Cyrusher XC700 Review

Looking For More Information On The XC 700. Get The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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Mechanical Disk Brakes

Kenda Professional Road Tyres

6061 Aluminium Frame





Well respected bike brand


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Cyrusher XC700 Review


In our Cyrusher XC 700 review, we will first look at the main benefits of owning the XC700 road bike.




The running costs of a car have increased tremendously over the past few years. The cost of petrol, insurance, parking fees and maintenance mean that road bikes have become more and more popular.

Road bikes allow individuals to commute from one location, to another rather cheaply. Allowing the cycling enthusiasts to spend their well-earned money on other necessities, or even a well-earned holiday.


Strong & Durable


The Cyrusher XC700 is designed with lightweight materials that are heavy duty. A common misconception is that road bikes can only be used for cycling on the road. However, the XC700 can be used for racing, touring or even a triathlon.




Cyrusher have equipped the Cyrusher XC700 with an aerodynamic frame that is designed specifically for travelling at speed on the road. The large diameter, thin wheels and aero dynamic frame allows the rider to pedal much more efficiently without battling too much wind resistance.


Ergonomically Designed


Apart from the aero dynamic riding position, the features of a road bike save weight. Without a suspension, a rigid fork and lightweight aluminium frame allows the rider to easily travel up hills.

In addition, the position of the handle bars enable the rider to lean in to the in turn and allows the rider to focus putting all their energy into a powerful acceleration.




Commuting regularly on the Cyrusher 700c will allow the rider to get fit without even thinking about it. Regular exercise will allow a rider to improve their fitness level and benefit from all the health benefits.

The cardiovascular workout is great for the heart and lungs. Improving an individual’s fitness levels is a great way to boost their confidence levels.


Social Benefits


The Cyrusher 700C is ideal for using at the local road biking clubs next outing. Going out with a group of individuals who share the same set of interests and are passionate about cycling will allow the rider to make new friends and go on fun fact outings exploring new places. Hopefully, making memories that will last a life time.


Carbon Footprint


There has been a massive push to encourage individuals to reduce their own carbon food print and reduce how often they travel by car. Regularly commuting on the XC700 will allow the rider to reduce their own carbon food print.

To continue our article on the Cyrusher 700c review, we will now look at why owning a road bike is better than having a mountain bike. Read the pros and cons of road bikes. To continue our review of the Cyrusher 700C, we will look at why it is better owning a road bike rather than a mountain bike.

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike


The XC 700 road bike can cover more miles than a mountain bike in a specific time period. A road bike doesn’t need that many gears for an improved performance.

Specially designed road bike frame means that the cycling enthusiast is not losing power due to A suspension. Cleaning a road bike is much easier than a day out on the local trail on a MTB. Road Bikes tend to weigh a lot less than mountain bike. The Cyrusher XC 700 review will look at how to maintain the road bike.




Maintaining the XC 700


To continue the Cyrusher XC 700 review we will at how to maintain the road bike.   Regularly cleaning and oiling the chain will prevent the dreaded creak and will reduce the wear and tear on the chain.




Checking the tire pressure of the XC 700 before every commute will help the rider get the maximum performance out of the road bike. Riding on flat or under flatted tyres can increase wear and tear on the road bike and make the rider work harder. Read our article on the Beto bike pump.   The required PSI level can be taken from the side of the tires or the instruction manuel.

Learning how to fix a puncture with a repair kit can help a rider when their miles from home and hear hissing. They will be glad they learned how to change a tire. The Cyrusher XC 700 review will look at how to clean the road bike.




Getting in a good habit of cleaning the XC 700 on a regular basis will help the rider spot any wear and tear before it becomes a more serious problem. An in expensive sponge and some hot soapy water will help get rid of the grime. With an old rag to wipe down the road bike. The Cyrusher XC 700 review will look at the some of the main features of the road bike.

XC700 Metrics

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Customer Satisfaction

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XC 700

A rider looking for a great road bike with some high-end features should look no further. A similar road bike with the same set of features will cost a lot more from a competing brand.

The XC 700 comes wit a tough and durable 6061 aluminium frame. Aluminium frames are commonly used by bike manufactures as they offer the rider plenty of stability while riding and are really good in the event of a minor bump or scrap.

Cyrysher have equipped the XC 700 with a 14 speed Shimano 2300. Having a set of good quality gears will how the rider to change the pace of the road bike to their set of riding conditions. Shimano are a well-known brand within the bike community of manufacturing high quality biking components.

The XC 700 comes with a set of Kenda professional road tyres. Designed and built to handle different types of terrain, hard wearing and can be used for long commutes. In the Cyrusher XC 700 review we will look at some of most frequently asked questions.

  • Features – 90%
  • Value For Money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 98%

Riding the XC 700


Here are a few hints and tips for entry level cyclists that more experienced cyclists wish they knew. If a rider is thinking about going on a long commute on their own. Tell someone where they are going, share their location and when they expect to be back.

The front brake should be used with a sixty to forty distribution or a seventy to a thirty distribution between the front and rear brakes.

A rider should familiarise themselves with the brakes on the XC 700 and how much braking power is needed. The brakes on the crusher are extremely powerful and the rider doesn’t want to end up over the handlebars.

Maintaining a good riding position while allow the rider spot and potential possible hazardous situations and allow them to quickly and safely change the pace of the XC 7000. Trying to brake before any corners and having the pedal at the lowest level will give the rider more stability while riding. Especially in wet conditions. To continue on our article on the review of the Cyrusher XC 700, we will look at some of the main features of the popular selling road bike

Common Questions


How heavy is the XF800?


Weights 32 KG


What material is the frame made out of?


The frame is made from aluminium. Aluminium 6061 is A light weight material that is strong and durable that can withstand the odd pump or scrap.


Does the electric bike come with hydraulic brakes?


Yeah, the XF800 comes with a pair of hydraulic brakes. The main benefit of hydraulic brakes is that it allows rider to control the speed of the electric bike much ore easier and more efficiently.


What size is the frame?


The XF800 comes with a 26 inch frame.


Are accessories included?


Mudguards are included and a rear rack.


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