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Barracuda Corvus Road Bike


Barracuda Have Maufactured Hundreds Of Bikes And Have Plenty Of Experience In Designing Bikes That Cyclists Love.

Barracuda Corvus Road Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to Buy the Barracuda Corvus Road Bike



14 Shimano Gears

Designed Specifially For The Road

The Barracuda Cycling Corvus Road Bike Is Specifically Designed For The Road

Customer Satisfaction

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Why Should You Buy The Barracuda Corvus Road Bike


Are you interested in cycling? Maybe you were looking for a new bike that will help you get into this sport?

Even if you only like riding a bike for longer periods of time, we have a great model that you might want to try out.

Barracuda Corvus Road Bikeis an amazing model with many great features that are putting it on the top of the list when it comes to cycling. It is also exclusively made, and you won’t find it just anywhere.

If this peaks your interest, then let’s see what does this model have to offer.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Barracuda Cycling Corvus Road Bike

Obviously, Barracuda Corvus Road Bike is a bike for the professionals. It features parts of extreme quality and strength, which all work together to create this cycling work of art.

The bike has a Gents Alloy Road Frame, and it even comes with bottle carrier bosses. This is very practical, and it will save you the trouble of having to buy one yourself.

It offers Barracuda 700c Double Wall Alloy Rims Wheels, which have proven to be very strong, and of the highest quality.

They will definitely improve the durability of the bike, as well as the feeling that you will get while riding it. As for the tires, they are 700c x 23c All Black Fast Rolling Tires. Obviously, a great quality, and a perfect match for this road bike.

Of course, we should also mention that the bike features a 700c Hi-Tensile fork.

Naturally, every road bike needs to provide its rider with absolute control over their speed of movement. This is the reason why this model features Alloy side pull brakes, together with the road bike levers. Check out or article on are barracuda bikes any good?

They will react instantly to the smallest touch, which is very important for models such as this. And, while we are on the topic of speed, we should also mention the bike’s chainset and gearing.

Barracuda Corvus Road Bike offers Shimano 14 speed gear, with Shimano Thumb Shifters, as well as Shimano rear derailleur. This is quite a combination, which will make sure that you never have to experience difficulties while pedaling.

Instead, you will always keep the possibility of making the resistance just right. As a part of the package, you also receive a 7-speed chain and a 14-28T Shimano freewheel.


  • Features -91 %
  • Value for money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 95%

I Have Been Looking For A New Road Bike For A While Now, The Barracudda Corvus Road Bike Is A Dream Come true.” James

Customer Satisfaction

Barracuda Cycling Corvus Road Bike is an amazing model that will make every ride enjoyable. Thanks to all of its equipment, you’ll have many different options to explore and find what suits you best.

During that time, the bike will remain strong and dependable. Also, the gearing and the brakes will give you complete control over your speed. It is an excellent bike for pretty much anyone.

No matter whether you only have a mild interest in cycling, or you’re a huge fan who already has some experience.


Final Comments


This bike is of top quality, with some of the best parts and equipment that can be used for a road bike.

Using it is simple, but even so, you still have a lot of options to explore and discover.

This particular model is great for beginner cyclists, as well as for those with some experience. Of course, casual bike riders are welcome to try it out as well.


Common Questions

Does the bike come in multiple colors?

The answer is yes, and you can choose from three different color models. The first one is the combination black and green, the second one is a combination of black and white.

The third combo features three colors, which are black, blue, and grey. Also, another thing worth mentioning is that the saddle and the steering are all black, no matter which combination you choose.

Does the bike come fully assembled?

No, Barracuda Cycling Corvus Road Bike isn’t completely built when it arrives. Instead, it is shipped 90% assembled, while the buyer will have to add the rest of it themselves.

Still, that should not pose a problem, since all the parts come with the bike. After locating them, all you need is a few simple tools, and you can do most of the job in a matter of minutes. All that needs doing are things like adding the pedals and handlebars, checking the tires, and alike.

Advise while using the bike?

The bike is easy to assemble, and even easier to use after that. However, we should mention that some parts and equipment might need some adjusting. You should check brakes and gears in particular before giving the bike a test ride.

That way, if any of the equipment is faulty, you will discover it in time. Safety should always remain the top priority while riding a bike, which is why we recommend checking all the parts. There is nothing wrong in making sure that everything works as it should, before the actual ride. Learn how to clean your bike with our cleaning your bike guide.



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