Beto Bike Pump Review

Beto Bike Pump Review
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money
  • Customer Satisfaction

Beto Alloy track pump

Firstly, The Beto Alloy track pump has a whopping five star reviews on amazon, so I had to try it try it out myself.

Secondly, It comes with a double connector that has the added benefit of being used with Schraeder and Presta valves. In use, I found that on average it only takes ten repetitions of the pump to fully inflate the tyres on my mountain bike – which was pretty good.

Finally, The Beto Alloy Bike Pump is at the lower price range and is of great value with added features like the double connector


Features & Benefits


Two inch pressure gauge – therfore this allows me to easily and quickly check the psi .

Good quality handle with extra soft cover–  as a result it gives me extra comfort on those long commutes

Compatible to use for both Schrader and Presta valves– consequently saves you buying individual valves and also storing two different values either at home our on the go.

Solid tripod style tough base with steel plate– will help you pump up your tyres with ease as it keeps the bike pump stable.

Fold Away stand– as a result makes Beto Alloy track pump is easy to store in a crowded shed or cupboard

Big alloy barrel for efficient pumping– allows me to pump more air into your tyres quicker and easier with less repetitions- saves my cycling friends from waiting for me!

Has long connectors–  hence when there’s not much room to pump up my tyres it works great and is good for me as I am a tall rider

A maximum of only ten repetitions of the pump to fully inflate. Consequently, Saves time when I am in a rush.

Easy to use -Furthermore great for those with not much upper body strength.

Advice for using the Beto Alloy Track Pump


In addition, the Beto Alloy track pump has a multiple uses and does does come with useful and detailed instructionsd. Also, Do keep the instructions as they may become useful at a later date. Most noteworthy, the pump is fully functional as advertised and will only take a few minutes to set up.

Finally,be sure of the appropriate psi level for your tyres, or have it written down before you set off.  Inflating the tyres using the tripod on level ground.  Ensuring the Beto Alloy track pump is vertical will pump up the the psi much quicker with little effort  and more safely.

Advantages of the  Beto Alloy Track Pump


Inflates your tyres to 120psi

Built Quality is superior than cheaper pumps

The three legs ensures stability in order to get into a good rhythm to pump quicker.

Works straight out of the box.

Beto Alloy Barrel Track Pump with Gauge is the Best valve I’ve seen for the money by far

Can be used for a variety of uses car, wheel chair, trailers, wheel barrow, road and mountain bike and more….

Built to last.

I found the The gauge to be very accurate.



Not the cheapest, however you pay for quality and the Beto Alloy Barrel Track Pump with Gauge five star reviews speak for themselves.

Do You Need a Pump with Gauge?

Most of all I’ve established that the Beto Alloy Barrel Track Pump with Gauge is a quality bike pump. Therfore, do you really need a pressure gauge on a bike pump?  Firstly, Let’s think about things that need to be inflated to the right pressure. Footballs and paddling pools spring to mind, but with bike tyres. Consequently, they are best pumped until the tyre feels solid with a press of the thumb – that’s accurate enough isn’t it?

In conclusion, when you are a kid on a casual, short, and infrequent cycle, but for an adult on a longer run. On a more frequent basis, it is important to run on properly inflated tyres kept at the correct pressure. Here’s the top three factors influenced by tyre pressure :

  • ride comfort – too much pressure leads to a bump and uncomfortable ride
  • speed – low pressure means more rubber to ground contact, which means more friction, which means a slower ride, or put another way, more effort required to achieve the same speed achievable on a tyre at the correct pressure.
  • safety – an over inflated tyre will not achieve the correct tyre to surface profile and will not provide the same level of grip

Since, Tyre manufacturers know this, and will stamp the ideal pressure on the sidewall of the tyre for this precise reason. A pressure inside your tyre is affected by three main factors.  How much air you pump in,  the temperature, and also, the load – that’s you!

A load, ie your weight, has a significant impact on the tyre pressure. therefore, a significant impact on the 3 factors listed above. Pump a tyre to the manufacturers recommended pressure, ride it for a few miles, then decide through the feedback your backside gives you. If a little air should be released, or if it is just right.

As a result, the rear tyre should have slightly more pressure than the front as it is carrying most of the weight.

Does this pump fit wood valves
It does, but a separate adaptor is required.





Would this pump fit wood valves
It would, but a separate adaptor is required.





Could this pump fit wood valves
It could, but a separate adaptor is required.





Can this pump fit wood valves
It can, but a separate adaptor is required.





I need a pump that fits wood valves
Yes, but a separate adaptor is required.





Does this pump inflate footballs?
Yes it does!
Will the pump work on Boardman Bikes?
This pump works great with Boardman Bikes.
Can this pump work at over 100 psi?
This pump goes all the way up to 120psi, I would recommend clear valves for working at the top end of its range though.
Will this work on road bike tyres?
Yes, it works on road bike and MTB tyres.
Does it work on inflating Presta valves and do you need a connector?
Yes it work great. No adapter Required.

Final Comments


The Beto Alloy track pump has some quality features without the higher price tag.

Firstly,  It comes with double connector that can be used for multiple uses wheel chairs, footballs, trailers, car tyres, road and mountain bikes.

Secondly, It is very easy to use with its long pump action and its tripod that’s made of quality material that are made to last. Thirdly, It has not only good reviews but fantastic reviews from a lot of satisfied customers.

Finally, It may not be the cheapest model. However you wont get a better bike pump with a gauge at this price point in my opinion.