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Barracuda Liberty Ladies Hybrid Bike

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   Why Should You Buy The Barracuda Liberty Ladies Hybrid Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons To Buy the Barracuda Liberty Ladies Hybrid Bike




Lightweight Aluminium Frame

21 Shimano Gears

Alloy V Brakes





Customer Satisfaction

A Solid Three Stars



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  Barracuda Liberty Ladies Hybrid Bike

Trekking or hiking bikes are one of the latest and trendy breed of bicycles. Basically, this is the eco-friendly and equally adventurous nature of this vehicle that makes it a perfect choice. Barracudas Men’s Liberty trekking bike is specially designed for commutation and leisure purpose. So, it is an amalgam if need and fun.

Before looking at the features of Barracuda’s Trekking bike, let’s have a look at actual task of the hybrid bikes do. These are the light-weight vehicles designed to meet requirements of an average rider. They became popular in a time period when racing and mountain bikes were too main stream. Such bikes became difficult for daily basis commutation due to their special features and heavy-weight. So, hybrid bikes served as the best alternate.  Read our article on are barracuda bikes any good?

Features & Benefits

Trekking bicycles have aluminium frame and front fork. Barracuda Men’ Liberty Trekking bike is a light weight vehicle with 6061 series aluminium frame. It is accompanied with 700C straight blade front fork.

It has 700c silver alloy wheels and 40 C Kenda K-934 white line tires, designed for accomplishing task for smooth commutation. Trekking bikes are usually between 21 and 27 gears. Barracuda’s Liberty bike has 21 speed Shimano TX-30 gears. V shape trigger style shifters make it possible to instantly change breaks

V-shape breaks give more control over bike through its smooth and instant stopping ability when required. Alloy stem of Barracuda bike is also quite adjustable and allows a powerful steering control to the rider.

It is light weight: Trekking bicycle is a right option for daily basis commutation. Working man can rely on it for going from home to office with greater ease. You may like our article on the pros and cons of hybrid bikes

It can run faster: Perhaps, this is the best advantage of this bike; it has 700 C diameters of wheels, which is a quality of racing bikes. So, it can easily make way to provide commutation at rapid speed.

Powerful Breaks: Barracuda bike come up with more powerful breaks allowing rider greater control. Smooth V shaped breaks act as instant stopper when required.

Adjustable Frame: Another feature of bike is its adjustable stem frame that provides an ease of changing direction; which is a necessary function for daily basis commutation.

Adjustable seat: It is specially designed bike for men and hence provides greater edge for customization. Seat is quite easy to adjust, this is the reason why a man for average height and one who is more than 6 feet high, both can ride it with an equal ease.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 92%

”  The Barracuda Liberty Ladies Hybrid Bike Is Perfect For My Wife.” Jeff

Customer Satisfaction

Reviews indicate that many users find this bicycle quite friendly to use. Customer experience from both new and old users shows that product comes up to the expectations. A bike which is meant for daily basis commutation can always be reviewed best after long term use; Barracuda men’s liberty bike comes up to this expectation. Rider that travelled through it for more than three years find it worth of the price they paid.

As per reviews, it provides an excellent riding experience and allows smooth gear changes, making it possible to change direction. Customers also think it to be more friendly as seat is quite adjustable according height.

Factory fitted structure eliminates the need of service prior to use and seems to be handy for first time bikers as well.

Few riders also show their dis satisfaction, it is mainly because they need something different like a mountain bike or some vehicle to drive on the rough path.

There are chances that no users may have complaints, but it is because they are not acquainted enough. After driving few miles, they know how to control it and hence start benefiting from its features.

Final Comments


Here are three common reasons for buying Barracuda’s Men Liberty Bicycle.

It is light in weight and quite easy to handle. People who love to ride bike on daily basis must opt it. For commutation between office and home, the bike is a right choice.

It is much faster. The 700 C wheel has properties of racing bike. It allows smooth steering. In rush hours, serves as a speedy transportation source.

The bicycle allows more smooth experience. The reason can be attributed to control that rider can exercise on it. Its adjustable structure is quite a help for moving smoothly on roads.

Common Questions

How much bike weighs?

It is a light weight trekking bike and weighs only 12 kg.

What is the speed of Bike?

One can say that it has speeding feature of a racing bike. It runs faster while remaining more upright.

Are handlebars adjustable?

It is quite usual for all the bikes to have adjustable handlebars. In the same way Barracuda provides flexibility to move handlebar vertically. Further, they can also be rotated as per normal function of a bike.

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