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Barracuda Vivante Road Bike

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   Why Should You Buy The Barracuda Vivante Road Bike

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Dual Pivot Brakes

Alloy Frame

21 Shimano Gears





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  Barracuda Vivante Road Bike

If one needs a bike that will see them zoom on the road like it is motorized, nothing beats the Barracuda Vivante Road Bike  Firstly, It has all the features that will ensure that no matter the degree of inclination.

The bike will handle it without a problem. Also, whether you ride to work, are part of a competitive team or simply like touring the upcountry hills with a friend, this bike is the one to go for.

Features & Benefits


Light Weight

Compared to the bikes in its class, the Barracuda Vivante Road Bike  is very light in weight. The 22 ½ inch alloy frame is as light as one would get a bike of its size.

The benefit with this is that it will transfer as much energy from the pedals to the tyres without any wastes. When put to the test, the bike was all about speed and no energy was wasted in trying to move the weight of the bike forwards. This will also be advantageous when you have to carry the bike over the little streams of water in the countryside.


Best Gear Shifters

The Barracuda Vivante Road Bike uses Shimano TZ30-31 21-speed front and rear mechanism with Shimano bar-mounted rotational shifters. Shimano is known for creating the best bike parts, and its gear shifters are the smoothest and most accurate in its class.

These gear shifters ensure the smoothest transition from one gear to the next. Besides that, they are faster than other types of gear shifters given that they have a mechanism that allows them to move the chain to the next set of cogs quickly.

Strong Road Fork

The 700C road fork has many advantages that will ensure a smooth and safe ride. First of all, it is strong enough to withstand the bumps that may be on the way.

Secondly, it is accurately balanced both in terms of elevation and the degree of inclination for the left and right side. In terms of elevation, the road fork is elevated to just the right height to ensure that one does not hunch on the bike or sit up too straight to transfer little energy to the pedals. The left and the right sides are balanced to the millimetre to ensure that the bike is always at the position the rider wants it to be at.


Best in Class Wheels

First of all, the wheels on this bike are the Verismo 700C profiled alloy wheels with Kenda K-193 tyres. This set of wheels is famed for its durability and lightness allowing you to speed away quickly. The tyres have a thin profile to reduce the effects of wind when you are speeding. With this set of tyres, you will conquer any terrain you set your sights on conquering no matter where it is located.


 Accurate Brakes

Furthermore, with the alloy dual-pivot brakes, the Barracuda Vivante Road Bike  will ensure that you are safe on the road. The braking mechanism ensures that the bike stops as soon as they applied. To prevent any accidents or to control the speed of the ride on slopes or when taking corners. This braking mechanism is also durable to ensure that very few repairs shall be needed on the braking system.


Durable and Safe Parts

Firstly, the Barracuda has a 100mm alloy stem and an alloy seat post to ensure the longevity of use. Resulting in both parts are made not only to be durable but comfortable to the rider.

Secondly, the alloy stem can be adjusted to match the height of the rider to enable them to ride for long hours without getting tired.  Thirdly, the seat post is also ergonomically shaped to provide comfort for long hours when someone is seating on them. Lastly, the use of alloy also ensures that the seat post and stem are light given that any weight at such a height would negatively affect the balance of the bike and hence the accuracy of the ride.


Comfortable Seat

Most notably, the seat for the Barracuda Men’s Vivante  is a padded sports saddle that has the advantage of packing a thin profile without appearing to be excessive in any way. Consequently, the seat is both thin and perfect in size to allow for the exertion of force on the pedals without affecting the working of the legs, unlike other seats which have a toll on the muscles of the body. Finally, the seat is made to accommodate any size of the rider to make sure that the bike is usable by many different people. You may like to read our article on are Barracuda bikes any good?

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  The Barracuda Vivante Road Bike Will Be Perfect For Joining Neston’s Cycling Team.” Stevie


22 1/2″ lightweight alloy road frame

Shimano TZ30-31 21-speed (front & rear mech) with Shimano bar-mounted rotational shifters

Verismo 700C profiled alloy wheels with Kenda K-193 tyres

Suit ILM: 33″ – 38″

Alloy dual-pivot brakes

Alloy seat post and 100mm alloy stem.




Barracuda Mens Vivante Road Bike ranks one of the top bikes sold in Amazon.

Detailed instruction manuel.

Fully functional within 30 mins




The brakes may need a little adjustment so ensure you take for a little test ride.

The saddle is ok for a short daily commute. However if your planning a long journey it may work investing on a higher quality saddle.

Doesn’t include 3mm alan key to fix saddle

Common Questions

In conclusion, the Barracuda Vivante Road Bike is a cheap road bike with some quality features included and shown in the customer testimonials.. There is a detailed instruction Manual included and  assembly should take 30 minutes.

  • The gears of the Barracuda work well and are precise. The Barracuda comes with grip shifters which did what was expected of them.
  • The Barracuda Vivante Road Bike light weight bike weighing around 15kg. (you would have to spend a great deal more to find a lighter road bike)

Any bike that can with held 60 mile rides within this price range needs to be a strong contender. We hope  you enjoyed our review of Barracuda Vivante Road Bike. Please support our review by sharing our review so it will help us in making more reviews.

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