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Cyclamatic Electric Bike


In our article on the Cyclamatic electric bike, we will first look into why you should buy an electric bike. Riding can be very beneficial to humans. Humans can only cover a certain distance comfortably. However, if you put them on a bike then the world becomes their oyster.

Cycling can be four times quicker than walking. Using five times less energy. One my say that bikes give human wings.

Imagine if you could make cycling more efficient. The Cyclamatic electric bike can increase an individual’s energy by five times. Giving the individual super powers that allow the rider to have an extra bit of power. One of the main benefits of the Cyclamatic electric bike, is that it allows riders to get from one location to another, much quicker and easier.


Physical Barriers


One of the main benefits of the Cyclamatic electric bike is that it helps eliminates physical barriers such has the wind and rain when cycling. Allowing individuals that may not have the best health, for example bad knees to have access to a health life style.


Eco Friendly


Using the Cyclamatic electric bike to get from one location to another is one of the most energy efficient forms of transport. Cycling enables individuals to reduce their own carbon foot print and do their own bit to save the planet.


Rush Hour


The average speed of an individual commuting in the city in rush hour is around fifteen miles per hour. Commuting on the Cyclamatic electric bike can also achieve that speed without getting stuck in traffic.

The Cyclamatic electric bike allows individuals to leave the house when they want, take advantage of cycling lanes and not getting stuck in traffic. Travelling by bike is a form of personal transport that goes from door to door. Allowing the cycling enthusiast to be flexible, fast and independent.

Cars release more than two tonnes of CO2 every year. In comparison, the cyclamatic electric bike won’t release toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, electric bikes are more efficient than trains. Cyclamatic have designed their batteries to be more environmentally friendly. They are rechargeable, can be charged and don’t stress the power grid.

An added benefit of commuting with the Cyclamatic electric bike is that it won’t be harming the road. Cars and truck can damage roads.


Financial Benefits


Purchasing the Cyclamatic electric bike may seem quite expensive. However, in the long run the cycling enthusiast can take advantage of some savings.

If you consider the increasing cost of fuel, with the cost of travelling by car is around forty pence per mile. While, the cost of an electric bike is around eight pence per mile.

Electric bikes do not need any tax or insurance. Furthermore, no parking charges. Some countries in Europe such as Belgium and France even give residents tax breaks if they cycle a certain amount of kilometres in a given period of time.


Health Benefits


Regular exercise has many health benefits. Not only physical health benefits. But research has shown that regular exercise is a brilliant way of realising endorphins that make individuals happy and help combat the natural stress’s that life can bring.

Improving an individual’s fitness level is an ideal way of building up their self-esteem and confidence level as they become more physically strong.

Commuting on the Cyclamatic electric bike on a regular basis is a great way for an individual to lose a few extra pounds without even thinking about it.

There may be no need to pay for monthly gym membership. You may like to read the pros and cons of electric bikes. To continue our investigation into Cyclamatic electric bike, we will now look at the common question people ask when buying an electric bike

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Common Questions


Are Electric bikes safe to ride?


Yes, electric bikes are safe like regular bikes. However, the Cyclamatic can reach higher speeds than any ordinary bike. Cyclists must take their time in feeling confident in travelling at a higher speed. Nothing a little practice can’t solve. You may like to read our article on are electric bikes any good?


Are electric bikes legal?


Yes, the Cyclamatic electric bike is perfectly legal. In Europe, the general rule is that a pedelec can have 250W motor that is capable of reaching a speed of 25km/h. In addition, the motor can only assist pedalling and not replace pedalling all together.


Do I need a licence to ride an electric bike?


Electric bike laws do vary from country to another. However, the general rule is that as long as the motor has an output less than 250W. Then generally speaking an electric bike is considered legal.


How long does it take to charge an electric bike?


An electric bike can take between two to six hours. An electric bike battery should never be ran completely dry. Always keep it topped up.

In addition, an electric battery should be kept out of hot and freezing temperatures. If a rider is not planning on using their electric bike for a period of time, then the electric bike should be kept out of in a dry place.


Do electric bikes charge while pedalling?


Unfortunately, the Cyclamatic electric bike does not charge while pedalling.


 Will I still get exercise while riding the Cyclamatic electric bike?


Research has shown that electric bikes are used more than traditional bikes. Riders commuting on a daily or a weekly basis rose from fifty percent to ninety percent. Cycling on a regular basis atleast three times a year can massively improve cardiovascular fitness. Read the pros and cons of cycling.


Can I ride the Cyclamatic electric bike if the battery dies?


Yes, the electric bike can be used like any ordinary bike.


Features & Benefits

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1


If your looking for a great value electric bike from a top selling bike brand, then the search maybe over. The Cyclamatic electric bike has a lot of high-end features only found in more expensive bikes. Cyclamatic has equipped the CX1 with a powerful motor, an impressive twenty-one gears.

In addition, the Cyclamatc comes a strong and durable mountain bike frame that is designed to withstand the odd minor bump or scrap.

Furthermore, the CX1 comes with a pair of Shimano gears. Shimano are a well-respected brand within the cycling community of only making good quality bike components.

The Cyclamatic electric bike comes with an assisted battery that gives the rider an extra bit off a boost. One of the main benefits of an on-board motor is it allows a rider to travel further much easier. There is no need to worry about those dreaded hills. Unless you have forgotten to charge the battery. The cycling enthusiast will fall in love with the 250W brushless motor. Read the full review.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 96%

Customer Satisfaction


I purchased the Cyclamatic electric bike as an early birthday present for my husband. He has been using it for commuting to work. He absolutely loves the onboard motor and the CX1 offers him plenty of comfort and stability while riding.

The CX1 was easy to assemble and only to took twenty minutes. With my husband using the CX1 to work he doesn’t have to go to the gym as often. We are hoping of testing the Cyclamatic electric bike out in Delamere Forest. I am a little jealous as I only have a traditional pedal bike. My husband’s fitness levels massively improve, he has dropped from a size thirty six jean size to a thirty two size.

Common Questions


Does the Cyclamatic electric bike come assembled?


The CX1 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes to assemble. Once assembled you should go on a small test run to make sure your happy with the Cyclamatic electric bike and feel comfortable while riding.



How many gears does the CX1 come with?


The CX1 comes with an impressive twenty-one gears that gives the rider plenty of options while changing the pace of the bike to the riding conditions faced by the rider. Perfect for getting out of any sticky questions quickly and safely.



What type of riding is the e bike designed for?


The CX1 is designed for mountain biking and is perfect for off roading. Read our article on Mountain bike questions. We hope you have enjoyed our article on Cyclamatic electric bike. Please support our article and share it on your social media.



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