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 Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike

Designed For Kids That Love To Ride In Style.

 Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike

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V Type Brakes

Stunt Pegs

Steel Frame


Does The Stunt Rider Come Assembled

The Stunt Rider Comes Partially Assembled.

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Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike

If you are looking to buy a stunning Stunt Rider for your little son, then continue reading this piece. Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike proves to be exactly what you need. It is a BMX bumper bike specifically made as a little boy’s pavement bicycle.

This stunt rider is decorated with a 10-inch Hi Ten steel frame that ensures safety and comfort for your youngster. With this kind of frame the bike is very rugged and resilient for all stunt riding activities.

Little boys who are fearless and tough instantly fall in love with this cycle the very first time they see it. There is every reason to believe that your little adorable will fall in love with this bike at first sight.

Main Benefits/ Features Of The Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike


This Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike is a little boy’s bike, so the frame was made using hi-tensile steel along with a rigid hi-tensile fork as well.

This combination certifies the bike as super strong and good to move on all types of roads and pavements, be it smooth or rough. Safety, comfort and resilience is guaranteed within this biking experience for your little dare devil.

The bicycle is decorated with handlebars made by BMX, which ensures that your son’s hands are holding firmly to the handle. This is for the safety and general protection of the little adorable while he is set for more adventurous stunt riding.

A feature like v-type brakes to enforce safe halt to motion while the child is cycling is awesome – it can’t be overlooked. The bike can also boast of having a 16t freewheel for accurate cycling. Then, there are some special fun-stuff like front plate and a pair of stunt pegs.

Because, this cycle was fabricated for young boys, there are special safety pads on the handlebars to secure the hands of your little son.

Every other part like the saddle, seat post and grips were all fabricated with the fun and safety of the little boy in focus. There is also a suitable chain-guard included in the installation.

Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike can be easily lifted because of its lightweight, this feature makes it possible for your son to carry the bicycle to and from the playground effortlessly.

It is wouldn’t be easy or funny if the bicycle was so heavy for a little child. Along with the bike’s freewheels comes a 20h alloy rim that helps each wheel maintain a firm grip on the ground – perfect.

After purchase, the bike is shipped to you with about 90 percent of its parts assembled inside a sealed package. All that is required of you will be to fit together the saddle and seat post.

You will also fit together the pedals, front wheel, front brake cable, stem and handlebars. After all has been set up, you can inflate and fix in the tyres, as the final part of the assembly process. Be sure to go through the manual of the machine, before you start assembling the remaining 10 percent.

With adjustable legs, it is well suited to boys with varying heights, giving room for growth. There will be no occurrence of bruises caused by a constant friction between your son’s ankle and pedal or chain. What an awesome relief.

You have discovered all the amazing features of this bike. It is time to move further and give your little boy a bumper stunt rider adventure. This will be the best give ever for him. He will be also to do all the cool and extreme stuff that real stunt riders do.

  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 93%

“ I Cant Wait To Take My Son Out And Test This Little Beauty Out.”  Noel

Customer Satisfaction

The Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike is really a remarkable bike that offers safety, great amusement and comfort all in one for any little boy. This bicycle was fabricated to fit all little boys – it can be adjusted to fit young boys of varying heights.

The whole frame and features were cautiously arranged perfectly without any mistake. Every piece fits into one another superbly with a solid and sturdy body frame.

Whenever purchase is done and package is received, almost anyone can unload the package and effortlessly assemble them together without any problem whatsoever. All parents express how stress-free it was to unpack package and assemble parts.

This is because the manufacturers have already assembled 90 percent of the part together before shipping. You just have about 10 percent assembling to do, after purchase.

Due to the sturdy and rugged frame of the Bumper Stunt Rider 16-inch Boys BMX Bike durability is provided. It does not matter how rough your son rides. The bicycle has a abundant balance which can keep the little cycler stable even on rough rides.

This is an awesome bumper stunt rider’s bike, with all parts faultlessly fitted to offer an unforgettable, fun-filled exploration for all little boys.

Final Verdict


  • It features a strong steel frame that is durable and will create great fun and excitement for your little son.
  • This bumper bike was particularly fabricated as a pavement cycle for all young boys.
  • It gives your little fearless stunt rider an adventurous bumper riding session with number plate and stunt pegs included for stage performance.

Common Questions

Are the pedals on this bike freewheel?

Yes, this bike comes with the freewheel system. Its pedals are freewheeling, providing upmost safety for your little son. The little stunt rider’s feet can effortlessly get to the wheels and comfortably negotiate the freewheel pedals without any problem.  Check out our step by step guide on the factors to consider when buying a children’s bike.

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