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 Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike


A Lightweight Hybrid E Bike Specifically Designed For The Modern Women

Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike




Aluminium Frame

Lithium Battery

Rear Pannier Rack


What Is The Connect Womens Hybrid Bike Designed For

A Hybrid E Bike Designed For The City


Common Questions

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 Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike

Connect Womens Lightweight Ebike is built for fun, comfortability, speed and durability. Benefit of getting an Ebike on the long run is immeasurable in comparison to other ebikes and car.

Costs of car repairs, maintenance such as servicing, cleaning and parking etc., contribute to how effective having an Ebike is. Also, Ebike helps in maintain a desirable better health condition and sustainability.

Connect Womens Lightweight Ebike comes 90% assembled and only requires minimal home assembling before use. Its total weight is 23.1kg and works well at full charge.



Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike

Lower Price

The Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike is highly recommended and individual choice in electric bike selection.


Adjustable Handle Stem

Connect Womens Lightweight allow you to gives angle of direction to your riding with height to enjoy a unique and elegant experience.


Choosing an Electric bike over other means of transportation isn’t just on miscellaneous cost, it enhance faster commuting be it in mountaineering, traffic jams, crowded trains, busy cars and bus packs.


Connect Womens Lightweight capacity offers 45 and 55 mile from one charge, which makes avoidance of traffic jams, packed buses, and overcrowded trains possible, quick and safe.

 Light Weight

The electric bike encompasses a light-weight through aluminum frame with a zoom suspension seat post and large padded saddle. Upfront is a good quality fast release height and adjustable handlebar stem which provide supreme convenience. Therein installed is a 250W motor, which gives a lifesaver of 45 and 55 mile from one charge.


Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike is built with a Lithium Ion 36V/10.4 AH battery (Panasonic Cells and Shimano) providing up to 45-55km range. This enables more long range movement as one could combine traditional cycling with a mechanized form.

 Distance cycling

Enjoying long distance exercise cycling by exploring round your city with your Ebike. Discover how much more Connect Womens Lightweight can take you on your adventurous lifestyle. Moving on high hills only get better with your powerful pedal assist to move past powerful breeze and enjoy new challenge with a different landscapes.

 Endless Fun

The use of Connect Womens Lightweight brings sustainability to users through the use of pedal assist during competition with colleagues and also with a powerful alloy brakes which keeps you rest assured of your safety in all incidence

Tyres and Convenience

Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike comes with a strong double wall alloy wheels with CST 700 x 38c tyres, front and rear mudguards, alloy kickstand for easy parking, rear alloy pannier rack and a well-padded convenience seat post for more conveniences.

 Powerful Performance

From discovering exciting new areas of your city to taking on the challenge of a mountainous trail, the powerful specifications of a Pro Rider eBike give you the opportunity to embrace adventure.

 Adventurous Lifestyle

The use of electric bike provides opportunity for exploring the city around you, discovering natural beauty of the countryside, or exercising to increase your fitness level. Electric bike are noted for exercises of mountain hills, demanding workout and difficult terrain absolute confidence in the pedal assist, allowing you to brave challenging new landscapes like never before.

  • Features – 94
  • Value for money – 95
  • Build Quality – 90

”  I Cant Wait To Treat My Wife. She Will Absolutely Love The Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike.” Frank

Why choose Connect Womens Lightweight Ebike?

Connect Womens Lightweight Electric bike is centered on fun and bridging the gap between novice and professional rider to make cycling safe and practical for all in a faster, higher and farther terrain.

Exercise – Daily workout couldn’t well be done without Ebike. This bike allows both intense workouts and relaxed journeys, owing an eBike could be multi-functional depending on the use. Switching between freewheel mode or pedal assist give you the right amount of power and support when riding.


Opportunity – For older individuals or individuals getting back to fitness who cannot normally spend long periods of time on a bike or cope with hilly areas due to muscular or joint problems, an electric bike can offer a new lease of life. The support of the Connect Womens Lightweight Electric Hybrid Bike motor gives much assistance so that people of all capabilities can enjoy cycling more than enough.


Key Features



Powerful, high quality alloy brakes

– Adjustable Handlebar Stem

– Super comfortable seat with zoom suspension

– Rear alloy pannier rack

– Top notch technology from Shimano and Panasonic

– Use with or without pedal assist

– Adjustable handlebar stem

– Lightweight, step through aluminum frame

– Kickstand for parking

Common Questions

With full battery charge how long(km) we can drive?

Answer: You can drive around 45kms on a full charge.


Q: Whether driving license required?

Answer: No driving license, No parking fee.


Q: What the total weight of the Ebike?

Answer: Connect Womens Lightweight Bike weigh 23.1kg.


Q: How durable is it?

Answer: The Ebike is very strong and based on your personal usage and maintenance.

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