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  Atala SLR 200

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Road Tyres

Aluminium Frame

Comfortable Saddle


A Brand That Prides Itself On Designing And Manufacturing Quality Road Bikes.


Who Is The Atala Designed For?

For The Road Cycling Enthusiast

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   Atala SLR 200

The world is evolving day by day. Every day we are getting introduced with new sorts of technologies. There different kinds of cars, different types of bikes are being presented daily.

But these technologies with so many advantages for humans, are also defecting our planet earth. We consider this kind of disadvantages very minor, but these kinds of things have a very long term effect on our planet. Different oil/fuel based cars product a specified gas that affects the trees around us.

So, by choosing a bike, you are selecting a vehicle that produces no noise or air pollution, and with that, we can help our planet green again. Considering a bike over cars is a way to reduce the noise and car pollution from the surrounding and to have our environment clean to breathe and live comfortably without any issues at all.

Features & Benefits

With so many varieties of brands and so many competitors in the market. Choosing a bike is difficult. There are different sorts of options available for the people. You need to select the exact size and exact weight that you can carry without having any kind of problem. Read about the pros and cons of road bikes.

With the technology evolving every day, different competitors in the market introducing different types of products to attract more customers and all focusing on customer satisfaction. In the market, there is a massive amount of products on the bike. But to choose the best bike that is safe and comfortable to use.

For your satisfaction, we present the best product Atala SLR 200 Aluminium 10 V Anthracite/Red. It is a very impressive bike that you should consider. Its structure is very comfortable making it easy for use saving you a lot of money.




The Atala SLR 200 is perfect for adults especially teenagers. A teenager desires to have a very comfortable bike with a trending new design that is unique than other competitor bikes. If you are planning to have a bike that is both stylish, with a unique design and is the most comfortable than you don’t need to search any longer because Racing Bike Atala SLR 200 Aluminium 10 V Anthracite/Red is the perfect product for you.

It has an Aluminium Racing Fork frame. Aluminium carbon legs. Aluminium steering fork. It has the oversized fold handlebar and an oversized seat post as well. Featuring Ergopower Brake caliper brakes making it most secured and safe with these kinds of restraints. With these kinds of brakes, you can not find such a level of safety from a bike anywhere else.

The perfectly finished red colour makes this bike stand out as compared to other similar products in the market. This bike provides the best riding experience to the people making it a perfect product for people of different age groups.

Aluminum Racing frame

Integrated headset

Caliper Aluminum brakes

Alluminio pedal

Byte aluminum 27, 2mm seat post

Byte Aluminium 50/34 crankset

Aluminium 32 holes’ hub

Byte U Ride Vent saddle

Byte Ghent 700 x 25 Tyres

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 91%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Absolutely Love Commuting On My Atala SLR 200 On The South Downs Way. Cain

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is what makes the company a known enterprise. The feedback from the people helps to make the product more comfortable for the clients as much as possible. This is a very highly demanded product.

Loved by the entire customers who bought this product. With comfortable seats, and very safe brakes makes this product praised more as compared to other products in the market. All love this red colour because of its prominent yet unique pattern of colour.


Advantages Of This Bike


Atala SLR 200 Aluminium 10 V Anthracite/Red is a unique type of bike as compared to others in the market. With the kind of tires this bike provides, it will ensure you a very smooth ride.

These type of tires allow the most stable and fast bike ride as compared to other models available in the market. The steering is very rigid, and with the comfortable handlebar, it makes it very easy to use for a long time without worrying about sweat at all.

The aluminum forks ensure you to have dominant control of the bike without having any problem to turn or ride the bike. The brakes of the bike will ensure that they stop accurately and providing substantial support to the rider without any problem at all. So that you know, the brakes on this bike are considered to be one of the best brakes in terms of responsiveness.

Common Questions

Is the Atala SLR 200 durable?

Yes, with the aluminium framework makes this bike the perfect product for a very long term use.

Is the bike comfortable to use?

The brakes, the seat, the handlebar all are made for the satisfaction of the customers, which makes this bike a perfect product to use very quickly and very comfortably.


How can I order this bike? 

It has been working passionately to produce sports cycles and always brings innovation according to the customer demand and needs. Racing Bike is the proof of this thing that is highly fast, powerful and always keep their customers ahead in competitions. We hope you have enjoyed our article on th Atala SLR 200.

Atala has worked hard to make its name in industry and not merely an Italian brand name but also has made a history in bicycle since 1908.

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