“Ride it like You Stole it” – Lee Sutton

Beiou has specialised in carbon fibr bikes for over fifteen years and their engineers focus on safety, weight and material performance.

Their goal is total customer satisfaction and to dominate the biking industry for carbon fibr bikes.

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Benefits/ Features

CARBON FRAME – the Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike comes with a carbon frame that is light weight while climbing or on a flat.

FULL CARBON FORK a single uninterrupted molding that are around 40% lighter and has better resistance against accidental damage than cheaper folks using two materials

TIRES- Kenda 26 4.5” 60 TPI tyres are high quality tyres that are made from a well-known brand in the bike industry.

On the trail, road or on the race track, Kenda is renowned for their quality. The tyres are engineered for value and performance.

HYDRAULIC BRAKING– Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike comes with a hydraulic brake (Shimano M315)
A braking system that uses brake fluid, normally containing diethylene, ethers or glycol to push pressure from the controlling to the braking mechanism. Brilliant for those emergency stops.

TERRAIN- the Beiou mountain bike is designed to tackle all different types of terrain whether it be on the local mountain bike trail or out on an adventure with your family and friends

SADDLE- a stylish black and red saddle that will allow to ride Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike in comfort and style. You won’t after worry about a sore bottom.

CABLE ROUTING – internal cable routing saves weight as the cable housing is shorter and will allow the rider to push the Beiou Full Carbon mountain bike to its full potential

COLOUR – 3k Glossy green that will be sure to draw attention. A really head turner

Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of people asking were you bought it from. Everyone will know you like to Mtb in style.

Common Questions

Is the 2017 Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike durable?

Beiou have made sure that the fat tyre mountain bike is made from the very best components, a carbon fibr frame, hydraulic brake and kenda tyres ensure that the rider has complete control over the mountain bike while tackling all types of terrain.

Who is the Beiou brand?

Established in China are have 15 years’ experience with designing and manufacturing carbon fibre products. Do I have to assemble the Beiou mountain bike? The Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike comes partially assembled and should take no longer than 30 minutes.

It may be worth getting a second pair of hands if you’re not used to putting the bikes together. Comes with a detailed and informative instruction Manuel.

What are the benefits of having a carbon fibr frame?

WEIGHT – lightweight carbon frame will allow the rider to have 100 percent control of the bike and the terrain and has become increasingly popular with bike manufacturers

STIFFNESS – a frame made from carbon will give the rider more stability on the Beiou full carbon fat mountain bike.

DURABILITY – A carbon frame will give the rider plenty of support in the event of the odd bump or scrap.


Beiou Brand

Carbon fibr Bike frame

Hydraulic Brakes

Kenda tyres built for different terrain


Unfortunately quality doesn’t come cheap. QUALITY comes at a cost.

However, will last you for many years Unfortunately, You have to pay for quality. If you take care of your Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike it will last you many years.

Advice while Mountain biking

FOOD/ DRINK – always carry a bottle of water or a drink that will keep you well hydrated and a little cheeky snack to keep you pedalling for a longer. You want your body to work at its best so you want to make sure you don’t neglect it.

PUNCTURE – eventually you will have a flat, always carry a punctuate repair kit with you and become familiar with fixing a flat. Becoming familiar with a flat will save you time in the long term

TEST RIDE – once you have assembled the Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike make sure you go on a little test run to make sure your happy with the bike. Do the ABC check. Check the air in the tyres, test the brakes and the chain has been oiled.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a top quality mountain bike then the Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike is First class.

Each component of the bike is made from the very best.

Don’t be surprised if your friends are a little jealous. Treat yourself. You deserve it. Ride the FIRST CLASS with the the Beiou Full Carbon Fat Tire Bicycle fat mountain bike.

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