in the trip meter such as mileage, average consumption, average speed and driving time. For reset, all this information you have to long press on RESET button on the left hand stalk switch, while a short press on reset button can only reset the mileage.


Effective use of gear to increase the battery life


During studies it can be prove that pedal assist functionally as well as changing gears during a ride can affect the bike’s battery life. For


Each ride you do on your e – bike, there are four factors related to riding effectively that need to be considered. While talking about gears they are controlled by the lever mechanism on your handlebars that shifts the derailleur, which in turn moves to the chain to a different sized ring.


This cyrusher e – bike consist of seven gear options on the rear wheel. The basic rule of gear is that the bigger the ring your chain is [ for a real derailleur ], the lower the gear you are in.


There are some pretty physics behind it, but the bottom line is a lower gear is easier to be in when riding up a hill and your legs rotate faster for a given bike speed. When you are riding your bike in higher gear your legs spin slower but you are using less power or torque for pushing up the hills.


Cadence: there is a term in cycling called cadence, which is refer as to your pedaling rate or more accurately, the number of revolutions of the crank per minute.


As per depending on the type of ride, effective cadence falls between about 70 to 90 revolutions of the crank per minute. According to these criteria if you are in a really high gear and you have to push hard on the pedals in order to get the crank to rotate.





Cyrusher XF650 is one of the most famous and faithfully bicycle which is made with safe materials:

The products have passed CE certification. Only using anti-exposure safety painting material. Please rest assured to buy.

Electric vehicles run partially on electricity. By using electric vehicle we conserves our fossil fuel which is present in a limited quantity on the earth. The electric vehicles gets energy from the batteries, inverters, solar panels and fuel cells, which are kept inside the electrical vehicle.

Cyrusher XF650 electric bike is the greenest mode of travelling as compare to other modes of transportation. Which provides you 4 inches fat tire with their extraordinary grip on surface, you get a top speed as 42 km/hr with battery power of 1000W allied with brushless motor and it is available in the variant and bold colors which definitely attracts you towards it. You got interest at the first glance of it.

It is develop with all are the astonishing features in it and it is full filled with endowment of colors. You can ride on it as vigorously as you want because it has featured with seven gears with zoom hybrid hydraulic disk brakes, which make you feel fearless while riding.  We hope you have enjoyed our article on Cyrusher xf650.






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