BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano


BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano

Beiou Are Known For Only Using The Best Quality Materials & Components

BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano


Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano

Carbon Materials

The Beiou Comes With Carbon Materials Such As Frame, Forks & Drop Bar

Designed Specifically For Racing

Beiou Have Designed The Beiou 2017 Specifically For The Road


Shimano Ultegra10S

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BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano


BEIOU is a top manufacturer of bikes in the world. It is a Chinese company that builds the bike in every segment and has an excellence in building different kinds of bike for over a decade.

BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano ULTEGRA 10S Racing Bicycle is one of the new bikes that the BEIOU has launched in the racing bike segment. This racing bike has the quality like all other bikes of BEIOU.

That means it is light in weight and this is the signature feature of all BEIOU bicycles. And has excellent handling and control.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Beiou 2017 Road Bike

Handle support

The handle support of the bike is so created that the user has full comfort and control over the riding for a longer period of time. The placement of the brake is also so strategically placed that it gives full control to the biker while racing. Also, the placement of the gear shifters are scientifically placed so that the rider need not struggle a lot while racing.

 Light-weight frame

Like the specialty of BEIOU 2017, 700C Road Bike Shimano ULTEGRA 10S Racing Bicycle the frame is made up of carbon fiber which makes it sturdy and lightweight. Not only this but also the fork of the cycle is made up of carbon fiber which makes it more resistant to shocks. Also, the Drop Bar and the Seatpost is made up of carbon fiber which decreases the overall weight to a significant level.

Speed control

For speed control, the bicycle is provided with Shimano ULTEGRA. These Shimano products are well known for its support and durability. Because of so wide range of gears available the rider gets the freedom to experiment with different speed according to the road conditions available.

Aerodynamic design

The bike is scientifically designed and gives a great control over speed and brake system. It is made for racing and hence, adopts the wind breaking design. This helps to create lesser resistance with air. Making it a swift way through back drift when racing .

  • Features -88%
  • Value for money – 82%
  • Build Quality – 89%

“I Ordered The Beiou 2017 2 months ago and I couldn’t be more happier.” Dennis

Customer Satisfaction

For the people who love to ride and race this is the perfect cycle for them. Because BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano ULTEGRA 10S Racing Bicycle provides you with 10-speed gears.

It becomes very easy for the cyclist to lower their efforts of peddling on uphill roads. Also when the cyclist is cycling down the road he can shift the gears to attain maximum speed.

The cycle is made up of very light carbon fiber material which acts as an added advantage to the racers. Also, the braking system provided in the bicycle is by Shimano which is known to be the best in the industry.

Tyres used in the cycle have a great grip which gives the cyclist a good lean angle when taking turns at high speed. The bicycle is low at maintenance and doesn’t cost much. This is a perfect buy for the customers who want a high-end bike at an affordable price


Common Questions

What are the colors in which BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano ULTEGRA 10S Racing Bicycle is available?

The bicycle is available in glossy gray red white color.

How many gears are available in the cycle?

In total there are 10 gears available for obtaining different speed at different road terrace.

What kind of frame does the cycle have?

The cycle has carbon fiber frame that is lightweight and sturdy.

What is the ideal use of the bicycle?

The bike can be used for sports and outdoor cycling. In real the cycle is made for the racing purpose and hence, it has all the features that are required for attaining speed in a race. Hence it will be best for the people who want to get down to a race with the hi-tech bike.

What is the size of the cycle?

The size of the cycle is 700 C * 540 mm * 560 mm

What is the braking system used in the cycle?

The braking system that is used in the cycle is of C-break type. They have internal cable routing in them and has road type clip breaks which are adjustable.

What is the weight of the cycle?

As the cycle is made up of carbon fiber the weight of the cycle is limited to 18.4 lb.

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The BEIOU 2017 700C Road Bike Shimano ULTEGRA 10S Racing Bicycle is very affordable as compared to the features that it has to offer.

The braking system and the frame of the cycle are of the top level for any racing cycle. It suffices all the needs of a basic racing cycle.

The cycle is low on maintenance, does not require much of service, and the parts are easily available in the market and can be self-assembled.